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  1. Also, I wanted to come buy and say hi with this account. No one got it banned, just keep thinking that to yourselves. I made a new account because the one tied to Steam is always messing up. Time to ride out on the horse you rode in on.
  2. You are right in a lot of ways. Right now the game isn't finished and it has some problems. But the best thing to do is level those other characters. Use your higher level character to build for the lower level ones, get them leveled up and geared. For solo play the best combo is one of each. Squire = Walls Monk = Anti Air Mage = Frost Towers (They are OP atm.) Huntress = Traps, traps and more traps. Blaze Balloon as magical damage until you get the Uber and Explosive Traps as physical damage If you want fast leveling do FreePlay Easy Throne Room. After you get 50 you will join a public match of EndGame Incursion Liferoot, and farm that indefinitely until your lvl 50s are all geared. Then just do challenges for yourself to keep the game interesting after that.
  3. Here are some aftermath stats. We were playing Google Blocked Music, so the audio is cut out until it stops playing. Just remember, through the fire and flames we carry on! :) http://www.twitch.tv/vsynd1c4t3/v/12722334 It took about 12 or so hours, I was unsure when I started to give the exact number. I think I only got 3 Golden Eggs, I already had some golden eggs in my bag, so not sure how many it gave me. The only real reward I got was all the pet food, which leveled up my pet. Next time I'll probably choose Currency to see what it gives. It didn't take too long to sort through the gear, cause I've got a decent system down to help me do it fast. (Sell everything that's not pet food.) Was it worth it? Sure. I had fun, I was going a little crazy in the last 3 hours though. :D
  4. Well... We did it! Thanks to everyone watching and making the 100 rounds of Onslaught a lot of fun. :) And thanks to Giganta, couldn't have done it without you.
  5. Title says it. What is the highest, and lowest, Trap Radius Increase you can get on a Helmet? Guestaments don't help. Plz tell the facts.
  6. 1 of each Class. Monk for Anti Air. Squire for Blockades. Mage for Frost Tower. Huntress for Explosive Trap/Elemental Chaos Trap (The Uber). All content = Cake/Boring
  7. "We sincerely apologize for the delay and for any frustration this may have caused you. Due to the game being in the early stages of development, there will be bugs that cause these types of issues to occur. Unfortunately, we are unable to fix the spawns." -le Trendy
  8. Add me on Steam vSyNd or vSyNd1c4t3. I've been to wave 30 on Nimbus Solo. (quit due to trapped spawns getting annoying.) Also been to wave 50 solo on... Greystone Plaza
  9. Only 1 tower of your choice in each lane... Does this mean only 1 tower in each lane, or 1 type of tower as many times as you want in each lane? If it's only 1 tower each lane, it could be hard, maybe too hard. (to afk) If it's only 1 tower type in each lane. Cake walk, I'd drop 5 Huntress traps in each lane. GG. :) The serenity Aura seems pointless, because if you are suppose to afk the map. Why do you need a serenity, seems counter intuitive. With that being said, I'm sure I've done this before with some players. We decided to use Training Dummies instead of Blockades. We used Explosive Trap or Elemental Chaos depending on the lane's res, NM4 Liferoot Incursion. It was a Cakewalk. :) Still for players that haven't done it, it could be a fun thing to do. Use Training Dummies. This actually gives me an idea of what I'm going to test on stream today, different than this, but something hard and fun. So thanks for the inspiration. :)
  10. Whelp, I got to Round 53 and had some Pathing Bugs I guess, mobs floated through my stuff, causing major issues, and eventually my loss. The Pathing Bug didn't start until after I lost a Door Lock, which was refreshing after having many problems on the previous Onslaught I did.
  11. Got to 32, and still going. Did not receive a Golden Egg at 32 though. We'll see how far I can go.
  12. Come check me out. http://www.twitch.tv/vsynd1c4t3 Trying to get to 32+ Onslaught waves and test to see if you get a golden egg after every round. Also just seeing how far I can get.
  13. King, add me on steam, I wouldn't mind doing some Nimbus reach and getting to 40+ on it, see if the 1 golden egg after every round is true, also see if the iPWR can reach 850+. Steam ID vSyNd or vSyNd1c4t3
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