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  1. +1 for team reroll. I don't have legacy boost aura gear. I can't solo Betsy. I really don't want to lose all my items and in fact the idea of global item wipe has killed my motivation to play this game at all. Why play if you're just gonna lose everything you collected? In the last dev stream they made it sound like global item wipe was likely in the next patch and that most the player base prefers wipe. So if this goes to influence vote, it will likely result in wipe rather than reroll. This was surprising to me as I would have assumed the opposite. I'd rather keep my loot and have it all rer
  2. 61. trying to decide if I get monk uber or wait until next dev stream to see if I should save them...
  3. Thanks for showing your stats and spheres in the beginning of the video. Is it really necessary to have a separate boost monk that focuses on DH, or is that just for convenience? Are you using legacy aura boost items?
  4. Thanks for sharing these videos! I learned a lot from them. Hoping to be able to solo hard betsy so I can get those 4 tokens. Way behind on getting an uber.
  5. I can't even manage to get passed wave 4 on solo hard incursion. Those ogres just ignore me and charge the egg and oneshot me and then gg.
  6. the Android text to speech feature is worthless "The technology isn't there yet"
  7. Something like... [NAME] the corrupted wearer of Standing Boots [NAME] the vigilant resister of Standing Boots If you have telemetry on who abused the boots and who didn't you could award one of the above titles :)
  8. Running full screen on a 1920x1200 monitor stretches everything in an awkward way. Would love to have native 1920x1200 support.
  9. Is Lightning aura's rate of loss affected by defense health?
  10. New player here, so pardon if this is a noob question, but, why on earth does opening the green mana chest at the end of the round remove all the green mana crystals. They just instantly disappear and are not added to my mana count. I'm mostly playing solo, so this means at the end of each round I have to run each lane to pick up all the crystals before opening the chest. It's tedious and time consuming. Is there some rational to removing the crystals when opening the chest?
  11. oneonesix


    Rerolling stats on items to account for balance changes makes sense. But please don't wipe heroes. I'm far too attached to my heroes after the journey we've been through. If my account is reset I will really regret having paid good money for early access to a Free to Play game.
  12. I have always placed them so that monsters walk over the water geyser first. I place the lighting trap behind but still overlapping. But in public games most people do the opposite. They overlap them so that monsters first walk into the lightning aura and then onto the water geyser. Is there a difference? Does the drenched shock combo proc better if they are first hit by lighning?
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