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  1. Another question. Don't you think you should post this on the Kickstarter itself, for those who are unaware what to do and are not members here? You need to be clearer and converse more when it comes to issues like this. There are people out their not filling in their surveys as they don't know what to do about the shipping. That is your primary communication point as that is where your backers start.
  2. I always thought a phasing character would be good. One that can select two points for his turrets. One of his powers can be switching the layout from the first layout to the second. This will give more power and lane coverage with fewer turrets at the cost of leaving others possibly less defended at intervals. Example: You have 4 turrets to place and 4 lanes. You know one turret in each lane isn't enough power, so instead of placing 1 in each, you put 2 in two of the lanes. and place their second points in the empty lanes. When the wave starts, you keep an eye on the enemies and if the empty lanes become over populated, you can then switch all 4 turrets to their second placements (an later back) at the cost of mana, removing them from the other lanes and placing them in the new ones. It will mean having to focus on two layouts instead of one, and keeping an eye on the timing. It could either be inherant to all their turrets, so they place the first point, then the second, or they can have a power to link a turret to the phase and choose a second point with it. I like the idea that they cannot fight either, but have an ability that phases targeted creatures back along their paths for a set period, before they come back to their last position. Effectivley meaning your attacks are pushing them back to the turrets.
  3. I would much rather pay to have the summoner however unbalanced, than not have them at all. I don't play to be the most effective player, I play for fun. I usually limit myself if I find something is overpowered.
  4. Please listen to what people are saying. You have to understand that you messed up by not posting anything about delivery upfront and actually broke law in some of the countries you sold. Kickstarter does give the option on startup to list an estimated delivery, or at the very least, you could yourselves have left notices clearly in any point of the description about the potential delivery costs. By leaving it out completley, you advertised it as being included in that tier. Whatever happened after with the cost of delivery or its fullfilments is not an excuse for a failure to inform at the start. You chose to do this. If you have to eat costs, you have to eat costs. Even though it doesn't affect me personally and could be detrimental to the game I am excited for (it is a kickstart after all) so I personally have no benefit, it should never be on the consumer to pay for your mistakes and it does not seem right for this to happen in the slightest. Gems for your previous game are not a replacement to physical goods. It just makes them pay you a different way for something not everyone wants and is why you can't bait and switch. It also hasn't gone amiss, that you have not really even apologised, but stated excuses on your failure, making it seem like you are 'trying hard' to fix a problem that isn't your own. Own it and sort it. These people have shown they care about the success of your product and many have paid above and beyond to support you. The last thing we need are them backing out with chargebacks and other methods. Eat the delivery costs, or give partial refunds for those physical goods as an option. Most cases of this would be treated as fraud. Nobody believes that is the intention, so prove them right.
  5. I would still be happy with whatever balancing they do or don't do, I just want the summoner back as he was fun to play. I was just stating that I liked the character due to the unique playstyle, not due to him being overpowered or any other balance aspects as I never really experienced it anyway as it never got to the point it affected me due to how I play. The fact I mentioned removing hero swapping (I never did it anyway) should say I am not against balancing and I even mentioned that I was aware that in certain modes/challenges, a character may be outright better. But in the end all I want are those, or more, unique characters like them, as they really added to the game. I play for fun, and Dungeon Defenders was some of the best fun I have had from a game.
  6. I said I never experienced it because " I never hero swapped and generally only played with friends." I made no comment on them balancing new characters. As I said, I don't really care either way as it doesn't affect my playstyle.
  7. That is why I suggested it. You are talking as though I said I am against it.
  8. I am well aware yes, but I never swapped heroes, so if I chose him, I never had turrets. Also most late game stuff I did solo tbh. As I said, 'I' never experience balance issues. But I usually play for fun and mostly with just my friends and don't even bother with ranked so it never really concerned me. Neither does simply making him share the same pool as everyone else if they chose to. I'm just not as hung up on it. He was my favourite character because it was a unique way to play. If they can bring him back, it would be great.
  9. I only play DD1 In my play I never 'needed' Summoner. What makes you need them?
  10. I mean it has been a long time since I logged on but it seems to have gone back to such an old save. So many missions and costumes no longer unlocked.
  11. Well the original four are your standard tower defence fare. Each one has static 'towers' and basic attacks at heart. The DLC characters are more experimental to the genre itself. The summoner brought RTS gameplay in the mix with direct control of the summons that can move, the Babarian was combat only with stances instead of towers (rare in a tower defence game), the jester brought in random elements adding a sort of gambling aspect in place of the usual tower tactics. Series EV was the only DLC character (other than counterpart heroes) that I would consider closer to the original play style Not saying there is anything wrong with the originals, I love them too. Just saying that there is a difference to the DLC ones beyond just coming after the first. I never experienced balance issues either, but I never hero swapped and generally only played with friends. I would rather rid hero swapping as I like the risk reward of sticking with one hero instead of being able to do everything. I honestly never felt one character was much stronger than another.... okay slight lie, it does depend on the mode/challenge, but not so much normal play.
  12. I loved the Summoner. It is all about that unique playstyle that really changed things up and added more life to the game. So I would love to put my vote in for bringing them back in the game, as an update or DLC. In fact, I am all for any unique playstyles that you can come up with. It was always part of the charm. You had characters with a bit of FPS, Hack and slash, Towers, Traps, RTS, RNG focus... then there are the pets that had different focuses and unique weapons like the portal gun mixing things up. Each class felt unique, but you blew it out of the water with the Summoner. If you can come up with anyone else that changes the way you play, I am all for it.
  13. There is a bug as well, which makes the delivery $1000 for addons. I think it's best to avoid physical whatsoever, they clearly have no idea what they are doing with it all.
  14. Well, looks like they have responded about shipping costs. Not the $1000 bug, but in general. People who have ordered physical goods' options, are apperently the following. Pay and recieve the goods. Or refuse the goods, still pay, then go through a refund process... This really is poor form. Posting this is how they are doing it and then closing the thread so people cannot reply directly is also poor form. As far as I could tell, there has been no estimate on these fees anywhere on the kickstarter itself, something I know for certain that EU law states has to be displayed clearly at purchase. Paying and fighting for a refund is not the way to conduct buisness either, and if anything, should offer a full refund. They are basically holding what people have paid for already at ransom and forcing them to pay the delivery. If they pay the delivery, they have spent more than they were told they would need to. If they turn down the goods, they only state you will refund the shipping costs, meaning the money they spent on the tier to get the goods will be lost. How do they think this is okay? This is not a headache this is fraud. I'm so glad all my stuff is digital so it will not affect me. But please sort this out for everyone else ASAP.
  15. That Switch Joy-Con cover must be the size of a house.
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