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  1. I got two in one day, I guess I'm just lucky :/
  2. When can we expect to see new characters, will they be returning characters from DD1, and will any of them be premium only?
  3. I haven't had any rude behavior just sort of annoying patronizing behavior. Like guys on Betsy who try to command everyone else and never really stop talking. I'm like "it's a normal Betsy run chill please".
  4. Oh that looks awesome! I'm still leveling my Little Red Huntress!
  5. Next G


    All of our loot is going to rerolled soon to go with the loot drop changes and we'll most likely see some drop in our gold when they rebalance the economy. I'm pretty sure we won't get a full reset as that would leave many players feeling sort of "cheated" (even though we all opted into that by buying an early access f2p game). They will probably just raise the level cap and we will have only a small exp edge on the newer players.
  6. I'm like 90% sure they are going to drop the token prices next patch. I also read someone else's thought on how it's only 180 so no one can get it before next patch (possibly not finished?).
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