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  1. You're a champion and a scholar, but here's another version Oh we're not done yet.
  2. It boils down to 1 thing for builders. If they keep Defense Speed Spheres in the game they will be the best hands down as there wont be another reliable way to get your towers faster. For other styles of play there are options I believe (I mean there are options now) but for builders I always found it very stagnate
  3. That is definitely a good point. The inventory right now is basically just a hessian sack where we throw stuff in. What the players need is a nicely organized shelf. Wheres our shelf Trendy? :P
  4. They've stated multiple times that they are implementing a system that is ethical. Only cosmetics and boosts unrelated to gameplay. I'm sure characters may come as DLC at some point but that is only natural and I'm sure its not going to be more than 5 bucks worth of pocket change.
  5. I think with the community as it stands it would be feasible to have the tech-support questions in with the gameplay related ones. I'm sure our community has plenty of tech-heads for sorting out stuff like graphical issues or PC problems related to the game. The account stuff would have to be completely in Trendy's court though :P If there could be a way to say tag a post as 100% in Trendy's court though? Could the forum have post with the "@" handles of whoever is in charge of the accounts and technical support? We could basically flag a post as needing support that we as players simply cann
  6. We would implement a pretty strict policy on fighting and bullying. Our normal escalation process is warning -> temporary ban -> permanent ban, but for this subforum, I think we should escalate straight to temporary ban. Would that be good enough? That would be best I think. I assume this would just automatically start them at the 2nd stage in that chain? So if they don't learn their lesson straight to permanent ban?
  7. I really love this idea. But I think it should be moderated much more than the other forums. A no-tolerance policy on fighting and general bullying should be in place for posts in that forum. New players are going to go there for helpful hints and such and it needs to be the friendliest darn place ever.
  8. I believe even if a miracle happens and Partial Wipe wins and they do that Titles will be reset. They are challenges as you get most of them for completing milestones. I assume those with titles from other things will get to keep just those ones (Beastmaster/Defense Councillor)
  9. Ok. 1) DD1 isnt going anywhere. If you want DD1 go play that. DD2 needs to be its own game. If they remove the support for DD1 then sure! Give it a fresh coat of paint and call it DD3 or something. I dunno. Seriously enough of this DD1 blindness by people. Wouldn't you get sick of making the same thing over and over again just because people cant move past that? Im sure Trendy feels the same way. 2) Gonna admit you're either comin' across a little vague here or I'm not getting it. "Heavier" pay options? Please elaborate. Also: Please no boosts in game. Ethical premium only is the best free-to-
  10. Uhh... names are not locked like an MMO. Your forum/game log in is. Your characters? Nope. Name em all Twinklestar Sparklepants for all anyone cares XP
  11. I have no grudge with him. Hes upset because of an incident where i reported him for a violation of forum rules. Its ok for people to have feelings and he needs to express them to feel whole. Embrace him in the bonds of acceptance and one day he can feel part of the community . Regardless of your reasoning of his attitude You are the most cancerous forum poster on this forum. All you do is complain day in and day out because you're not getting your way. You're almost never constructive, You refuse to answer simple questions and when anyone even SLIGHTLY pulls you up on another baseless fac
  12. [[35625,users]] (Quote seems busted for me. Dunno why) With the removal of Defense Speed, Geyser Traptress is declared dead (Time of Death: Wipeaggedon Patch) and "Traptress" is just the word for builder Huntress now. Power is worth a damn again if you want to actually use explosive traps, lol ballons and the sneakiest of barricades that actually fire poison darts. also: thanks for that clarification. I guess I might toss a question about exp at the next devstream.
  13. It will be for sure the new crit or crit damage stat for towers. Health isnt important outside of barricades or geyser traps
  14. Oh man can we turn this into a thread where we theorycraft some taunts for all the classes and their costumes?? oooh I want to so bad. :D
  15. Huh. I thought it was just loot and gold that was fixed and each enemy had an exp value. My bad. Lemme dig a bit and see if I cant find a clarification from a dev or something. *dives into google* Edit: *surfaces from google* Actually I just checked the time and I need to go out. Don't hold you breath I'll be out for a bit. A mission for when I get home then :P
  16. I believe that exp bonus is slightly higher than the EXP that you would get from the new lanes spawns to reward good play. Its usually in the upper levels of difficulty is tends towards a much more streamlined build if you let the secondary objectives fall but this is not always true. There are so maps that if the secondaries go down then all hell is about to break loose. DD2 is weird sometimes ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  17. A scaling Multiplier is what you're after? I'm not too sure. We've yet to see some of the heights our gear can get too and I'm worried that it might get to the point where Full AP heroes become game-winners all by themselves Full AP Apprentice becomes the biggest ass-kicker by a huge margin. Mana bomb hits hard and Tornado is a fantastic spell. Even Arcane Missles hits hard with AP right now. The Charged Right click down a wave/Missles/Tornado becomes a game winner. Mana regen is not hard to come by and Apprentice can get enough cooldown (On gear and spheres) to almost spam. Apprentice is now
  18. Honestly as I am part of a guild for DD2 already I would love to maybe be able to have a tag infront of my name so I can represent my guild. I believe this may be in their to-do list already. Its been a while since I've heard any noise on the subject. Pop this question in for the next Dev stream man. I'd love to hear Trendys plans for something like this.
  19. DaMattGuy is right. The game is going to be getting a major patch very soon and lots of stuff is gonna change but you know what? I appreciate when new players ask for help and are willing to learn. http://steamcommunity.com/id/Darkside_sword264/ Thats my steam. If you have any questions about DD2 add me and I will try my hardest to answer them. Edit: OH the irony from the post below me.
  20. Bull. You complain but the game carries on regardless and you KEEP COMPLAINING. You're not trying to change anything you just had a innate need to whine and moan.
  21. My god if I see another one of your posts Im going to consider gouging my eyes out with spoons. All you do is complain. ^ New level cap. Onslaught mode. Games gonna be HYYYYPE!
  22. 10/10. Perfect. This should be implemented. It takes away nothing from the game and is a nice quality of life change. I like you. You post sensible things. :3
  23. This 100%. I like to augment my builds with the occasially LSA for murdering ogres but I like lightning auras for their quick speed and great damage for lower mana. Trendy please. Just give us like a key for Toggle Uber. If we have multiple for the same class it might get a little convoluted so maybe make the key cycle through? Of course disable it after round start.
  24. I edited my Post with a collection of the current iteration of Uber Spheres if you were wondering OP Happy Defending! Man if you put that forum in I would gladly add it to my browser hotbar. I love answering stuff. If you are a new player don't know something but wanna be the best you can be I am 100% in your corner. I am totally down for a Player to Player Questions section. Also: No worries man. Its like You and maybe 1-2 others that really have the time to answer all of everyone's questions. We answer the stuff we should know and YOU can tell us stuff we don't. :3
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