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  1. Hello, I'm not sure where else to post this but in tech support so here goes: I played a bit earlier today since i hadnt caught up with all the patch updates yet (hadnt played in a while) and found that i had gained a bunch of crystals and a few other shinies in the mail for the early adopters which was a very nice surprise, i used some of those crystals to buy the Shinobi Infiltrator outfit for the Monk and Red Riding Huntress for my Huntress just before the maintenance happened, now i just logged in after spending the day doing something else and i've found both the outfits gone but my cry
  2. Yes she is. all points in traps. and its hard. i havent tryed glitter on insaine yet just because i dread the timer. its hard enough runnign around placeing stuff as is, with a timer ide /wriist. haha. I feel insaine mode requires team play. ide never try to solo insaine regularly. (few exceptions) with the timer, it really just helsp to have people dedicated to sides of the map to make your time much more efficent. Currently waiting for my friends to catch up so we can rock insaine mode more. (3 of them changed classes have have been releveling and regearing so its taking a bit) plus
  3. Just in reply to your comment son Bonus and not being able to hold off the lanes or such. This is an old screenshot but it shows a setup i use that works. I use a few setups, it varies on how i feel like playing but this one ive never failed with. http://steamcommunity.com/id/ultimaox/screenshot/594700612555993005 You use Bumpers to block the lanes and keep them upgraded, and then place a healthy supply of traps in front of them to thin out mobs. Usually only thign to get through is ogres which i just go kill myself. But i always fine myself throwing traps where ever just to hit DU cap
  4. lol I thought this game was made to played with multiple people, often known as "friends". Until I came to these forums, I assumed most people played Dungeon Defenders with their friends, like I do. I was surprised to see how many people want to play this game solo. what if we want to play when those friends do not have time to play themselves? try public games for yourself you'll find out that that isnt the most enjoyable experience, on rare occasions you do run into friendly people but the majority of them seem to be raging kiddo's who'd rather shout at others then play the game. so ye
  5. Anywho, its lunch time, ill be back later to check up on thigns here, make sure thigns keep in checked. Toodles! enjoy :P
  6. Feels like the Blizzard forums. "[My class] was nerfed! This game is over! You ruined everything! I QUIT!" Five days later, same poster "NERF [NOT MY CLASS] OMG" Seriously, people. The Squire isn't meant to be better than every other class. Just like the huntress wasn't, so her possible maxdamage was reduced a LOT recently. The classes are meant to have strengths and weaknesses. This is because the game is designed as a team experience. And you can have that solo - just use 4 characters. Even nets you an archievement at 70. The worst argument here is that "Kobolds are too bad bec
  7. Feels like the Blizzard forums. "[My class] was nerfed! This game is over! You ruined everything! I QUIT!" Five days later, same poster "NERF [NOT MY CLASS] OMG" the difference being this isnt a semi pvp oriented game and blizzard doesnt nerf their classes by 50% :P I'll just smile and nod :P you do that xD
  8. I'm not sure how that nullifies my point. because everyone should already have one, and well they didnt exactly trivialize the game in that sense at all, they made it easier sure but far from trivializing it. as you said if somethings OP; Roll OP class .... Profit Side note, i wish i could like, adjust the camera to get a frontal view of my heroes. Want to get some screnshots but all i get to see is their back ends D: WTB CAMERA ROTATION! (that isnt zoomed out RTS Camera View) great idea :D
  9. it still baffles me how people can say they're destroying the game by nerfing a blatantly overpowered class. face it: you're just upset your class is getting nerfed. that's it. they're not destroying the game, you just can't handle nerfs. fact of the matter is the squire trivialized the game and needed to be nerfed. my highest character is a squire and it sucks it got nerfed, but the WHOLE reason I made one is because they're overpowered. to be honest your point is somewhat moot because in that sense everyone should have atleast 1 of each class, its not exactly hard to level them up after
  10. yeah as i said, before there was no reasont o level my apprentice, but now there is, so ill get him to 70 today and be done with leveling everyone. But ill admit, ill miss harpoon towers, love those thigns. just somethign about balistas that get me excited ;D it wasnt the fact that i had no reason to level my App tbh i just didnt bother, my Monk isnt 70 either ^^ and yeah i hope the hotfix somewhat fixes the harpoons :x can you maybe not talk out of your *** ? http://dungeondefenders.wikia.com/wiki/Solo_Insane_Summit_Guide 2) A hero spec character that can put out lots of dps, m
  11. Devs admitted it was too much and backed off a bit. I feel it will now be in its proper role. Hopeeing. Waiting for the patch to go out to play anymore today. =] i hope so too! also ive only tried 2 challenges on insane and got them both solo :P i like challenging myself to try to do them on my own, completed the campaign solo on insane too but thats about as far as i got, need to level my apprentice now.
  12. i solo all the time. I start on my squire, place walls and tower,s switch to my huntress place traps, get on my monk for an aura or 2, and then play. Never put down apprentice towers cause they were inferior. I always thought that was silly. Now its set right so ill need to put down pew pew towers and everythign will be dandy. So yes, i solo plenty, i team plenty. I also understand the game was ment to be played with multiple classes working in conjunction. If 1 person wants to do that, then fine, if you want a team of all seperate roles then cool. None the less, you even said it, yo
  13. Please learn to read carefully. I didn't say the game is solely multiplayer. I said the multiplayer is obviously more important because it is how the developers intended it to be. I don't even know how to put it simpler. Multiplayer > Singleplayer because it's the devs decision for this game If you wanted a single player game you should have bought OMD i never said you said it was. obviously multiplayer is more important, i play multiplayer too but that doesnt mean it has to go at the cost of singleplayer experience, if they didnt care about the singleplayer playerbase they wouldnt h
  14. I couldn't possibly agree more, everything this man said is true. The game was designed for co-op in mind, soloing is not the primary concern of the developers and it shouldn't be. If you wanted solo experience you all should have just played OMD as it's single player and the entire game is designed to provide as much fun for a single person as possible. DD on the other hand is a team game, you need other people to complete the most difficult challenges and you cannot have 1 class be broken so badly that people will not allow other classes to place their towers because they're suboptimal. Li
  15. i gotta say, i dont agree with the OP at all. And that i do agree with Blyth's statement about buffing everyone else would be ridiculas. As it stands, squires are more valuable than any other class, you would get kicked so a team could be all squires in many occasions. This "nerf" wasnt really a nerf what it was was them going back to how they orignally ment the game to be. Think of it like this: We have 4 classes, each supposed to bringing something diffrent to the table. Squire, Apprentance, Huntress, and Monk. Well what do they bring? What roles are they? Squire - The Defense Cl
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