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  1. I heard from the dev team that more work needs to happen before it can go back up on the marketplace. There was an issue with where the files were hosted, and the dev team had its hands full with the console patch and additional PC patching. Hopefully the game will be back up on the Google Play Store soon. How does an abandoned game that hadn't been updated for over a year suddenly have issues that need work? I know you're not the dev team, hitmonchan, but what they're telling you doesn't pass the smell test.
  2. So basically the gist is that they don't want to make a Vita version because it cant be full of DLC? Would that be the same DLC that consoles already don't get? I'm going to keep my fingers crossed for Dungeon Defenders 2. Or even for Trendy to pull a Capcom and release Ultimate Dungeon Defenders, full of content already built into the game that you have to pay to unlock. Seriously though, I would pay for that.
  3. It's the same on Android. I actually quit playing for now because I don't feel like grinding mindlessly just to beat the game on easy. I'll have to wait for Trendy fix the mobile version before I pick it back up, and that could be a looooooong time.
  4. I just realized that the SUGGESTION forum is for "general" Dun Def. Since my suggestions were specific for Mobile version, I'm reposting it below. Mobile users, please voice your opinion to agree or disagree: Illustrated Critical Problems + Suggestions (1) The instant game-losing button - the "pick-up and wear" button http://i43.tinypic.com/2ja22q.jpg I must be one of the only people not annoyed by that button. It's only gotten me twice, and that's because I wasn't paying attention. But, enough people have complained that it probably should be fixed. (2) The annoying crystal button
  5. Thanks for posting those links. I've downloaded the zip file and extracted it. The game won't go pass the wi-fi setting until I'm connected to wi-fi but I have the unlimited data plan. Is there a way to by pass that? Do a Google search for a text file called qaWifiOnlyMode.txt. Download that file and place it on the root of your SD card. Having that txt file there will bypass wifi only downloads and online play. I would suggest rebooting after downloading the file just to make sure it takes hold.
  6. Here ya go. These links are still good. If you guys are having issues, you can also attempt the manual install. Here are some Megaupload links for that if the links on our site still aren't working. http://dungeondefenders.com/androidmobile ATI: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=TFOVH9Z0 PVR: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=AAEJZHUD DX: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=OYZ9Y4NK
  7. Is there a plan for a new update on mobile devices ? Will you add new stuff like new heroes as you added on pc version ? I really want to play ranger on my mobile device. Don't expect one anytime soon. Trendy has stated that they're swamped with work for the PC/console version. Mobile is on the back burner for now.
  8. I don't have an SD card installed. So I am gonna assume that the files are gonna be in the same folder, just not in the SD card? Dumb question I am sure, but I am just double checking to be safe. I didn't know you could install and play the game without an SD card? You're in unknown territory to me. Best advice I can give from here is to use a file manager that can browse system files and do a search.
  9. I noticed the same problem. The low cost pets are there, but they're stupid rare. The scaling is horrible, and in all my hours of playing I've only seen one pet cost less than 200,000.
  10. But I downloaded it to the internal memory on the device. Does that change anything? No. Even if the game was installed on internal memory, it still puts some files on your sd card. Character files and character backups being some of those files.
  11. I started playing DD back at first wave. It updated to second wave, it made me redownload the game client again (I lost an amazing character with a 5 projectile staff, a character that was level thirty four. Anyway, I redownloaded it and when the update for second wave came out, it did the exact same thing to me. It is still prompting me to redownload the game client, the client I have already downloaded and been playing. I refuse to lose another character again, so how do I fix this? I am using an Acer iconia a100 tablet running android 3.2 On your sd card, navigate to Android > data &g
  12. It WOULD be cool if iCloud (or any kind of digital cloud thing) would do this. But hey, thats life I suppose. You could do it on Android using Dropbox and Dropsync. I don't know if iOS has anything similar.
  13. Mobile hasn't gotten any real gameplay patches. All towers deal less damage than their PC/console version (squire towers deal significantly less). I'm pretty they have less health as well.
  14. We posted at the same time, I never saw it..........:squire: Are you referring to the sticky "How to Create a Backup"? This is how im supposed to play my character on both my ipad or iphone? Copying files constantly to update my character on each device after im done playing one? Yup. And I was unaware you could do it without jailbreaking though.
  15. Your Gamespy account is just for online multiplayer, not for transferring characters. If you want to transfer your characters you'll have to jailbreak your devices so you can access the system files.
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