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  1. Again, if the upsides of having a piercer servo / tenacity would not outweight the downside from losing a MOD slot, there is no point in using it in the first place. so with your proposal you will have 7 lanes with hornets and ONE with the special needed "solution" :P i don't see how this is an improvement Well first of all, kudos for you to actually see and quote that line. During re-reading of my response I had noticed this paragraph was badly written and did not reflect what I was trying to say, so I removed it instantly hoping that no-one saw or would jump onto it. I just don't like the way end-game high floor onslaught is turning to, initially I was hoping development would add more decision making in the sense that I'll be standing for a minute infront of a lane until I've decided on a (maybe) working solution of how I'm going to build this lane... and if it fails attempt to change my strategy into something that does work. Call it annoying lanes, call it a puzzle, call it mastery, call it whatever you want. Instead even more has been taken away, I now only have to see the icon for a controlled burn lane and no matter the circumstances I'll already be switching on my huntress to build the PDT.
  2. I'm tired of repeating so I'll quote myself: I'd really like to know where you've got your numbers from, a C8 piercing servo does 100% damage and has zero downsides besides taking up a MOD slot. You're only mentioning the downsides of having one less MOD slot with big wild numbers like "60%" but you're forgetting the reason of why you'd want to use a piercing servo in the first place: Because that specific defense has some advantage compared to the alternatives you'd have to use if there was no piercing servo - and this advantage more than outweights the downsides of losing one MOD slot: I've given the examples of being able to use an AOE projectile tower in a spellbreaker lane where they do more damage.I've given the example of using PDTs in all controlled burn lanes which is the best defense in the game to apply a debuff against controlled burn - no matter how much damage your PDT does in the first place.If there was no upside, you wouldn't be using the piercing servo / tenacity in the first place. A post above you from Cryo even mentioned his struggle and thought process he had to put into "Geo-Zerk Controlled Burn lanes" to be able to beat them which has now dumbed down to the more efficient way of just equipping your PDT with piercing servo and using that every time, nothing else. I'm talking about situations like these where you suddenly are not allowed to use PDTs (one defense) anymore but you still have other options left to build something that may work. In my opinion this would be a less dull / repetitive and more fun / interesting onslaught compared to what it is right now in high onslaught floors.
  3. Since I'm tired of repeating my answer that I'm seeing onslaught as the competitive game-mode where I'll eventually attempt to go higher in floors than other players have before me, I'll just reply your question with a question instead: If there was a MOD that increased defense power of defenses by 1000000%, would you think that's okay? Going by your logic that MOD would be fine - if you don't like it nobody is forcing you to use it. Your whole explanation of how you've handled Geo-Zerk Controlled Burn lanes sounds more fun and strategical than what piercing servo has turned this into, I'll use your argument against piercing servo. Don't forget you were also able to combine defenses like slime pits in the front to oil anything that is not a zerker and geyser traps in the back for the zerkers, or even oil geysers! You could have even taken this to a whole new level by drenching & killing the geodes in the front (for example with slimes) before they are inside your PDT range, which is far in the back row. Doesn't the idea of solving complicated situations with your defenses sound interesting and fun ? This is all about high onslaught floors, let's not mix this up with trials chaos / expeditions where you've got the same chaos enemies from every lane every game.
  4. @DoctorJace So what you're saying is we should just remove mutators and chaos enemies from onslaught, essentially turning onslaught into 'Gobu & Orc'-slaught with scaling HP depending on the floor numbers, only differing in the bosses that appear while allowing every player to build each lane with however defenses they want/like. Because this is exactly what you guys are talking about here, it fullfills every criteria of every reply to this thread.
  5. Woops, corrected the list of defenses you cannot use against cyborcs. Thanks! So from all the 38 defenses (including Barricades) in the game, cyborcs prevent you from using 6 defenses. (~16%) Strategic and clever means maxing range and abusing the range scaling they have? I can either give up a shard slot to max out my aura range, or i can give up a mod slot to reduce the stun time on them ([...]) I don't see much of a difference. One way makes you think and experiment positions on the map that might work, talk and share your ideas with other players - the other just simply ignores chaos mechanics completely. Defense placement/positioning is a part of game strategy in tower defense games, cyborcs simply add that layer of strategy on aura-type defenses. @Randomroxas quote: That is not what I said, let me quote myself here: I'm talking about situations like these where you suddenly are not allowed to use PDTs (one defense) anymore but you still have other options left to build something that may work. I'm not talking about limiting your choices to only one that is left, I'm talking about taking away one of the choices you have in 1-2 lanes of a map to enforce you to build a different defense for that specific lane. We're talking about two different situations here, I'm talking about onslaught forcing players to not use one or two of all the defenses in this game in one or two lanes. Which is essentially what cyborcs or geodes are doing. (Please refer to the small list of defenses I made on the previous page of which defenses are actually affected!) Your choice of only using dryad had nothing to do with cyborcs and geodes. It was either your own lazyness that you only wanted to use defenses that work under every condition instead of examining the enemies that appear from each lane and not using projectile-tower in the one lane that actually had geodes in it. Or it was your own fault for only using the one defense in this game which had the highest DPS per DefenseUnit, which also has nothing to do with geodes and cyborcs. The only situation in this game where you could have both cyborcs and geodes is two lanes merging into one. In this specific, rare case you'll want to think about a build that either kills off one lane before the merge, or if they start together a build that kills the lanes after they are separating again. (Once again, strategy and decision making!) I'm very sorry that on the one onslaught map you have played there was a geode in every lane. Though luck! I don't have the %chance of geodes or cyborcs appearing in onslaught, but from all the 10 ground lanes Marcos had on his floor 500 onslaught (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=naSFUfGfKjg) there was exactly one geode lane.
