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  1. That was it, they were right there. Thank you so much!
  2. Hi there Ive just bought the Beat the Heat bundle (thank you!), but having 8200 medals I figured I'd have my medals maxxed (12000) so I could buy EV2, but they didn't show up. The BTH bundle shows I own the gear (red text) but the medals are still in white text. I bought the Initiate to use up some of my medals and tried to re-buy the BTH bundle, but it says I already own the accessory and medals are not given. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated... Cheers
  3. I'm only getting casual playtime as well, but my build has largely been: Squire Blockade, all lanesMonk Flame Aura, 3-4 in each lane Monk Lightning Aura, 1 at blockade Monk Sky Tower, 2-3 at crystal Blockade has a relic with about 1500 health Flame Aura has a relic with about 1500 crit damage, 500 in the other 3 stats I'm only about Ascension level 5, usually make it to wave 2 on Chaos1, but that doesn't give me any item drops. I was running Campaign/Harbinger for a while, but items only drop on his death and not during the waves, so went back to Ramparts Siege, nice and easy... in the hope
  4. An option to choose between replaying a map or going to the next rotation would be good... right when I have a good plan for one map, it changes on me :)
  5. I prefer to play solo, when I've hosted public, the extra people that have joined and boosted enemy numbers have overrun me and they werent able to contribute... so now all my games are private :( I can't make it through C1 yet, have been running Ramparts Siege/Hard to try and get some better gear. Still playing from time to time, but its hard when its the same campaign stage over and over as I can't quite make it through C1 yet.
  6. Thank you so much for adding the tower name to the inventory screen, my old age was having trouble remembering.................. I still get crashes, but not nearly as frequently.
  7. I think [[170767,users]] aura placement helped the most, just swapping the dummies for blockades helped keep the enemies inside them for longer. Not sure what the Poison Dart brings to the table over the Cannonball as it can't turn, but seems to work just fine. I threw more auras up where Betsy appeared. She killed all my towers up there but not the auras, they ended up finishing her off.
  8. Thanks for all the tips guys, I'll give them a shot tonight :D Update: Not even close :( Did better with my old strategy. Sky Guard, with my highest Power/Speed relic couldnt even take down a single baby wyvern. Poison Dart towers were dead in seconds, much like the Royal Egg, only took 3 or 4 hits and it was all over. I think the auras helped, will give them another try. Lightning Aura seemed to only strike once every 10 seconds though? Update 2: Swapping training dummies for blockades did the trick. Nothing got through. Thanks everyone!
  9. Thanks for the response Trendy, really appreciate the work bringing it back, Australian here too looking forward to seeing its return.
  10. I am far from a veteran of the series, but I do know my way around. Have had no trouble solo'ing the campaign up until Wyvern's Den on XBO. My strategy thus far has been very simple - throw down some blockades and cannonballs with the Squire, flamethrowers as the Apprentice and finish off with explosive mines as the Huntress and use her as DPS for the rest of the match. I'm around Lev39-40 and have rarely even lost a tower.... until now. On Wyvern's Den, I can't even make it past the first wave anymore. I know the game should get harder as you progress but this feels like such a leap from the
  11. I've not spent as much as you guys, but would sure love to see my PC skins unlocked on console. They would have only been a handful from when I played back in 2015, there sure are a lot more available now. Not fussed about my character progress, so much has changed in the game now (no more spheres!), reckon I'm a higher level on console than I ever got on PC too. Would much prefer less crashes over PC skins first though........ also the asia/pacific server back :(
  12. Didn't mean to topic steal ;) Just figured the devs may read and look for some general improvements... Cheers for tips, this is how I'm doing it at the moment, but on my smallish screen its kinda hard to see which of the 4 icons relates to which tower. I keep forgetting which aura is which for the monk for example. For the squire its not so bad, I have health-primary gear on Blockade, power-primary gear on Cannon, speed-primary gear on Decoy, etc. Helps me to remember.
  13. Ive not heard anything Vexx750, or worse still havent seen any reason why they took it away :(
  14. Tips are great, cheers OP I played this game a lot on PC back in 2015 and it feels very much like it did back then, still very much in beta :( Which hurts because I love it so much. I didnt realise that it had split-screen play until reading this, have made my daughter so very happy, though I'll probably wait until some of the bugs are ironed out a little. Especially the missing Aus/Pacific server, that part hurts the most. Probably the only gripe I have aside from the obvious, is equipping charms/relics/etc. I have trouble comparing the inventory to what I have equipped, likewise working out
  15. There are less servers for me for sure. Was an asia/pacific server before maintenance, now its gone and I'm onto the europe one with a lot more lag :(
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