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  1. Although I do agree with the general sentiment, this allows for targeted farming, which I'm all for it. That would be perfect if there is another way to get fusion gears, so that way we can still have higher fusion gear drops, but if we want we can still target farm missing pieces. Agreed. Although non fusion builders are still useful if you play solo (since you can only have 4 fusion builders), non fusion pieces are mostly useless, and that indeed makes regular farming like we used to do pre 1.2 and in DD1 kinda pointless. A solution would be to make a way to turn regular gear into f
  2. I can confirm I got it from Glit and Magus Quarters, so it would make sense for them to be dropping from all encore maps.
  3. Welcome to the community! I'm sure you'll find this community to be super nice and welcoming!
  4. I think I got it from Gliterhelm. Not sure though.
  5. I personally run with fusion DSTs, Electric Aura, and Ensnare. The fourth can be anything if you run a hybrid on your ensnare. That setup is usually better for running without walls, but with your stats you will probably need some walls. If you use some walls, don't forget to have strength drain auras so ogres don't destroy them too easily. The SDA doesn't need to be fusion. If you use walls, fusion overclock beams are a great fourth defense to get that fusion armor. I would suggest having at least 1 crowd control defense fusion, meaning either ensnare or gas traps. So yeah, I think your
  6. Although rift mode is very nice imo, it doesn't add a lot of new content in a sense that there are no new heroes and no new maps. Rift mode is a new mode, but we are essentially running the same old maps. Also, they released the patch during exams period for students. I suspect there are a lot of student in the community, and I don't get to play much of DDA during my exams (I will during the holidays though).
  7. Indeed. For now your best bet is the community excel document, or going to the patch notes of 1.2.
  8. Indeed, but we're still not sure if the spider protection feature is a bug or an intended feature. I sure hope it stays that way though.
  9. The healing of the healing aura is very bad, but the healing has another effect which is really good: inside the healing aura you can't get webbed by spiders.
  10. He's probably a toxic player if there was no issues at all from wave 1-25 and then OP got kicked towards the end of wave 25, and if that has happened to other people with the same guy. However, most times that these things happen it's probably just a connection issue. We really need a separate message for when we get kicked and when we get disconnected.
  11. There is no info about that. We're not even sure there will be a pure strategy mode for massacre.
  12. You need to message [CG] Philip on the DD discord (or he might see your message here, but he's more active on discord). People who use the cheat engine get flagged as hackers, even if they stopped using it.
  13. Yeah healing auras are good because of the spider protection, it's just that the healing is awful and the healing is supposedly the primary function of it.
  14. You should message Phil. If you use discord and are in the DD server, just send a PM to [CG] Philip. He might also catch your post on the forums, but devs are more active on discord than on the forums.
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