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  1. Not a fan of DD2. Huge fan of DD. This is the right direction. Though at this point I think I would rather a true DD2, that works like the first but with new content. Right now this feels a little too much like DD take 3.
  2. Everyone who kickstarted a tier that contained the game also gets those codes, but so far none have been given out to anyone. So I am curious when those will be given out too.
  3. Yeah. Like always, sometimes just a little bit of recognition can go a long way.
  4. No, I did because they said it would. Personally, I don't think it is anywhere near ready and they should have delayed it instead of making so many compromises and leaving people in the dark about what will and will not be included through lack of clarity and communication.
  5. I have not once said people should not be allowed to be upset or not "feel". That is ridiculous.
  6. You quoted me with "BS". Yet I did not say promises had not been broken.
  7. Because you want to support a game and it's devs but while knowing that the money you put in is pretty much gone when you give it. It is a gamble on this product and the developers. Knowing that development changes constantly and things that seems expected and set in stone can still change. You are right, everything can change, and if you are not prepared for that, don't back. It's not wrong to expect a certain level of stuff but people are up in arms about a progress wipe of all things. I'm more concerned about missing features. Why BS? I know they were not.
  8. You really can't see anything disrepectful? The last post I litterally just seen on these forums was saying 'f*** you Chromatic", which is something you can see a few times. Or how about how others are treating others, calling people trolls, or insinuating sock-puppet accounts jsut because they disagree. This is the time when you can voice your concern and put up solutions. Emotional rants will get nowhere. I do not say people can't be unhappy about this, I am saying that just saying you are will not fix it. I also will state that you are not liable to a refund due to it being early access or kickstarter, and the product being delivered, even if it is not exactly in a state you are happy with. That is the risk we take. I don't know the situation on why they did this, their communication has been some of the worst I have ever seen, and nor do I claim to, but this is exactly why we should be pushing to find out, instead of yelling into a void. Kickstarter is even more reliant on your understanding that the product can go either way. It even warns you before you back. I also never claimed that you shouldn't support people, in fact in another post, I outright state you should. I'm saying you should be aware and careful when you do. That you should kind of know that the money you put into it is always a slight gamble, so if it does go wrong, you won't be so distraught.
  9. If my friends had the game why would I need split screen? By them not owning it, I am more likely to use split screen to play multi with them than if they played their own copies. There is also a huge difference between questioning where actual missing features are, than demanding refunds because progress got wiped.
  10. Sorry to hear you are unhappy with the change. Also some honest friendly advice. Take nothing stated or planned for a development cycle in an early access game as set in stone, even if said to be. By nature it is likely to change in many ways and something like progress is often one of the most common things to change due to how later additions can heavily affect it. All developers appreciate your support, and I would not like to say "never back anything", but please do so for the right reasons to avoid dissapointment. If you believe you have a lot to lose from the game changing or progress wipes, I urge you to consider holding out in the future for the official release when things are a little more predictable. I hope you either find another game to enjoy, or better yet, come back loving the game regardless.
  11. I mostly play single player, but aside from friends (Who currently do not own the game sadly) I rarley play multi. If I don't realise I am marked as a hacker until months later, could you still be able to tell my innocence and revoke the label?
  12. Remember, you bought into Early Access. This should be because you wanted to support the game and/or it's developers and wanted to be a part of or close to the development progress, knowingly playing a game in an unfiinished state that is liable to any change at any time. Everything stated should always be taken with a pinch of salt due to the nature of development. While they should have been more careful with the promises they made and more communcative overall, they have done nothing to warrant compensation, refunds or as much hate as they are getting on these forums. You have a right to be upset and it is perfectly find to vent, but please be respectful and treat the situation as it really is. The only part I believe may be more liable to compensation is the price change. The price is not 'part' of the product, so is not expected to change if stated at the point of sale to remain the same. This is closer to false advertisement as I would like as the promise directly effected the worth and purchase decision of the product overall. If I'm honest, I still don't really care, as I believe I got a good deal anyway and am not against others doing so too, and boosting the game. But I agree there is something there to 'kick up a fuss' if you so choose.
  13. I find the main issue is the price change. As that can directly effect the worth of the product and is outside of the product as a whole. While the product may change in a number of ways throughout the development, both planned and unplanned, the price should always remain the same if stated at the point of sale that it would. It pretty much should not be covered under the same guise as the "product may change" and comes closer to false advertising, I have no qualms with the Legacy and Play. If the game had to change that way it is down to the developers, as we bought in early with the knowledge and enough warning that things could change at any time. It may suck but it is honestly the nature of Early Access. Though like always, communication could have been better. Even with their statement I can say I am confused on why or when the decision was made, I just know that they believe keeping progress on Legacy is a good compromise. They should be a lot more careful about what promises they can and can't make. Personally however, I find getting too far into an inferior early version, then jumping off from the most recent point into 1.0, is bad for my experience, as I feel I would miss out on that early game with full features, drops and so on anyway. I also find the game to be fun to play so playing through it again is fine. I mean I lost my characters on DD1 and couldn't get them back. It really annoyed me... but then I just played again and had fun. But I agree, with people claiming for refunds after hours of play, people are going overboard. I understand being upset but everyone is treating this like they got an unplayable game. It is too much.
  14. Please be respectful, even if you disagree.
  15. So far I have recieved the Giraffe code and the squire skin twice (I'm guessing the first one was a dud as they gave one that says fix on it)
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