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  1. Stop dreaming guys, if Blizzard can't do it, i don't think a small company like Trendy can. Cheaters will always find a way to hack/dupe items. Don't play with them and if you see one report him. Stopping all hacking / cheating is probably out of the question. Removing and preventing obviously hacked items is another story. It's one thing if we are competing against a hacker who dupes 'legitimate' items to get unlimited mana or something similar. It's completely different if they are creating illegitimate items. For example a weapon with +9999 damage, when a legitimate item can only reac
  2. heres an idea: imp some maximum values, and then DONT tell players what they are, and let someone attempt to edit, and then ban based upon that. you'll never find all the hacked items;its impossible unless you want to shut everything down for a few days and do an exhaustive php or sql query; and even then some will fall thru the cracks. Pretty good idea actually. Though I'd recommend the "exhaustive" search for the existing ones too. Just run it whenever the server is down for a patch or maintenance anyway.
  3. but you just cant change that, otherwise it could be easily exploited. if you give the additional hp to the tower and heal that amount when changing gear, you could just unequip and equip your gear after each wave to fullheal mapwide. If it's percent based it shouldn't be exploitable. If you equip an item that adds 10% tower HP, and the tower is at 90% health, it gains 10% total hp, but stays at 90% health. If you unequip that same piece it would lower by the same 10%, and still be 90% health. That way you get the benefit of equipping new gear, but it isn't exploitable (at least that I c
  4. test it and let us know. that's how any of us know anything at all. Some would call that re-inventing the wheel. No sense in doing all that work when it's apparently well known info. Thank you for the answer regardless.
  5. I apologize if this has been covered already somewhere, but it's not something easily searched for. I'm wondering which of my heroes stats are applied for a specific tower. For example, if I build a squire :squire: tower but then switch to a :huntress: huntress for the combat wave, does the tower use my :squire: squire's stats? Or the :huntress: huntress'?
  6. Cause the emulator works only with two or three .dll in the game folder so the anti cheat system could auto-ban me I suggest you find a new emulator. A gamepad emulator doesn't need to use actual game files whatsoever.
  7. You both rock! Thanks a ton. I just put a list of loading screen tips on the wiki: http://dungeondefenders.wikia.com/wiki/Loading_Screen_Tips Found by Omnituens in [steam dir]\steamapps\common\dungeon defenders\UDKGame\Localization\INT\DunDefPlayers.INT
  8. umm I need to tell u guys know about autolooting. the game sells all the stuff u dont grab and sells mana, splits it evenly, fastest fairest way to split up loot. The devs even threw in a great system where better loot for u is tagged with yellow arrows so it stands out, u can just ignore everything else Correct me if I'm wrong but that only counts for loot left at the end of a wave. We're talking about loot and mana that disappears because there are too many items on the map at one time - during the combat phase, not the build phase. See CptJesus post below you, it would make it sign
  9. Definitely need this, or a list of all the tips on the wiki or something.
  10. Status updates lag waaaay behind the event. For example I'm seeing "Completed wave 10 +1500" when I'm on wave 12 now.
  11. Edit: Oh yeah, when you switch weapon / gear, make it autolock the item you wore before the swap, so that you cannot accidently sell the item by pressing sell all. Was about to create a thread for this. Please add this feature. (your other suggestions aren't bad either, I just really want that one)
  12. Harpoon Turret tracks enemies behind walls it cannot hit, even if there is an enemy in front of it that it can hit.
  13. These are all in the DunDef wiki. I'll check that out. Thanks stevebat.
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