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  1. My friend has a mac and he can not play any multiplayer game on dungeon defenders. His server list is empty while mine has some.He backed up his game files and reinstalled it and it didnt work! He also put in the -tcp code in the launching options. Please help us.
  2. Legoboy

    Story Idea

    Well since The Avenger (AKA Carl) is coming out and i just saw the weapon types that the Avenger (AKA Carl) will drop has the same eyes as the spawned for the goblins and other things...does that mean that Avenger (AKA Carl) is working for the old one and is it still alive!
  3. plz keep trap clustering. That is what keeps traps soo good a bunch going off and doing the damage. I made a trap combo that is a geyser with explosive traps around it so it juggles the mob and does damage.
  4. Do you have a release date when dungeon defenders 2 comes to mac or if it even will?
  5. sounds good but the last one should be [super mega ultra defender of all]
  6. i evolved my pet and did not get a ability. I evolved the pet you get from having a lvl 25 hero before loot and survive.
  7. (player) the lancer (player) goblin crusher (player Orc Hunter that is all i got
  8. Will you ever make a "Link" skin from the legend of zelda for the squire? Also will this come out for macs. i have a friend who is interested and i am sure a lot of other people are too!
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