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  1. i might be missunderstanding here, but isnt the entire point of the game to fail levels so that you can learn how they work? a save system would trivialize the game.
  2. Because the interface doesn't take into account that its a human being operating it. A human being that makes mistakes. Mistakes that can't be undone. the interface does take it into account, unless you want to go windows mode with about 2000 "ARE YOU REALY REALY REALY SURE?" signs after you click the sell all button, but im quite sure just one is more then enough, yes the game needs a buyback system, but it isnt in the game so - lets look at reality, someone made a stupid mistake, they get pissed off and whine about it, i dont see anything that hasnt happened thousands of times on any ot
  3. i can see a very simple solution here, stop being in such a damn rush all the time and you wouldnt make those mistakes, when i get a realy good item i make sure the first thing i do is look it up and lock the thing before i click my "sell all" button, it realy isnt that hard to think about what your doing, this isnt the designers fault, this is a stupid mistake. im not saying the bank doesnt need polishing but this realy isnt something for which you can blame the developers. Stop posting stupid sh*t on the forums, problem solved. i'd put the OP's post in that cathegory too, stupid mistake
  4. If you guys are still experiencing crashes please help us out with THIS. Helps us get an accurate fix to you ASAP. i might have found a possible fix, ive been playing for roughly 4 hours now without crashing, i did 2 things beforehand 1: update my graphics drivers, i am running on a now fairly old Nvidia 8800 GTS card - i thought updating to the most recent drivers if you havent already might fix the issue 2: run windows update, this might sound like a trivial thing but it might be a bug in windows software that causes the issue, therefore seeing if there are any available updates might
  5. its probably the bug not occuring, ive done the same thing before multiple times and one time the game will freeze up again 10 minutes later and another time it'll not freeze for an hour or 2, so your probably just not hitting the point where the game would freeze up. ive tried some things now and i myself still havent found a possible fix sadly :( Edit: i have found out that the files corrupting happen at the games startup i can replicate it everytime i start up the game and shut it down, then run the integrity check it will always find 1 or 2 files that are corrupt and then proceed to
  6. Check back on my post. I crashed eventually. Sorry to get your hopes up. (Wat is je steam naam? Misschien kunnen we samen iets uitvogelen?) i just read that yeah too bad it didnt work, was a good try though (steam naam is neverwar, ben beetje druk vanavond tho :P)
  7. Sadly, welcome to our world. I've been trying other games, and found another I have this exact same issue in: Battlefield Heroes. But I was just randomly looking in THEIR forums for an answer, and I found out that playing without sound fixes it. This is mainly due to poor coding, and a recent Windows 7 64bit update. I'm going to try playing without sound, and see what happens. What I mean by disabling sound: 1. Go to Device Manager. (Control Panel -> Device Manager) 2. Find your sound device(s). 3. Right click on it. 4. Disable it. I'm not sure if 100% turning the sound off ingam
  8. i can confirm that the latest patch does not seem to fix the crashing at all, my game still randomly freezes up my computer forcing me to hard-reset - what i have noticed though is that everytime this happens 1 or 2 files come up as corrupt on the steam client integrity check, it will redownload the files - work fine for a while and then freeze up again and so on. (doing the check twice ends up in all files coming up valid on the second attempt) sadly i wasnt able to find out which files keep appearing as corrupt but it might be a good start to fixing the issue.
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