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  1. Sesar, I know that you are going but this is so damn sad, you've come so far and you just leave it all behind. But good on you for finding hobbies in real life that will benefit you! Majority of us wants you to take care so. It's been a wild ride but enjoy the outside! P.S I wish I still had the first diamond you ever gave me.
  2. I played tower wars the other day on live non beta and it was medium tower wars, their enemies were level 6 and I built with my 4.7k thp summoner... My minions all died instantly three times and sometimes it happens before, no way on medium they can destroy my minions with around 70k hp in total... I think it was my electric aura killing them for some odd reason so I removed the auras and they didn't die anymore. If you can't be bothered to read that, tower wars is bugged, electric aura can kill your minions, needs a fix, tower wars is love and tower wars is life. Also if harbingers do come
  3. Hey I think you already broke these rules! ;) Aww! I was gonna make an imgur album with ur hacked gear you're selling. I only managed to take 1 picture before being kicked! :c http://imgur.com/WtfOWPF
  4. Glad to hear :) I may add the harbingers, and potentially replace the goblins and just increase the continuous trash spawns instead. The increased mana generation may speed things up slightly anyway. You can check on this but the spider queen should work properly on NM now. That's gonna be great, tower wars is so damn fun but no one plays it. It gets really competitive if your fighting against your friends or a hacker. It's fun beating a hacker until they kick you as they are host. Fun Fun Fun! EDIT: Playing Tower Wars right now, I just remembered copter ogres can damage the crystals. It'
  5. Speaking of Tower Wars, will there be a update where we can use harbingers? I'm an addicted TW player and love it. Just need to spam loads of ogres to make them lose, but harbs would make it even better.
  6. Here -- https://dungeondefenders.com/1/topic/141984/event-trace-sheet There will be a common trace sheet from here on out for future events separated by different tabs. Thank you kind sir for this sheet of tracing.
  7. It's a new event, so it is hard to set a price on it. I will maybe say like 20-30 cubes. Ill say 15 cubes because noone knows and I feel like its too bad for 20 cubes. With it I want to buy the Ult Mail Helm ^365 and the Ult Chain Chest 299/300.
  8. How much would you count a Death Wish (Traced, Participated in the event) in cubes? I would know what to buy from here ;)
  9. Heh, I needed it to upgrade this :P I really do need mana atm tho
  10. Hello, I would like to get a price check on my sparus as I am unsure how much it's worth. What do you guys think?
  11. As long as we get it with Lavamancer, I mean put them in the same update as they are both lava themed and an incursion weapon for Lavamancer/all classes cause, y'know more lava?
  12. You should update it a lot more now sense events are coming. This is what I will be using.
  13. Keeping my Celeb Reborn as I would call it! I mean 500 on all 4 tower stats. :D
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