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  1. ??????????? fosty power -> max% -> 10 %, i have that in all items (-except weap) snowstorm-> that's ok, only on weap & totem no bug here.
  2. new bug, it happens with the dummies with the harb's weap, this, after the "fix"
  3. after this, new bug, the dummies built with weap from harb (with dummy passive) dont have the all the DH, only the 50%, that happens in tavern and in maps.
  4. Yes. You unlock an extra hero card slot with each New hero starting with Abyss Lord. Buying another Abyss Lord will, however, cost you a Hero Card slot. Where/how do we get him? I'll have 12k medals doing 10 rounds onls, i want do that on NMIV, get him, create a new hero in onls and lvl up and farming gear for him after r10. Is that possible? or we get him as a reward in the mailbox?
  5. I'm on r28, NMIV solo, few legends drops, nothing good. 
  6. playing a map, at the end we have 2 options, replay or back to tavern, Almost always, in both case, i got that disconnect/timeout like that picture or "Connection to host lost.." (even playin solo) in a public game, when we replay, if i dont get disconnect/timeout, ^^ i spawn and i dont get mana from chests! so, we play with less mana u.u
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