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  1. I replaced one of my pets at the pet station. But the replaced pet instead of getting placed back into my pet inventory, goes straight to the Scavenger.
  2. I don't remember ever falling in there... But it's good I suppose???
  3. I haven't really tried out the Scavenger yet, but from what I've seen of him, I cannot say that I like his concept. Though as seen and heard through the devstream, the scavenger was supposedly made to help players who are confused with the different mechanics that are involved when manipulating the temp inventory.
  4. Items are going to be re-rolled back to iPWR 241? Something like that. I suggest you wait till the patch comes before putting all your time and effort. That being said, the current most effective way of grinding maps as well as completing the harder maps is to use the Huntress traps and Apprentice Frostbite towers. Also, the LSA uber has been significantly nerfed in terms of its DP scaling and the gaining of attack speed when upgraded. Unless you're specifically targetting a boss, I suggest you stick with more 'mob' killing towers. I honestly don't remember the last time I've met anyone using Cannonball and Flameburst for all their damage output since... half a month ago? They simply aren't as efficient when compared to the more favoured builds that consist of traps + frostbite. Additionally, try playing with other people, though more heroes on the map do make enemies slightly beefier, the extra hand is more than worth it weight in value.
  5. Guys, the point of early access is for people like him to point out what they dislike/like about the game. 'Hating' on the current game will merely improve what potential the game currently has by informing the community and the developers what is currently wrong with the game.
  6. Thy is a valiant defender, with which whom hath fought many awe-inspiring battles against the old ones. Thine will see you on the Battlefield.
  7. The only problem with the current hero combat is that no other classes are viable with the exception of Huntress. The huntress has a large amount of damage at her disposal, as well as extremely well scaling abilities. This does not take into consideration her ability to attack from afar and thus doesn't need too concern herself with hero hp and physical/magical defense. The squire and monk on the other hand are required to get in close to deal damage. Furthermore their lack of ability to deal consistent crits without using 'hero crit spheres' and items weakens their position even further. The only advantage classes such as Squire, Monk and Apprentice have over the Huntress in terms of combat would be their abundant of Crowd Control abilities. But sayin that, the Huntress does also have an instant stun ability. Additionally, the Huntress prior to lvl 50 has the ability to stunlock enemies and specials with the right set-up. Retrieve a stun sphere and higher percentage stun bow, you have the ability to stop any opponent right in their tracks. Though this doesn't seem to work in NM mode as bosses are basically immune to any sort of CC with the exception of the Frostbite slow.
  8. Gravity Field(monk) Similar to the Frostbite tower, this aura slows down all enemies including specials and bosses in the area. While slowed, all enemies deal 50% reduced damage and take an additional 50% magical damage. Feeding Aura(monk) A large aura covering approximately the size of the LSA aura with range spheres. Enemies that are killed within the aura give bonus gold. The higher the DP, the higher gold bonus X%. Sentinel(squire) Replacing the forever useless training dummy, the Sentinel acts as an improved barricade though at a higher cost. The sentinel at all times has a constant taunt aura surrounding him that can be increased via spheres. When attacked by ranged enemies, the sentinel will stand guard and gain increased resistance. When attacked by melee enemies, the sentinel will strike back. Each attack heals X% of his total health bar. The sentinel attacks in a wide arc capable of hitting 5 enemies at once. When upgraded to tier 3, the sentinel gains increased max HP X% with each killing blow. When upgraded to tier 4, the sentinel gives nearby towers/auras/traps increased DP/DS with relation to the current DP of the character selected. When upgraded to the highest tier, the sentinel gains a passive life regeneration, equivalent to that of 'trollblood'.
  9. Thy has divine moonwalk capabilities. Thy was born in it, molded by it. Thy hasn't removed thyself from the moonwalk till thy was but a man.
  10. Banning for not knowing enough about a 'simple' quote.
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