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  1. They did for me as I was missing the Rift skins. Quick, easy and painless. They just added them to my account. It is also worth noting that I do not believe all the rewards have been released yet, but those skins certainly have.
  2. Forgot to update. The skins have been given to me and it was quick and easy, so if you are missing any, contact support. Thank you!
  3. I'll take that as a "I'm probably supposed to have them." Thanks, I'll send a message now.
  4. I'm confused. As a Kickstarter backer, am I supposed to have all the Rift skins by now? Have they all been released yet? I remember this post that stated we were meant to get them, but I only have one for Squire.
  5. Yeah, only ever jump in with the knowlege that you could lose what you have given and are doing so purely for support. If you are okay with that, I say support away. If not, it is always wise to wait for the final product. By nature, these things can go either way. They needed support for a reason, it is a hard job getting things off the ground. I don't regret giving this a chance. I just hope they are able to do what they wanted with the least struggle.
  6. Knowing a possible reason for something does not mean knowing the reason. There are many to choose from, but all can mean a different development position. For example, If they were being supplemented by a deal with Nintendo, then a release elsewhere sounds like that could be over, meaning they may need support elsewhere. Was this deal needed or was it just choice is what I am asking. I choose not to assume, but knowing where they are right now could be helpful to understanding decisions or what to expect next or what may be needed. I have supported them since Kickstarter and I will continue to do so. I didn't ask for weekly updates.
  7. So is this an Xbox timed exclusive now and if so, what happened to the Switch deal? If money was involved, does the new deal cover the old and is necessary? Or is there another reason it's releasing on Xbox first? As you say you are going through the other console certification processes after rather than alongside as none has still come through, hence the lack of a date. Can we be 100% sure it will still release on these consoles at all? I am happy there is some response now, but it really makes you question if you know what is going on yourselves. I'm willing to wait what it takes for the switch version, as I have the PC one too. I'm still a supporter. But it would be nice to know at least a basic reason behind some choices when it regards already late releases. As put nicely as possible... this is messy.
  8. It's now coming to Xbox first in the 1st quarter of next year I believe. Still no date for Switch or Playstation.
  9. I thought it was a bed sheet for a second then. That's rather upsetting. What even happened to it?!
  10. I mean, I just expect more new maps and heroes in general. Not sure I care what order.
  11. I could easily live with this and it is a good compromise.
  12. But the fact the summoner could control the battlefield by moving the minions around meant that it was worth having him out in place of another character. Without doing so, other characters towers normally were just better outright, so when making the summoner's points use the same points as other towers, it makes more sense to just bypass summoner completley in favour of other towers. This meant sacrificing hero DPS for minions. The Barbarian was limited to being a DPS hero, but dealt much larger damage at no cost to other characters. So why would one character have a sacrifice and a replacement that costs nothing more, where as another character (the summoner) has to sacrifice their own DPS for minions, only to then be limited by everyone elses tower count. The phasing out of combat made no difference other than allow more tower control. I don't think Summoner really needed two pets though as I always found that counter to the sacrifice.
  13. I still disagree. Characters had attacks on two fronts. Towers and character attacks. The summoner only had "Towers" and had to remain in the game to make use of them. Without the ability to fight, you gave up a good attacker to have the summoner use minions. If a team had a summoner and the other characters build all the towers, the Summoner is now useless. By giving them their own points it allowed them to be useful through out the game to promote their unique rts play style.
  14. I mean. I love people and all that, but I get way too socially anxious with randoms a lot of the time. So I tend to exclusively play solo or with good friends who currently do not own this one. Right now however I am waiting for a more complete version of the game, and possibly the Switch version, so not been playing as much as I first expected. Either way I'm sure there are quite a few people who play with people they know over public games, so it's not too surprising if most tend to do so at times.
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