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  1. Hey there, I was just playing a public Malthius Incursion on NM4 and netted a pretty good weapon in the boss chest. It's pretty late here now, so I didn't want to continue with the group and retreated to my private tavern with the "Leave Session" button to evaluate my loot and go to sleep. Well, I didn't hit G after opening the boss chest (I was on my way out anyways and did not want to hurry the other players) and just lost all my loot from Wave 5, which feels pretty bad. I think there is no reason you'd ever want to leave the final and often best loot by your own will (worst case it's good gold), so leaving it there is bound to be pretty much always a mistake on the player's side. Can we tie the "G" function to "Leave Session"? Or can we have an option in the menu that let's you autoloot after every wave without pressing "G"? It's not a big thing, but I think a lot of people are bound to have made this really aggrevating error before. It would be a nice QoL change and doesn't look like it needs a lot of work. At least it would prevent me from howling "NOOOOOO" at 2am again. Thanks Trendy, stay awesome!
  2. Hey there Trendy team, (I hope you get to read this between the Korean spam bot posts : | ) I've been picking up the game on a pretty irregular basis and recently spent 2 days doing a couch LAN with some friends who also played some DD1 back then. ~1 1/2 years ago I convinced them to purchase DD2 with me, but they didn't really accumulate a lot of playtime back then and weren't really stoked with what they have seen. I continued alone but often just ran out of steam. This weekend, when we (3 people ~25 years old each) were wondering what to play, I got them to take another shot at DD2 and start from scratch, I've been keeping track of the changes and recently played again so I wanted them to have another try. So we all assembled 4 heroes we liked and played through every campaign map and then some endgame missions through an intense and beer, pizza and kebap fueled playing session on 2 laptops and a beamer. First of all, I have to congratulate you on the development of the game. We had a huge blast and it truly felt like a good old LAN party, we really, really got hooked on the game. We all agreed that this game made some massive steps forward. If there is anything I'd have to criticize when it comes to the campaign, we would have maybe enjoyed a tougher campaign difficulty after 'Hard', as we really steamrolled that with Archers and a fully buffed Vulcano through the later levels. Was great fun nevertheless! My friends were very happy with their Mystic and Lavamancer, we enjoyed their designs and loved those 'overlord' towers like the Volcano and Obelisk. It was a lot of fun boosting the Volcano with buff beams and boost auras and just look at how it shredded everything. I hope we can encourage you on your further development plan with our experiences, you are doing a great job and we really love your game. To give you some more 'serious' feedback as well, here are some of the things my friends and/or I did not enjoy as much. 1. We agreed that 7 rounds for regular maps felt a bit long. We would have wanted shorter maps, maybe with more enemies and crystals per round for a bit more action. 2. We would have loved to find lower level versions of your build-defining legendaries early on in the campaign, to have some fun experimenting with all the different possibilites. 3. The only hero we did not enjoy a lot was the Monk. We agreed that his blue Mana skills did not feel as exciting and impactful as some of the other hero skills and never ran around with him 4. We would have liked clearer and more accurate tooltips. 5. We would have liked a more even distribution of build-defining legendaries among the heroes, though that is of course already on your to-do list I guess 6. They did not enjoy the confusing and tight forests on the Temple of the Necrotic map, it was a bit awkward setting up our defenses there 7. Though we found the Bastille map challenging, it was a type of challenge we did not enjoy. We just panicked and scrambled to build everything quickly as opposed to the other levels, where we enjoyed planning and building our defenses together in peace. Once the map actually started, it was not that challening, just hurrying from spawn to spawn to do the messy setup was. Overall, our experience with the game was overwhelmingly positive and fun, we are looking forward to all the content that you still plan to put out in the future. You did a great job so far and my friends and I will certainly be back for more gaming nights with DD2 in the future. Thanks a lot, I'm really happy I purchased the game back then!
  3. I don't think it's necessary. We just need more maps, harder maps, higher tiers of itempower and some of those monumental and complex maps from DD1 were just the sheer number of DU and Spawning Points blow you away and keep you on your feet. I think that 80%+ of the players who faceroll NM4 now do so thanks to Abyss Lord Archers and EV Protons, so some balancing could help as well.
  4. Well, usually it's the other way around, having 4 DPS/Tanks always goes a long way on any other map. I'm quite happy that there is also a map that encourages solo and organized teamplay. I don't see why every map has to be easier and more rewarding with a random group. There are bound to be maps that need a decent organization, cooperation and build order, and public groups will suck on those maps and there is nothing wrong with that.
  5. I still don't see the conflict. If you want to go for full DPS Darts "back to the roots", then you'd probably stack Tower Crit instead of Tower Health and the revamped Explosive Poison Passive helps by focusing on Defense Power instead. If you want the Poison Walls, you'd still have the choice to go Defense Health and Towering Poison, sacrificing DPS in return. I just think that it's nice if there is more than 1 obvious way to play a tower, and the Poison Dart Tower had the possibility of being a tower like that. Now that Towering Poison is out of the picture, it is a 1-trick pony again. That's a shame to me, now that I can't play the build I enjoyed the most anymore. I do see the appeal of full DPS Darts, and I'd most likely build a DPS Dart Huntress regardless, but I'm not convinced about the need to crop out the other playstyle for that. It's not like they are standing in conflict, it's just 2 different paths branching out
  6. I'm not seeing the problem, I had loads of fun playing with that. Why call something that fun a mistake?
  7. Poison Dart Build (Requires Reroll) Towering Poison removed from the game ; ( Good night, sweet princess. That was my favourite build, I loved the "stealth wall" effect, where all the ranged mobs ran up to the tower because of its low aggro before noticing it actually has 440k HP. Good times : ( But there are a couple of nice things coming as well I guess! Does the Poison Dart Tower get a new passive instead of Towering?
