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  1. They are not working correctly, you just haven't noticed them bugging out yet. ;) Just watch this: Notice how the beams are not visible, and when I inspect the Lightning Aura's they are not having their damage buffed from Frosty Power. exactly my same problem, thanks for the clarity dude!
  2. ^this, the carnival wheel could be fun if it was more about RNG and less about spamming.
  3. The reflect beams have torpedo's coming out of their nodes that travel on the reflect like to the next node, torpedo range increases the AOE of the detonation of these torpedo's.
  4. This is a mistake very many people make, it can save you a lot of gold in the long run with just a couple clicks away. Plus I have to agree with andy, I do my dailies in incursions and never really feel like I need more gold, It's harder to find upgrades worthy of spending maximum upgrading gold on.
  5. Right so if the aura's aren't supposed to do any damage and they sure as hell don't, why would there be a passive on gear for these manufacturer nodes that increase the non existing damage by a measly 5% ? for a defense that is not designed to do dmg in the first place apparently, nor is it upgradeable so dmg scaling % as a passive on gear for it is just a complete waste and a nerf to all EV-2 gear as it has a potential to roll this utterly useless garbage roll for a passive :( . Trendy really has to look into this, to me this is very poor design as they stated in their dev streams they were heading away for small %s of dmg as passives.. especially if they make zero sense to the affected defense and they were on such a roll since the abyss lord :P.
  6. A wild guess here, there are more Male players playing DD2 than females. I personally voted strictly on Aesthetics (for both votes). *shrug* hehe maybe you're right, but on the subject of DPS heroes being counter intuitive I'd like to point at EV-2 and her proton cannon, the death beam is real.
  7. They said they won't add that for new heroes for now, their priority now is the strategic revamp and release of additional heroes. They said something along the line of it being counter intuitive to farm a certain boss over and over for that weapon drop for a specific hero, they want you to be able to do this across multiple maps rather than making the farming experience just bashing a boss over and over.
  8. so why did the community go ham on voting for gun witch? she doesn't have defenses either.
  9. Yea it seems to not add 50% damage to proton beam, or the proton defense... confusing :P
  10. There's a difference between 'just a little different' and 'essentially useless'. There's nothing wrong, in my opinion, with trying to do well in a game. Choosing to use the weapon manufacturer would be, in my opinion, like deciding that Poland made a good starting country in a World War 2 boardgame, or like playing poker with your cards on the table (and nobody else's). If there were a property in Monopoly called Fresno, I wouldn't buy it. You get the idea. It just doesn't make sense to me to waste a ton of DU on something that the Series EV can do with the right anti-gravity bot build, complimented with some proton beam as necessary. Having a tower that is essentially useless most of the time, and only slightly more powerful than the EV's DPS abilities at the best of times, would actively make things less fun for me, since it would feel frustrating and stupid and wasteful. Being efficient and trying to do as well as possible, in my opinion, is neither petty nor childish. It's just gaming. I agree, but also what is up with the aura node damage and cost? with like a decent gearset and 4/6 5% node aura dmg the ticks are just like 2.5k.. also you can't upgrade this defense... so what the hell? this extra aura dmg stat is probably the worst stat in the game. I love the idea of this defense, I think it's the coolest defense idea.. so i was quite disappointed to find out the damage of the aura's is absolute crap, that they don't do an elemental type damage (was hoping for lightning) and that they can't be upgraded like all the other defenses in the game. The only reason for me to build it now is for the weapon which is pretty damn cool and fun to use, but for the aura nodes having the worst utility in the game as a defense is just an immensely big let down.
  11. The spheres are too misleading with their icons and descriptions, this is just another example. They really need something to make it more clear, be it an extra icon indication or whatever, too many times there are people wondering whether a sphere applies to a certain skill or not.
  12. So the game is not about min maxing?
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