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  1. simple reason go into the dd2 steam group or the discord or have friends in steam that play dd2 when u dont want to solo u most likely are going to ask some friends/look for people who are actually also in c7 gear so everyone could build and then u play together but in private matches when u open a public c7 u will most likely get some leechers with c1-c6 equip who cant build for c7 and only want to get carryed for loot if u set an ascension minimum its also a problem (for once i think its still bugged so u can open ur own public loose and then continue into those games) and what do u set it? i reached c7 witch ~120 ascension could beat it solo without a problem at ~130 but already have seen multiple people in c5-6 gear with 160+ ascension and the next problem is the continue bug if u have a 4 man group u enjoyed playing with and all of u hit continue u still will most likely end up with different mates the next run so what will u do? add them on steam and then run as 4 in a private match -> again one less visible game on the board
  2. so first ev2 is also a really nice dps hero by fixing the shard bug for weapon manufacturers shes not going to be useless i have no problems running c7 even when not building ev2 stuff if its the only way for u to not get stomped then u either have to low equip or else ur build is bad so for how long have u played the ev2? u buy a hero play her and then once they do some fixes or balance changes u want a refund? are u like that in every game u play? u should try mobas or so with hero changes every other week and then cry for refunds of the heroes / skins u got since they nerfed an ability the constant income of tickets would make the support laugh
  3. this "mule character thing" is not something that somehow does not "work" it either works or ur doing it wrong also u can solo c5 with mid stat c4 items but if c5 is that hard then skip it and go straight into c6 (if u have an ev2 use reflect beam before every wall and c6 is a piece of cake)
  4. there are assassins in chaos 6 and 7 but only 1 or 2 a time at the later waves not like 5-7 at once like in c5 im in c7 and the assassins are only a bit annoying having gear with hero health makes it so they cant kill u anymore when u stay near 1 of ur defenses the only times when they are really annoying is when u prepare a boost or activate a buffing pet ability and they jump on u right when u want to beat down a roller/other boss oder than that its more like " oh an assassin - step in the dmg area of 1 defense wait 1-3 seconds heal the 20% hp u lost back - hmm never mind..."
  5. i dont get that logic tbh why make a new account and run campaign to get campaign gear instead of runnin c7 on the main and actually get good loot if u mean new acc to only do daylies and then buy defender medal items and trade them to the main : make all defender medal/gems only items non tradable -> fixed
  6. i have that problem with pole smash when the roller drives up/gets stuck on staiis when his back is a little above the ground in the air can angle pole smash however i want and i will never do dmg when hes on a plain underground it works 100% of the time tho
  7. I don't want to search the excel sheet, but you get items with +1 gold value after every wave with a mule, and there is min-max gold value range of about 2-300 at most tiers. Sure, doing 2-300 waves isn't boring. You either made that up or have found a nice bug. i did exactly what i wrote btw dunno if its only gunwitch but for me the upgrades ranged from 1-4 gold also whenever i upgraded a legi and played with it on the new item value jumped ~50 gold compared to the ones before oh also the spreadsheed for the values click me
  8. i dont find it to be that slow tbh used a mule gunwitch with my other gunwitch for the dps only equipped blues on the mule and looking for upgrades after every wave (except when i found a hh ap hc legendary for my dps gunwitch then i upgraded that full and put that on the mule after 1-2 waves i got a blue to replace the legi so i can put it on my dps) went from the mid c5 gear to the maxed out c7 gear in 3 days with playing like 6-7 games per day (for weapons-armor. now i have to farm for the max relics)
  9. maybe its an excuse for the fact that the blacksmith and the relic guy are completely useless i mean for me they want to sell relics with 2k stats when mine are currently at 19k or weapons with 1-3k dmg when i have 10k+... dont even bother looking what they have in store since its always bulls*it
  10. i think assassins should only be in c5 and in c5 they maybe should lower the number of them per wave i played like 5 c5 games before i moves on to c6 because i was way to annoyed (with ev2 reflect shields c6 is a piece of cake compared to c5) now im in c7 and assassins are only annoying they are not hard they are not able to kill me (atm 120khp and they die in 2-3 secs) but its annoying to only be able to stay there for 3 secs doing nothing but waiting for that assassin to die while u cant do anything while u already know he can only get u to maybe 60% hp i dont really think assassins c7 serve any purpose except forcing a player to stop what hes doing atm to walk to a defense wait a few seconds and then continue what he was doing (and i dont think that thats really fun)
  11. i dont think the problem is being able to carry 3 people its more that OP does not want to carry 3 asshats who want to leech c7 because they are to lazy/stupid to progress themselves
  12. right now i have ascension level 150 can solo every c7 map without a problem so i guess u can set it to 150 or maybe a bit lower but since u can get into these games by creating a public game loose insta and then continue it wont help u from getting leechers
  13. by looking at how trendy do things instead of making the walls wider and taller they would make it change at random every run how wide/tall they are
  14. the apparently ninja changed it so at the beginning and the end of each chaos tier upgreaded equip does not give better loot so i expect u have ur stuff at max upgrade and all u find is stuff that is probably the same when u would upgrade is aswell or even worse
  15. that we canĀ“t move entire bags around it would be way to confusing to move my full shard bag to the last spot i maybe would forget what shards where in there so its nice that the game promotes that we have to move them 1 by 1 so i know afterwards what shards are there and in what position they are 30 mins well spent
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