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  1. Greetings! I have sent a ticket about this already but just wanted to throw it out here aswell. There is a bug right now with the new BUFF BEAM. When ever you upgrade any sort off tower on the buff beam it will lose the flashing green light on the tower. The buff is still there but not the green light, would be nice if we can get it fixed cause it can make you frustrated haha I tried the skeleton archers and the cannonball towers on the images. I have screenshoots on it here: http://imgur.com/a/edVmV
  2. No because one time then i whrote it said i was
  3. Hello! i just noticed that it says im a junior defender when im acctually in the defender Council. Ofc i have the proof that im in the Council, i have the items you get ingame and the icon in the tavern but on the forums it does not say im in the Council :O
  4. Hello everyone! Dungeon defenders have worked all the time exept today. I updated my computer to windows 10 but i do not know if that's the problem. Oh well, every time i open DD2 it says: Dundeflauncher.exe has stopped working. Can someone please help me? :(
  5. Then i whrite here you can't see that im in the defender cc? I am but how can i fix it? i was it like 1 mouth but then it dissaperd :P
  6. Malthius what? and also don't you think it will be to easy to get legendaries?
  7. I would say The wyerns den on hard 25+++ Simply the best legendaries there and it will drop often. And you will also get pretty good rewards from betsy (in my oppinion) ^^ But it's the hardest map also of course but you can check it out then you have the gear with some friends.
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