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  1. Hey y'all. I would love a quick swap function, especially on solo play. Why you should implement it: The idea behind the hero deck is IMO to create varied, adaptable, synergized and fun gameplay and tactics to the maps. Now that is the fun part about the hero deck, the boring part is the running back and forth between defenders forge and your defenses. It is time wasted, because it isn't spend on gamerelated stuff, just dull traveling. How you should implement it: I suggest making a keybinding that will bring up your hero deck to select between the different heroes. This should be acces
  2. Hello DD2 team! Thank you for an awesome game. This is already a great game, but it has the potential to be even better! :) Here are some om the feedback I have collected over my hours of play. *Sortable bags: The function to assign bags to a specific item type (food boxes, armor, chests, even item rarity sort. Like all mythicals go to one bag). *Quick hero shift (like GTA V for example): What is the fun part about having 3 heroes in your deck?: The increase in strat possiblities and gameplay. What is the bad part: THe running back and forth with no time being used on actual gameplay.
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