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  1. IMO, increasing the hero deck to 5, or 6, or even 8 is just postponing the same issue. Back in the day, the hero deck was 3, and everyone said "If only it were 4, I could bring all the classes!" And now it's 4, and some people say "If only it were 5, I could have a builder of each class and a dps!" Maybe it goes to 6, and the Abyss Lord drops, and new heroes drop, and the problem just grows. The hero deck is a frustrating limitation, NOT a fun source of strategy. I personally can't see how the hero deck could be kept in the game, in any iteration, without causing the same issues over and over.
  2. My first impressions of the new patch are pretty positive. I love the new outdoor social hub, the masks, potions, and popcorn carts, and the new costumes. I like the idea of being able to fling myself around with catapults and explore the tops of buildings. Overall, there are a lot of small additions that are just fun to mess around with. I think this patch was very successful in doing what it was meant to do: adding a new event with some fun, goofy social features. No, it didn't address some major issues with the game, but it wasn't supposed to. I expect to see some of those changes in the ne
  3. I understand that Trendy has a plan for the game, and I respect that creative direction... but at the end of the day, I just want to play DD2 the way I think it will be fun. However, I can't. There is pretty much only one way to play the game, and nothing else works. The hero deck hugely limits solo play, and the lack of effective matchmaking hugely limits multiplayer. The majority of towers / combos in the game just flat out don't work well enough to use in later difficulties. Melee is almost worthless, and even NM4 geared characters get 2-shot by kobolds. As someone said above... artificial
  4. Regarding the loot reroll... back when this was done on PC, Trendy didn't have the coding infrastructure setup to lower gear ipwr and keep the same stats. Because of this, they had to reroll all of the stats when the gear was dropped to ilvl 240. I don't know if the coding is similar for the PS4, but perhaps this is why they chose to reroll these items as well; in order to follow the exact same steps as the PC version. That's the best explanation I can think of from what I've heard. I definitely understand the frustration about wipes / gear losses / constant new game versions, etc. It can be a
  5. Regarding the original idea of buffs in group play similar to D3... wasn't that a DD2 feature wayyy back in pre-alpha, and it was removed because the community complained? I vaguely remember something like that. Anyways, multiplayer in Diablo 3 is quite different; it's much easier to carry players who aren't pulling their weight. If I can solo a certain difficulty, generally I'll be fine doing the same difficulty with a few other people, even if they're undergeared. Public multiplayer in DD2 can be extremely frustrating. Because mana is split evenly and DU is capped, one bad egg can easily ru
  6. I opened 26 winter lockboxes with tokens and got 13 duplicates. Like other people said, I don't mind grinding or rare items, but this system is just frustrating.
  7. I agree that crit is inherently unreliable; however, I think it will average out over the course of a wave or a level. In my opinion, dps is already understood to be "average damage over 1 second," since most defenses don't actually fire once a second anyways. If someone has very low crit, such as 3%, including this in the dps won't skew their numbers very much. However, if I can get 20%+ crit chance and 2000-3000 or more crit damage with NM3+ gear, this would change tower dps numbers significantly. Without being able to see true average dps including critical hits, it becomes really difficult
  8. Just to clarify, because premium pets can be pretty confusing: Premium pets can roll any ability that normal pets can. However, if they roll their specific ability, it will have a different name and animation, but it will functionally be the same skill that a non-premium pet could roll. In game, it says "unique ability skin." Now that pet ability reroll tokens are in the PC version, players can reroll premium pets until they get the unique ability skin or a different skill they want. It also says in the current PC version: "This egg will roll the same stats and ability as the equivalent non-p
  9. From some quick experiments in game, it seems that defense crit chance / defense crit damage isn't taken into account when calculating dps on the tower tooltip. For instance, I reset my stats, checked the tooltip, put 200 points into defense crit damage, and checked the tooltip again. Though the crit damage on the tooltip had gone up significantly, and damage to the target dummy had changed, the listed dps hadn't changed. Leaving crit out of the equation doesn't give an accurate idea of tower dps, and for a long time, I just assumed crit was super underpowered and worthless. It'd be nice to se
  10. 3. Defense speed is no longer available on gear or pets, but it is available in the stat allocation system (SAS) or via certain build passives (such as frosty power on an apprentice weapon.) 5. There are both hard and soft caps in the SAS. For most stats, you can put in a max of 200 points; however, the amount of stats you receive starts to slow down significantly before that. I'm not sure of the exact numbers. 6. Not sure what you've missed, but here are a few things: there are two Halloween maps that drop special Halloween weapons with their own unique effects. There is a new boss, the Harbi
  11. This is amazing. It's great to see how different people build different maps / difficulties. Very cool Shadowlauch.
  12. My understanding about Steam trading cards: for purchased games, you get cards based on gameplay time, usually about half of the cards possible. For free-to-play games, IF you put money into the game, THEN you get cards based on gameplay time. Since a lot of purchases happened before the trading cards were implemented, and before the game went F2P, I'm not sure if they count toward cards.
  13. Well, yeah, most builds are viable up through NM3. If you want to do NM4, go for frosty and traps.
  14. Honestly I think splody harpoons are quite viable. With the right setup (DP geared squire with splody, +speed on weapon and relic, range and pierce spheres, spec'd into range, speed, and DP) a few ballistas can easily clear a magic resist lane up through NM3. The range is ridiculous, and the pure damage is pretty decent even for bosses.
  15. If you want to prevent this, you can install a second version of steam in another folder and use it exclusively for your test account. That way it will keep the test version downloaded to that folder and the live version downloaded to your original steam folder.
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