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  1. I thought it was a bed sheet for a second then. That's rather upsetting. What even happened to it?!
  2. I mean, I just expect more new maps and heroes in general. Not sure I care what order.
  3. I could easily live with this and it is a good compromise.
  4. But the fact the summoner could control the battlefield by moving the minions around meant that it was worth having him out in place of another character. Without doing so, other characters towers normally were just better outright, so when making the summoner's points use the same points as other towers, it makes more sense to just bypass summoner completley in favour of other towers. This meant sacrificing hero DPS for minions. The Barbarian was limited to being a DPS hero, but dealt much larger damage at no cost to other characters. So why would one character have a sacrifice and a replacement that costs nothing more, where as another character (the summoner) has to sacrifice their own DPS for minions, only to then be limited by everyone elses tower count. The phasing out of combat made no difference other than allow more tower control. I don't think Summoner really needed two pets though as I always found that counter to the sacrifice.
  5. I still disagree. Characters had attacks on two fronts. Towers and character attacks. The summoner only had "Towers" and had to remain in the game to make use of them. Without the ability to fight, you gave up a good attacker to have the summoner use minions. If a team had a summoner and the other characters build all the towers, the Summoner is now useless. By giving them their own points it allowed them to be useful through out the game to promote their unique rts play style.
  6. I mean. I love people and all that, but I get way too socially anxious with randoms a lot of the time. So I tend to exclusively play solo or with good friends who currently do not own this one. Right now however I am waiting for a more complete version of the game, and possibly the Switch version, so not been playing as much as I first expected. Either way I'm sure there are quite a few people who play with people they know over public games, so it's not too surprising if most tend to do so at times.
  7. Remember that the Summoner could not fight. This was a major factor to why they originally used MU instead of DU, as it was an entirely defence oriented build and pointless otherwise. Same reason they gave summoner two pets, though that I could have lived without. A good fighter on the ground was always better than the minions in my books.
  8. Absolutely loved the Summoner. Best part? It completley added a new style of play with the top down RTS style system. If not the summoner I would love to see some other characters that really push the boat out in terms of play style.
  9. Well I usually team up with my friends, each having a character of their own. So most of the roles are covered in that sense. I can then rotate and try someone new from the ground up. But yeah, I have done many runs from beginning to end with a single character. Certainly adds a challenge when you reach the toughest of levels/ difficulties (Or at least it did with DD1 as I played that a LOT), but it was 'mostly' possible. If I hit a ceiling, I would start with a new character and build them up to that point, if I didn't level one up already. Then I would use them both if needed. I'm not against playing all the characters or even using them together, I just like to level them up when I actually use them, rather than them leveling on the backburner. It interests me more.
  10. Yeah, it's about playing with the heroes as they get more powerful individually for me. So gaining every stat and level by playing with that particular hero. I love progression and feeling like I am getting stronger, and I feel I lose that for the other heroes if I level them up as one. I mean, it's not a problem of course as I just equip one hero at a time, and I agree the deck system makes sense when you switch them in and out a lot for multi-roles. It's just my preference really. So it's not really about leveling anyone faster or slower, and more about spending more time with them at their differing levels. But thanks for clearing up the times regardless.
  11. See I prefer not to use the hero deck. I try to keep the other slots empty as I like to build each character up via playing with them. The whole shared xp thing takes a lot away for me. I would rather a smooth XP curve to be repeated, than a larger grind to do all heroes at once. I like the feeling of progression and getting more powerful, more than just reaching the end goal. Not that I have played enough to know how hard later levels actually are in this one, so I cannot comment on that. But I hope it doesn't become a chore to play like so many other games end up as.
  12. I'm waiting for switch edition, but also technically waiting for PC. I know it's out, but it doesn't always feel it, so I would rather wait until all the features and planned content exist for the full experience too.
  13. Decided to check the settings again as I read shadows are causing an unexpectedly large performance hit and while shadows do cause frame issues in general, I had them low already and they shown no relation to the framedrop in my case. I went into the GameUserSettings.ini to see if something was odd there and found out something else. It's Post Processing. Not entirely sure why, but I noticed changing the settings seemed to leave it on it's highest setting regardless of turning it down in game. I noticed the GameUserSettings.ini wasn't actually changing with the post processing change in game, even after changing the overal settings to low, so I changed it to 0 and saved it manually. Instantly noticed my frames burst back into action during the inventory. Since I saved it manually I have noticed a more visible change when changing it in the in game settings and even high runs smoothly. Not sure why it didn't adjust properly, but I'm now questioning if the settings file was updating at all when I changed it in game and am unsure of why a manual save to the ini would make it work. Either way it seems to change as it should in game now and I can now play smoothly. Though the Epic setting is broken for post processing. I actually gain frames in the inventory on High (woo ) , but have the huge and sudden drop every time on Epic. Worse than the inflated hit Epic shadows do. High gives me around 111 frames, Epic gives me 20-22. So if anyone has any issues like I did, try two things. Turn down Post Processing. If that does nothing, manually turn it down in your GameUserSettings.ini or maybe just open/save it. Just don't run Post Processing on Epic at all for now and it should be fine. Seemed to work for me anyway.
  14. Well, frames in general is part of performance, so if they drop then there is a performance problem. But yeah, hardware wise shouldn't be the issue. I am using a 2070 Super, i7 6700k and 16GB RAM and I don't see much improvement when lowering settings (or at least there always is a noticeable drop). It would be good to see if anyone else can check their frames in game and in inventory and let us know if they get drops, even if not so extreme as dropping to 20fps. I wish I could disable the character display or the background, just to check if it was specifically that causing the drops, as UI seems fine everywhere else. Maybe there is special lighting or other rendering tricks to improve the character look in that area, as it's a closeup. Either way, it makes the inventory feel like wading through custard. I've intentionally been holding off from most things in the game for a more complete build, and this frame issue is one of the major reasons why I still am waiting, but as I have seen no improvement or heard nothing about it, I don't think waiting will get it fixed. So raising the issue again.
  15. Thank you, I really put in the hard work for that one lol
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