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  1. As far as I can tell from looking at my machine, UDKInput.ini seems to contain only the default keybinds — not a single one of my remapped keys is evident in that file. In contrast, when I open UDKInput.ini.local, I can actually see the keys I've remapped correctly. That said, I do see a strange entry when searching on the word 'end', it appears to have a bogus hotkey assigned to it: Bindings=(Name="End",Command="HotKeyFive | OnRelease HotKeyOff",Control=False,Shift=False,Alt=False,LeftShoulder=False,bIgnoreCtrl=False,bIgnoreShift=False,bIgnoreAlt=False,bIgnoreLeftShoulder=False) Sadly,
  2. Discovered another keybinding oddity. Now that Inventory can actually be bound to something other than 'I', I was attempting to bind it to End as I do in every game (I mouse left-handed and use NumPad for movement). Unfortunately, I was unable to open the inventory until binding it to another key: I, M, PageUp, pretty much anything but End worked. As an experiment, I tried binding some other functions to End such as the keys to build various defenses. Once again, whatever I bound to End would fail to actually trigger its assigned function. The strange thing is, I can verify that key is
  3. Following the most recent patch, I discovered that all of my keybinds had reverted back to the defaults. Since I mouse left-handed, and use the number pad for movement, this sort of thing usually causes me to raise my fist and shout, "KHAN!", but I'm having a good week so far and since I've been playing regularly, I was able to remember all of my prior selections. Unfortunately, whenever I try to bind anything to the Numpad's Enter key (I used NPEnter for healing in virtually every game I play, including DD1 and DD2), the game instead records it as LMB, which unbinds primary attack. Thank
  4. You summed up my sentiments exactly. I definitely feel like the lack of other players who can contribute their own damage should be balanced out by allowing a solo player to present more firepower. I guess the trick then is how to allow a solo player to do this while not keeping such that handicap if/when others join later.
  5. There need to be some serious adjustments made to loot for solo play. Right now, I've got a 41 Monk, and a 35 Huntress, both spec;d for Defense. As of a week ago, both had reached level 25 playing strictly 2-man co-op with another friend. This past week, however, they've been busy with RealLife, so it was back to solo. In that entire time, I don't think I've gotten more than 1 or 2 pieces of equipment relevant to a Defense build for those characters. In spite of playing Liferoot on Normal, and Bazaar on Hard a few dozen times, I've got only 1 piece of useful gear with an iPower over 100.
  6. Tried to submit this in-game, but the report bug app on the tavern-keeper didn't open... ISSUE: If you activate Oil Flask and attempt to throw at a location/target that is out of range or untargetable, instead of canceling, the ability stays active and prevents you from firing your bow or doing other specials until you've successfully thrown it. For builds that rely upon heal-on-hit to survive, it is often fatal to have an ability effectively jamming your input. By the time you've realized what's happening it's likely too late. DESIRED: Upon trying to throw at an invalid target/location, i
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