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  1. Personally, I don't like it too much but it is an improvement. It just seems too sleek and clinical. Like people have said, it fits better in a sci-fi game. I realise the borders of the bars are stone, as can be seen with the tiny indents and marks, but it still looks a little too much like metal. It needs some more shaping and shading to it, or perhaps some decoration to it. Make the enemy face adornment look more like a carving, perhaps put some indented gem eyes. Cobwebs, dirt/dust, fantastical decoration. Anything just to cement it ot the theme better. UI is tough, as visibility and clarity is key. Too much and it looks too complicated and confusing. Not enough and its too clinical and bland. It's certainly the right direction, but still a bit too much into the realms of mobile for my liking. Though it does the job.
  2. Well PC and Switch release at the same time, it is the PS4 and Xbox that have the delay in release. So they could in theory be behind others when it releases due to cross saves. However, I have to say personally, I wouldn't really worry about being too far behind in a game like this and would rather be somone left behind than to not have cross saves at all.
  3. Exactly. I mean we all want the game to do well and I would hope that people who bother to support it on kickstarter would mostly be invested enough in the project itself, and understandable to changes or issues they may come across. We don't like complaining and tend to try to understand, but communication has been absolutley terrible since the start. Every time we are promised that it will be improved and they will be better at being clear, but we never see any real change, instead seeing other questionable or poorly explained things happening time and time again. It's so frustrating seeing this sort of confusion constantly. Especially when it could have been avoided so easily with just a bit of text explaining things.
  4. Yeah, I wouldn't call it a mistake either as the funding is better for the product, and still probably was more money than the people who backed out, let alone even more exposure with the direct. But as I said, it was still a decision. One that we learnt from a public trailer/direct first and had to wait a little for an explanation, after specifically being told they were not looking into exclusivity deals during the campaign. That also links to the communication one I guess. Again, doesn't really affect me at all (I got PC and Switch copy anyway) but it's clear it upset quite a few backers.
  5. Let's be honest. They let the kickstarter backers down way too often. Lack of communication, Delivery cost issues, Timed exclusivity change, and now previously unavailable editions with somewhat better items. I'm not going to go into it too much as I hate to complain or argue, but when you kickstart, you expect issues out of the developers control. But everything so far has been their own mistake or decision. I don't think people should be entitled to anything, but I think any extra things unavailable before, released before release, should just be given to kickstarters. Especially if their pledge is equal or above the amount of the edition. I'm fine with my edition as I got the cheaper two copies one, so this is more for those who paid more. But I think they should at least do something to help them get things previously unavailable.
  6. The lighting does need work. It's too strong of a broze filter here. While I get there is a furnace near the centerpiece, but there realy isn't many sources to generate that much yellow light. It would make sense after the boss comes out, but for most of the level it sadly just obscures colour detail in the rest of the level. Which isn't that nice when spending waves in there. I think it needs to be toned down a tad (Because the bronze isn't all that bad) and a few more bursts of colour/contrast to make it pop.
  7. Just went back to check, and I see what you mean. It allowed you to zoom out at will. Had three settings, first person, over the shoulder and slightly above. I was only remembering the tactical placement and overlord mode for top views. I don't think I ever just played zoomed out lol. The view does seem off to me a little, like the centre aim isn't the centre. More zoom could help that. Not sure why first person and zoom out isn't in.
  8. The designs themselves seem ok to me. The quality not so much. They need heavy antialiasing. Makes things like teeth stand out wierdly and it's a bit low poly.
  9. I'm confused what you mean by not being able to move your mouse when not moving the screen? There is an option when placing to use an overhead view that allows you to place and rotate towers with the mouse without moving the screen if that's what you mean?
  10. I like them. Honestly I think the design is closer to DD1's cutscenes rather than the models themselves, except everyone is older. For example, the difference in headsize is the most obvious change. As everyone is tall and lanky in DD2 as they are adults, I can see why people see the design here as a mixture of the two if they happen to be aged closer in between. Not going to lie, I like the bigger heads better if they have gone back in time to "where it all began" but nothing really puts me 'off' of the designs.
  11. Yeah, I did actuatlly fiddle with colours to make it more like the original logo too with a sort of parchment colour, grey stone/ sandstone and wood, which looked great, but for the mockup all it did was mess up visibility which I was trying to avoid. Not because they can't be changed, just because I don't have access to everything on seperate layers to stop the text and info changing colour when messing with the hue, and the image was too small to select just the colour around it without stealing pixels from the text sadly. If I put more time into it, I probably could have got around it, but it was only a speedy thing as an example, so I decided to just keep to the colour theme they had. A bit like how the bottom right details are just kind of sitting there lol. But yeah It did look like it would work though and actualy looked pretty great if it wasn't for that. So colour changes would be good also. The parchment worked particularly well as its pretty well known for reading off of it lol. As long as its pale, or washed out a bit (like how that purple is lighter) there should be no reason not to be able to change it.
  12. How about adding some adornment or borders to it? Maybe something outside of the actual readability and in the gaps. I mocked up something to explain what I mean. (I know its not great, I'm just some internet random who stuck some bricks to it in a few minutes but you get the point I hope) Just something little to stop it from looking too modern and clinical. As it should really keep to the theme at least a bit.
  13. Yeah I feel kind of bad mentioning things like I'm being picky, especially before the Beta is even out. But feedback usually helps. I hope they do theme it better and maybe even that this menu is a different menu to the one that pops up mid game for speed. They did say " All of it together, here’s what you can expect to see when playing solo " so there is a chance there is a different menu that pauses in solo games, than the one when the action continues in a group. Unsure. It's all still in progress I guess.
  14. I think the interface they have shown looks way too clinical and lacks any of the Dungeon Defenders charm. Readability is obviously the main focus on UI design, but does it have to look so... dare I say it... Fortnite? The example of the original menu that dizzydiana posted is a good example of what I mean. It fits well with the tavern theme and personally, seems more readable, if not a little messy about it. Using icons to represent something makes so much more sense than using too much text when this game is also to work on a smaller screen, as they can be scaled easier for readability and is exactly why icons for applications are used. Now I know the white dots represent icons, but why have the label text at all? Make the icons bigger and have tooltips on highlight or somewhere to tell you what they stand for. It wont be long until we know them by the icon anyway, so the labels just waste space. Or better yet, have the option to hide the labels and make the icons bigger in a detailed or simple mode. So you can rid them once you are comfortable with them. It also seemed a lot more like a menu that could be used 'on the go', where as this one we have seen looks like you need to sit down and look through it in its own dedicated area. Now I'm aware all of this is subject to change. But I do hope a little more consideration is put into the speed of which you can use this menu on a small screen, and maybe the theme or style of it.
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