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  1. What does a Vial of dragon tears do? :I
  2. it would be their 50th time answering if you bothered to watch previous devstreams :/ Thanks to the amazing Baxter I can tell you it was mentioned in DevStream 10. I have watched all the recent streams and havent heard a thing but thanks for telling me it was mentioned.
  3. Will there ever be guilds? If so what could we do?
  4. As this is a tower defence game it is always fun for something new and see if people enjoy it or not.
  5. The Quab dies in my honor but get no funeral for his several deaths since they it just come backs.
  6. Some people and I we're doing some battles we stacked up earth shatter towers and we one shot them even the special bosses. This is either a bug or towers being op.
  7. Make it so you start of with one and you can buy more slots. max 3
  8. RiZt


    For Guilds I think it'll be good so you can invite your friends and do boss fights ect. It'll cost money for a guild. Let me know what you think.
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