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  1. I can't update game and there isn't any news on steam which i can see anymore
  2. Unlocked after completing all stages on their respective difficulty. I.E. Completing all of NM4 Incursion will unlock Hardcore Mode. Hardcore Mode In hardcore mode heroes only have one life but can respawn at the end of the wave. The quantity of drops remain the same but minimum gear quality is purple. Any newly released stage will have to be completed before you can access Hardcore mode again. For some added difficulty an extra wave of air could spawn in each lane starting from wave 1.
  3. https://www.reddit.com/r/dungeondefenders/comments/3v80vt/narwhagon_from_overpower_to_uselss/.compact I wasn't playing dd2 at the time of the change, however this is a little silly. By adding this "balance" a lot of people will revert back to huntress dps only with some apprentice here and there. This balance has now unbalanced the variety.
  4. For the last few days or so I've been playing DD1 so I can make my own comparison and review. This service will be active again starting Dec 15th. Until then I wish everyone good luck with NM4 grinding.
  5. Oh i see, this was a moba... i just clicked a link from the dd1 wiki and got there. Thanks for clearing that up. Still I'd like to see these chars and enemies in the game.
  6. IIRC good pet affection, maybe when you searched before you were looking for empathy which i don't think you'd find.
  7. What's $10.99? I figured it out, just didn't update hehe. I'm assuming what you're reading is US currency and what I'm reading is Canadian.
  8. I did play DD back before it reached the PC, I really enjoyed it back then; but it's definitely been majorly overhauled since then and looks way better. Which is also probably why DD2's current state doesn't bother me, because this is pretty much how it was on the tablet with some different mechanics. I completely agree with you that the game feels like it has a lack of variety but has enough potential to keep me coming back for updates. Cheap shots are always welcome when they are constructive I think. I think I will go ahead and buy DD1 and skip on DDE I have some friends I can play with who've had it for a while, they love DD1 but they can't stand the current DD2 unfortunately. Thanks for the recommendation :).
  9. As someone who never played DD1, this sounds beautiful. It wasn't always this beautiful. Trust me. At first on DD1 survival waves ranged from 15k- 20+k mobs per wave. Moraggo survival was so boring and could take up a day to get to the higher 20 waves, because in DD1 wave 30 was the max you could reach. Mistymire was more reasonable and starting fom wave 1-30 to get a Giraffe on a Treadmill Pet was challenging, but fun and only took a few hours. They nerfed the enemy count around Aquanos's (perfection in every way) release. Then they finally gave you the ability to start at the highest wave you have reached. Now you couldn't always do that on some maps unless you wanted to be destroyed ( Talay Mines says HI!), however it made it more challenging when you did. I use to start around wave 20 King's Game NMHCMM with My Summoner with 3 AFK's for max loot and difficulty. Nothing beats that feeling when you clear it and get that crappy Ult++ because the rolls went so far they rolled into the negatives. That brings back some sad memories. Yet it was fun to keep doing, because eventually you would get an Ult++ deserving of it's status and each stage has a special pet or weapon you could only get from that stage as an endgame reward. That's proper replaybility and DD2 needs more of that. Oh man NM survival in DD2 or Onslaught mode as you call it, has still yet to get even close to how fun DD1's survival mode was, but I'm sure in time it will get there. Should I buy dd1 and play that until harbringer?
  10. As someone who never played DD1, this sounds beautiful.
  11. In addition to the ones mentioned, i recommend poison tips for hero dps it comes from a creeper pet.
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