  8. Hey there, first of all thanks for looking over the Poison Dart Tower. I've been playing a Tower Health Poison Huntress for quite a while now as my Waller + Exploder, and it went from pretty niche (Liferoot NM4 was my maximum) to pretty good on NM4 (was able to clear the new map on NM4, non-Incursion). It's actually more than a Wall now and can more or less keep up with Squire Walls, as you trade health for stealth and DU for damage. As for the bug: Poison Dart Tower Level 1 : "Poison DMG: 10992" Poison Dart Tower Level 2 : "Poison DMG: 16488" Poison Dart Tower Level 3 : "Poison DMG: 20000" Poison Dart Tower Level 4 : "Poison DMG: 20000" Poison Dart Tower Level 5 : "Poison DMG: 20000" All the other stats seem to level as usual, just "Poison DMG" caps out at 20k apparently. If I switch some gear, it still caps at 20k, so it is a problem with the number, not the Tower Level itself. I think this should be a bug?
  9. Obsidian Darts: Poison Dart Towers now pierce up to 3 enemies and have a chance of 15% to knock them back.
  10. Question: Do you intend to incorporate the element of Experience Points into the DD2 late game? I'm thinking about something along the lines of the Diablo 3 Paragon Levels, you get small, permanent benefits like stat points or a small sphere slot for collecting exp beyond the maximum level and it will be visible to other players for prestige and as a proof of your work. The point is to make every playing session a rewarding experience, even if you did not find the loot you were looking for. Lightning: Can we get a piercing mod or sphere for Poison Dart towers please, a Poison Dart centered defense gets overrun pretty easily Lightning: When will we see the next batch of tower uber spheres?
  11. Well that quest needed some adjustements anyways. 75/75 legs but I have just met about 30 Skeleton bosses, which is a bit frustrating
  12. Q: What are your plans for experience and leveling up in the future? Level 40 to 50 are really grindy and offer no meaningful progression right now. I'd very much like to see a system like Diablo 3's paragon system, meaning a quick leveling process to 50, where all maps and gear are available, and unlimitied Veteran levels afterwards, which just grant small benefits that add up sooner or later. That way, EXP will constantly be part of the RPG experience in DD2 while also lowering the hurdle by sparing new players from grinding.
  13. I think a major balancing problem is the 4 hero deck that everybody wanted oh so badly. It's far too early for that. A 2-3 hero deck would force people to make compromises on gear and setups. Those compromises and personal preferences will introduce different stragies for solo players. A 4 hero deck would be thinkable if we had atleast 7 different heroes, until then 3 is more than enough. The diversity will be getting much better when the first expansion heroes arrive. 4 heros and 4 slots are just poison for build diversity. If nobody has to make compromises, everybody will easily be able to pick the builder with the best DPS combo while sporting massive barricades and several strong utitlity boosts while hunting stuff with the best Hero DPS character. There will always, in any strategy or RPG game, be a meta. No way around that, there is no perfect balance. But this hero deck could be the pillar of a linear and boring metagame. Not only does it kill diversity, it will also discourage new players. For the best solo results you need 4 highly-specialized heroes concentrating on 1 thing only, but leveling 1 of them can already be pretty tough.
  14. What is your take on the level-up journey community? I had a lot of fun from level 1-20, with meaningful progression and lots of upgrades. 20-35 was still not too bad, but ~38-50 was just horrible. I have a couple of friends who are interested in the game, but I would not recommend it to them with the current leveling system. This is a good game, but the leveling experience will dishearten new players and players who are not into grinding and deliver a wrong impression. After the last wipe, I re-leveled an Apprentice from 1-50. Starting from level 40, I was getting a bit paranoid, wondering what it is that I'm doing wrong. 40-50 has no gear progression, every game mode except for Free Mode is a massive waste of time. I did 8x3 waves on Onslaught and gained maybe 1/8 of a level. In that time I could have leveled 3-4 times in Free Mode. There is just one way to get EXP: Recycle the Free Mode maps with the highest Item Power available, over and over again. I think EXP should be distributed in a more generous matter, it is not important for the endgame anyways. But I do not think that this is a good long-term solution, the RPG aspect of this game would also suffer with easy EXP. If you want EXP to be a meaningful stat without tormenting new players, I'd very much suggest taking a couple of ideas out of Diablo III's Paragon System. The Paragon system allows unlimited progression, without creating huge gaps between the players (OK, people who have the energy and motivation to play 12 hours daily will sooner or later create those gaps, but that will not affect 95% of the playerbase) while rewarding you for every map you defend / monster you slay. So instead of having a drawn out Early Game 1-50 and no Endgame Progression, I'd propose a quicker Early Game (make the process of raising a second hero easier) 1-xx, but have an extremly or even endlessly drawn out Endgame, where you earn experience for veteran levels. Veteran levels would never be required to equip certain pieces of gear or to gain access to certain difficulties and maps. They would be just another facet of character progression and long-term motivation. TL;DR Shorten Early game and lower Endgame threshold Endgame leveling journey into infinity with a veteran level model
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