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  1. Hi, I've stopped playing around when the Adept was first introduced. I have a couple questions: 1) Has the game become a lot better? For endgame ofc. 2) What's new in general? 3) Is it worth coming since the player count has become quite low? Should we worry about the game's future?
  2. There's supposed to be a target cap. I believe it is 10 targets max it can hit every time. It used to be 8 (when there was only up to chaos 5), but they changed it to 10 on every AoE defenses because some of them were too op (ramster and flamethrowers). Unless they changed it, it still can hit only 10 targets at the same time (which is plenty to still make it very strong).
  3. Pretty mainstream concept, except for one flaw. Correct me if I'm wrong, but from what I've seen, once the target dies, the glacier doesn't target another enemy and just falls to the ground. When it crashes, it doesn't damage any ground mob (or does it? Didn't test much). Would be nice to slightly modify it: 1) Target another flying mob if the original target dies. 2) When it crashes on the ground, it can damage ground mobs. Would be nice to have both changes, but only one of them would also make the shard a lot better.
  4. Talking about the max in theory. Medallions probably drop between 20k and 23k with a kinda Gaussian distribution (where it is more like to be something in the middle than in the extremes).
  5. The max is probably 23k. Highest I got is 22.8k ish.
  6. http://steamcharts.com/app/65800 Le jeu date de 2010. Il y a beaucoup moins de personnes qui jouent au premier, surtout que maintenant DD2 est accessible :P
  7. Not sure why they did that. Was maybe too harsh for people entering the lower Chaos tiers. I like your idea of increasing it the higher the Chaos tier is.
  8. Hi everyone! I recently built a new pc, and a really powerful one. So I decide to put it to work and start streaming. I plan on mainly streaming DD2 so feel free to come take a look! I will sometimes be online, but not 24/7 lol. https://www.twitch.tv/mushroomcake28 Thanks!
  9. Yes indeed. Was just wondering if they planned on doing it one day lol
  10. And by update, I mean a whole update, not a rebalance like we had with pet abilities. The current pet system is very old and work fine back in days of NM. The stats pets had were actually on par with NM4 gears (talking about hero and tower stats on pets). Now, we have 22k DP medallions with pets giving a max of 350 DP. Pet stats (damage and speed) is something that has been outdated since a long time. Pet abilities are nice, but perhaps we can get something more? Something like pet shards? I don't know, but updating the current pet system would be nice, a nice refresh.
  11. I'm glad I'm not the only one. I know we're a minority of people, but TE, you should still address this issue. It shouldn't be too long just fixing the x and y position.
  12. I recently built a new computer and got myself a 4k monitor. I know that only a small proportion of the community plays at a higher resolution than 1080p, but there are many UI issues when higher than 1080p. For example, when the mouse is over a relic equipped on a hero, the relic's specs window is all the way up and we can only see the bottom half (playing at 4k, happening on my obelisk slot for example). Or worse: I tried different resolutions and 1080p seemed to fix all these issues. However, when I tried to go back to 4k in the settings, the window with all the available resolution in the option menu got cut from the screen (at the bottom) and the 4k option isn't visible. So basically, I can't go back to 4k. Anyone else having issues at 4k? Or even 1440pp?
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