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  1. The cat pictures got me cheer up :) and by reading all of you, yeh thinking about, new type of players is ok. Well, it's just my DungeonDefenders nerd brain is forcing me to do this :) Good to everyone getting a key in the next oportunity :D
  2. Hello, Can i know why, i waited almost 2 years for DD1 then pay for the DLC's full pack to already help for upcoming DLC's that me and a lot players didn't know what was coming, know about DD2 and apply to beta. Today, the first wave of Dungeon Defenders II beta codes were out! Check email every 3 hours after i read this great annoucement, just to see i wasnt one of the players to be picked up. Funny thing is, my cousin apply to it, and he never played the first Dungeon Defenders. He just applyed to see if its better then LoL. Come on, really? I hope you guys see us, your loyal
  3. Troll....get lost. They buff chicken and this guy is mad lol
  4. And we all get happy dreamings :D :squire:
  5. Its stupid when you doing Insane wave 17...and you see a lot green items when you try to get them you need to spam the E because no time to be there standing.....soo in the end you see grabing things that cost 100 and things costing 50.000....Insane droping items lower then 5k is FAIL
  6. Best one? No because its BLUE....i need to be RED http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GALD4D6vC6k
  7. This way to easy tips....give the Ogres the ability to shoot that green thing like we shoot Blasticus with 10 shoots per second.
  8. Are you guys comparing Pure Strategy with Survival??? Did you ever see that on Pure Strategy enemys dont have Imunitys? Theres the diference and why its more easy then Survival. Only problem is repair middle wave? Fine, UPGRADE. Learn to adapt, i did Pure Strategy with a friend to wave 25 (nice giraffes), and we can go around looking to the ground searching loot with no afraid of getting a ninja on our backs :D
  9. Why people would bid soo high??? Oh yeh mana hackers.....because you can get this weapon on Vendor. Just do a couple of insane spooky....even Hard that someone said it show up.
  10. I think this guy wake up from lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng sleep lol
  11. I dont know i cant do Insane Spooky solo.....and now with aura nerf not even with a friend we can do. Need new strat (and he have 280 attack towers lol) doing the same strat as videos people show there. Aura nerf now we screwed.
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