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  1. Same here watching videos on youtube while doing betsy easy over and over again. I think someone calculated that you have to do 74 runs or so to get from lvl 1 to 50 so yeahhh ....
  2. Had the exact same problem. Same map same Scenario. Wave 8 were like 14 flying mobs that dropped a lot of green mana (around 1400 or so) and wave 9 didn't want to end.
  3. I think this goes hand in hand with the problem that the enemy health bars are sometimes visible and sometimes not visible ... It just doesn't feel right and yeah is pretty distracting.
  4. Well since this happened this patch: Training Dummy (Squire) Damage reduced to 25% Critical Damage is moderate Upgrade scalars fixed to match other defenses I think the Trainings Dummy lost all of its "usefulness", even though I never used it before that. So yeah might be a good idea to overthink that tower (Was pretty useless in DD1 too).
  5. Well or stuff like this can happen if you kill her at the right time ... :D
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