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  1. Side note: I would also love to see less male characters on steroids hehe. More Monk or Mage types would be nice :P
  2. lol i don't blame you for mentioning it specially since the idea that there are not enough female characters in games or that they're overly sexualized is thrust down everyone's throats. I personally don't care about sexualized male or female characters; they're not role models lol. Trendy started out with mostly male characters so i guess they wanted to throw more females into the mix. I'd say it just happens the newer ones are better just because all the newer heros are better hands down. Don't forget the Abyss Lord, that lovecraftian fella is still good even with the painful nerf.
  3. Okay questions... I will say right now i am not angry with Trendy but yes very disappointed that yet again they have not learned to change their marketing tactics since the outcome is always horrible for the company. I'll bring up somethings as food for thought to the Devs; they really need to listen to us this time and PUBLICLY find away to make amends with the community. Now that said i'll ask about the new campaign nightmare. With all due respect i would like to know how the Trendy Dev's could overlook such a huge issue and push a very large player base aside not thinking it would aliena
  4. look at your stats, it boosts them for a short while. I don't normally use him so i believe it is all stats but check that one. This said it means you get all increases but the % i don't know. That's basically it from what i know.
  5. The new $48 skin is kiiiinnnnda what i meant but still not it. It's still way over priced and it's thrown in your face in the game. Minecraft servers might (depending on mods) send world notices about voting and donating but that's it and you must go to the site to accomplish this. I still think something like this shouldn't be put out in this way; they have admitted it was basically a donation (support for Trendy) which is fine but i don't agree with the method of asking. Also they talk about how its the "favorite" skin at this time.... no its not. People evidently did what i thought they w
  6. In other games a form of "Donation" is pretty standard. One Example, Minecraft. Each server has its own donation systems. Each Server Admin sets up Donation levels and rewards for those levels. In Minecraft rewards can be almost anything which i don't suggest for this game. In this game i would suggest a Donation system, one so players feel less pressed upon by the high costs of cosmetics and also so Trendy could get more community support for game changes the community wants. This way the community actually uses the forums more and the general vibe of the forum community goes up. If
  7. Agreed... i've joined so many maps this weekend and got zero players. I was forced to grind to 50 in private games since i couldn't find people. Now the ***ty part is I'm 50 with 35 gear so ya end game is pointless. This makes it even more annoying with the event too... i'm supposed to be able to get better gear for my mage but not lvl 50 gear sorry! So i need to now drop my ipwr in order to get better gear? I'm so glad you mentioned this i was seriously about to just put this game away and find something else to do until they fixed this crappy loot system.
  8. These bugs that should be top priority instead of events are being overlooked and making me really not want to play this game. Why make another event if you didn't fix the problem from last weekend??????? I will try the video settings but with my pc i had to change them already to get in after the major patch since they changed things that made my drivers obsolete. This is alpha i know and do understand but get the priorities straight, trust me this game will go like the rest if they don't put things like this first on to events. Do not get me wrong, this annoys me so much because i like
  9. I will agree on that; the 10 month argument does fall short when you rewrite an entire game almost. I do feel they need to think about where to focus because I've seen this happen before. If the company gets to caught up in the hype and put out more visual or superficial changes instead of worrying about the internal code, etc their game tends to loose players and interest... who wants to go through last weekend all the time?! Having whole modes just not allow anyone in to play? Thats a serious fix issue that should take higher priority. I do know that they were offered free help from th
  10. I am trying to put a code in for a skin; i attempt to put it into the mailbox and get this error each time. Redeem Code Error Un-authorized client, this method requires authorization: "RedeemCode1" reason: you do not have permission to access this resource (RedeemCodes::RedeemCode) So what do i do now? Thanks for any help!
  11. I hope so too. I ran into quite a few who had game glitching that caused them to have to reset their systems in mid games and some (including myself) who had glitches that left us unable to log into the Lounge for a while. I also didn't get mine until 8-10 mins after the time as well; i suspect there were a lot of people in this boat. :(
  12. I want to suggest implementing something similar to what LoL has (don't want a LoL community here don't get me wrong); an ignore feature that lets you keep that person from entering your games. Today alone I've run into more than one player who felt the group wasn't building or preforming to his standards so would intentionally spam build towers to take up the space and than refuse to speak or take them down until we would fail. I know this because after we failed one admitted it. I say this because I honestly feel some sort of system for this should be in place; in the beginning with so f
  13. Actually i find this as a better way to be a team. For example i can assist a squire or monk with either my apprentice and my huntress instead of being stuck without frost towers or traps; this way i can help be more of a utility to the team that is missing that one component. I also don't see the one builder thing in this game working; maybe in the first and eternity but not this one. I've watched way to many who think they are the builder master make a group epic fail because they spam build and take all the space up on others... you should be able to sell others turrets if you don't wan
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