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  1. Solo'd 18 waves of endless onslaught, was supposed to get a golden egg reward, but got everything except that. Checked the scavenger but alas, to no avail. I'm sure it had to do with my inventory being full, but it has to be a glitch if it didn't go to the scavenger.
  2. 20 of my eggs keep reverting back to my temporary inventory, including my golden creeper egg :'(. Every time I log in or reset the lobby, they go from my inventory to temp..
  3. not too happy more color/rarity variation and visibility of stats(number of shots) would be cool and 8 hours for 1 pet? o.o if it had significant boosts, that would be understandable but they improve you less than 1 piece of gear
  4. xxx the plague bearer minion devouring xxx xxx the trendy one xxx the bootmage gatokin xxx
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