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  1. The healing aura was broken before. It had to be patch. However, I do agree that they are a bit too weak currently. But having characters be immortal inside it just is not balanced. The healing should be a % of max health and makes it so the best geared tanks are immortal inside it, but not anything else.
  2. The lock system in the inventory works fine for me, no issue whatsoever.
  3. No official info on it yet, it's just Phil that "leaked it accidentally" during the stream.
  4. Let's hope in the next patch. As for when the next patch is coming, CG said we'll have official info about that this week, so stay tuned on Thursday/Friday.
  5. The same thing happened to me yesterday, I already reported it. It seems that Lava Mines survival hasn't been finished yet, so after wave 5 it just becomes the insane survival with scaled up HP. Enemy speed also does not scale. Other maps seem fine though.
  6. Yes , this has happened to me too. You can report it, I forgot to do it.
  7. Let's not forget that the game is still very much in early phase, even though it technically says "released".
  8. Perhaps, no way to know at this time.
  9. Glad you are enjoying the progression. I'm an old DD1 and DD2 veteran (as you can see by my number of posts) and just recently discovered DDA, had no idea that it existed a week ago. My experience has been similar to you for progression. I soloed campaign on normal, moved to hard with no problem, then transitioned to insane which was a bit harder, but still very doable. The only issue was the timer of course. Then I moved to nightmare solo and the difficulty curve increased a lot. With some insane survival farming (especially treadmill pets and genies), I was able to solo NM campaign up to act 3, then a friend joined and we finished the NM act 3 maps. The progression from normal to nightmare is very well done, so props to the devs for that. Don't change a thing, it's perfect. As for timers, I very much agree, it's way too little, although I disagree for some maps. For ramparts, I had enough time to build everything with a bit of extra time. The maps I had the most issues with were lava mines and summit (nightmare, not insane though). But I would agree that overall, the timers need a good increase. I understand that with no more chest picking and forge the timer needs to be reduced, but this is a bit too much. Especially in higher difficulties where you need 4 builders + 1 DPS, the switching of heroes in the deck takes some times. About future content and the roadmap, I agree that it isn't a big roadmap, but I do like the content on it. I think that the dev team is just very small, which doesn't allow them to work on a lot of content at the same time. I would expect to see more maps in the future though, and not just remastered DD1 maps, also DD2 maps, and especially new maps. So overall, I'm taking the small roadmap more as a limitation due to a small dev team than a bad premonition about the game's future. About the Eternia Shard DLC from DD1 (mistmyre forest, Morrago desert, Aquanos, and sky city), I would very much like to see all 4 maps in DDA. It doesn't need to be part of the story, I just want to play on them again. I loved those maps.
  10. The roadmap does list some interesting content. The devs have been listening to the community and pretty nice actually. I expect to see the mainstream content of DD1 implemented in DDA, and perhaps some nice DD2 content too. I'm overall optimistic about DDA and would recommend it if you liked DD1 and DD2 (especially DD1).
  11. Quick note, if you haven't cleared the wave you're starting on, you will only get the mana you would have gotten on wave 1. To get the full mana from the wave you are starting on, no matter if you use the glitch or not, you need to have cleared that wave previously.
  12. I came to expect lack of detailed explanation in this game, not that I mind that much since the discord for DD seems to be helpful in answering all my questions. Although the game is released, it's still very young and not quite as mature as previous installments. I'm sure the devs will fix this in a future update, although I also doubt it's high on the priority list.
  13. I usually don't get framerate drops in the inventory, it runs smooth for me. However, it does happen sometimes when I have many pages of items and I click on the "sell all" button. But the drop isn't that bad. But it's perhaps my computer that's high end, which makes it so there's rarely framerate dips.
  14. I do understand that discord is more practical for casual conversation and real time conversation, but it does seem that forums have their advantages, like the possibility to save threads, the possibility to make longer and more detailed posts, link images and videos to a thread and integrate them in the text, etc. Devs always took less than 1 day to reply to all my threads targeted to devs. They've been most helpful. At least that has been my experience. Yeah I also like forums as a communication system and wish for this forum to be revived. Perhaps if the game picks up when it introduces more content it will help this forums.
  15. Nah, I was having issues with crashes in other games with an overclock so I'm running default clocks. The issue doesn't seem to be with the dual screen setup, I've unplugged my second screen and got a crash too. It's not too bad since it seems to happen about one per day, so the game is still mostly playable.
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