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  1. Yep, the cosmetics are showing up in game now. Thank you, I appreciate it!
  2. I replied to the original tweet. They responded saying it's on my account and that they would remove and re-add it their end to be sure. Not sure how that works as Steam DLC is usually key based, but sadly its not in the game or on my account. No reply since though so will try the email, thanks.
  3. I won a prize on twitter! But... I never actually got it? I believe I replied correctly, but never got any contact back, and with stuff going on I honestly almost forgot entirely! I don't suppose I still can be sent the DLC? Tweet:
  4. I do agree, and it is why I wouldn't ever want a map to be balanced to the strongest or weakest characters. It's okay to have some heroes make a level feel like easy mode, the same as it is having heroes which are more of a challenge to win with. But a character should never be "needed". It should be on the players to decide if they want to meta game or power build their way to an easy win, or if they want to challenge themselves with self limitation. It's tiring knowing so many games get rebalanced because some players don't feel like they have enough self restraint to not abuse a system
  5. I joke a lot about needing the summoner, but to be honest, new characters would be as good, if not better. So I don't mind them not being added, even though I would still love to see them. But here is where I feel the problem lies. The Summoner was the biggest example of what made Dungeon Defenders great for me. They didn't just stop at the already interesting gameplay of boots on the ground action and tower defense, they actively chose yet another whole new genre (RTS) to add into the mix, which made the character incredibly unique to play. A whole new view and a new control me
  6. It really is frustrating. Not once did someone at Chromatic think to check what was needed to distribute Switch keys outside of Nintendo in all this time. And for us to find out literally just before release. Sure, for them they just found out too, but it should have been on them to look out for issues like this ages ago. They knew they had to redistribute keys, so how did they not know about apparently important taxation forms? The amount of issues this campaign has come across is making me go as far as to wonder if this is just a way to get loyal backers to buy another
  7. It really is issue after issue with the kickstarter... Why was this not checked beforehand? You had years knowing keys where to be released why did you only find out the requirements needed to distribute the keys now? Why are we finding this out only now? I'm going to wait... I want my switch key and was really looking forward to having it on that system. Turns out the cost of backing is now watching others play the game while I wait possibly weeks for a key promised ages ago, slowed through non stop delays and development changes. This has been so incredibly messy. I tho
  8. Judging by the emails sent out, there is a chance Cross-Save may exist by the time some of us actually get our Switch keys... (That's a joke about the possible length of the delay due to tax documentation, not that there is word on when cross saves are here.)
  9. Woo! Unfortunately the code I was given is dead lol. I don't know if I have good luck, bad luck or it's somehow perfectly balanced like all things should be... *Update* Hah, never mind, it was sorted pretty quickly so I guess luck wins. Thanks guys!
  10. Yeah I agree, trophies when done right can be great, as you can use them to get people to try new things or something out of the ordinary. It's what they originally were designed for. Before games began putting easy achievements on things like "Started the game for the first time", they always were used to guide people to try weird things you may not have thought of, like "Defeat the boss with just a chicken" leading you to figure out things like a) how can you kill the boss with a chicken and b) There's a chicken?!. But yeah even with trophies, the reward should also be in the playi
  11. Yeah. Personally, I am even fine with them OP or useless. It's really additional and I know I could easily not use an OP one, or use a useless one when I want a challenge. As long as they are fun to play, their helpfulness becomes less of a concern to me. Key word being fun. If something plays generically and is underpowerd/overpowered then they risk either being wasted as a character you find no point in playing, or one that overwrites other characters to the point they become useless to play as you gain no benefit to doing so. If they are different enough, then no matter how powerf
  12. I completely agree dizzydiana. New heroes are the best way to go. The only reason I mostly bring up the Summoner is because of how clearly that character was designed to shake up the formula. I mean to actually bring an RTS style of play to Dungeon Defenders was so out their and different, that you could tell the developers enjoyed testing out new things and adding interesting gameplay mechanics that are well outside the box. If they did re add the summoner and wanted to make tweaks I will still be happy with it. As it is more the play style that I loved. It is also why I never made
  13. So sadly, they are unlikely to put in the (subjectively ) best character, the Summoner, due to balance concerns. Having his own pool means every minion he adds is potential damage added on top of what you can always do, meaning you will always be better off using him than not if maxing play and hero switching. But if you think that is a problem to your challenge, why not just choose not to use him in that way? And since when did that matter? It didn't matter in DD1, the game this is supposed to be similar to due to how well recieved it was, so why now? It's a coop game after all
  14. They did for me as I was missing the Rift skins. Quick, easy and painless. They just added them to my account. It is also worth noting that I do not believe all the rewards have been released yet, but those skins certainly have.
  15. Forgot to update. The skins have been given to me and it was quick and easy, so if you are missing any, contact support. Thank you!
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