  6. I admit the amount of cyborc lanes in this game is sometimes a little high, but you guys are talking as if every lane in this game was a cyborc or geode lane. It's not like removing the MODS mentioned above would completely prevent you from using some defenses in every lane, most of them are still without cyborcs - and without geodes! I've got a better idea, instead of preventing all towers in all lanes from being used we'll add an effect to a few of the lanes that only prevents 'projectile' towers so it's less restricting and players have more choices how to deal with them. Actually we could make it even more interesting by not applying an effect to all enemies from this lane but make a new special enemy for this, let's call them something like "Geod..." oh wait. I'm sorry for the subtle sarcasm but this is exactly what Geodes are, it was a less restricting mastery version of "no towers allowed" but instead of preventing all towers it only disallowed the usage of 'projectile'-towers in a few selected geode-lanes. The same can be said in terms of cyborcs: You can still use every tower against cyborcsYou can still use every aura against cyborcs (but cyborcs force you to place them in a strategic and clever way)You can't use a few selected traps against cyborcs, namely: Explosive Trap, Geyser Trap, Blaze Balloon and Oil Geyser - everything else not listed can still be used if you place them strategically out of cyborc range.You can't use a few selected nodes against cyborcs, namely: Proton Beam and Weapon Manufacturer. I think we have gone full circle now.
  7. You're correct, that is exactly what I want and hoped (high floor) onslaught to be. A game mode where you cannot use the same defense combination in each and every lane, a game mode where rules and conditions apply that force you to build different and/or with different defenses. Pressuring you with new situations and design choices you'd have to make every new map. Don't get me wrong here, I'm not talking about limiting your options to only one choice. But I'm neither talking about what onslaught is currently turning towards with these new MODS which basically allows you to ignore most enemies/mutators and do anything without compromises. I'm talking about situations like these where you suddenly are not allowed to use PDTs (one defense) anymore but you still have other options left to build something that may work. In my opinion this would be a less dull / repetitive and more fun / interesting onslaught compared to what it is right now in high onslaught floors.
  8. Your assumption is that every defense is equal to each other and by using up one of the MOD slots to be able to use a defense in a situation that previously did not work, would be enough disadvantage to make up for it. Your statement might be true in a few situations but in practical use giving up this one slot is not gonna change a lot. A lane has spellbreaker geodes? A ballista with piercer servo will still be the strongest physical AOE defense. A lane has controlled burn geodes? PDT is and remains the best defense in the game to apply a debuff even with piercer servo. The game will always have a defense that is best in a specific situation. By having mods that allows these defenses to be also used in other situations does not increase diversity, what you're doing is making defenses that were previously better in those other situations less-optimal, leading to a meta that overall uses less different types of defenses. As mentioned above, I believe having these mods makes me use the strongest DPS defense in all my lanes and overall makes me use less defenses as I'll now be using the same (DPS-wise stronger) defense against enemies/mutators where I couldn't use them before. Also I'm seeing onslaught as the competitive game-mode in DD2, I'm comparing my builds to other players and will not intentionally handicap/cripple myself by avoiding to use specific MODS. Controlled burn with geodes? Well you can use Slime Pits, Geyser Traps, Oil Geyser, PDT's. Again the piercing servo MOD did not increase diversity here, all it did was that you're now also using PDTs in the geode situation where you had to use slime pits, geyser traps or oil geysers.
  9. I've always seen onslaught as a challenge and competitive game-mode in which you cannot apply and build the same defenses on every lane like you did in trials/expeditions but actually had to use your brain to build with limited options against the specific lanes and mutators. Either requiring different types of defenses or different placements of defenses, for example flame auras/slime pits on the side of a lane if there were cyborcs, a projectile tower shooting in the back of vanguards - which could have been problematic if there was an EMP lane above so you've built an obelisk or measures that your towers were safe. During my pre-expansion onslaught grind to floor 120+ almost all my builds looked unique and specialized against the enemies/mutators and I've used pretty much every hero to get the maximum efficiency, obviously there were some defenses I've used more than others but almost all of the defenses had their unique situation in which they performed best in. Your argument that specific defenses cannot be used when there are specific enemies/mutators is what made this game interesting for me, selecting the defenses from the variety of heroes that work under these conditions while the defenses you could not use in that situation were used in other situations in which they had their use in. With the mods mentioned above this decision making has been taken away from the game and you are now able to use almost every defense in almost every situation.
  10. Very rarely my game used to crash when tabbing out with Alt+Tab and returning back to the game (Either the game froze forever and did not recover or I've received a "File not found" error upon returning to the game) Since the new expansion I've started to use two steam accounts and have the game run two times, tabbing back and forth between them. This constantly caused one of my game windows to crash every few hours and while I eventually found a way to consistently replicate the Alt+Tab crash I also found two solutions (either one works) ! Windows+Tab is handled differently than Alt+Tab and never crashed for me, although Alt+Tab significantly reduces GPU usage, Windows+Tab will handle the game as if it was still running in the foreground.Another solution for me was to switch from "Fullscreen Windowed" in the options to normal "Fullscreen", it will take significantly longer to return to the game but it also fixed the Alt+Tab crash for me.
  11. It has been a few weeks now since the protean shift expansion launched and while it brought many positive and fun changes to the game, it has also given me a few concerns about MODS drastically impacting the strategy and decision making you had to do in high onslaught floors before the update. While some of the MODS have been acknowledged to receive a change in a future update, I'd like to list every MOD I believe to have negatively impacted high onslaught floors in this game. Shocking Revelations:=> I don't think there is much to say about this MOD, it completely stops enemy movement in every lane. Tenacity:Before the update cyborcs have forced people to use diverse strategies, a high quality tenacity mod now completely negates this effect and you see players using auras, traps and nodes in the middle of every lane completely ignoring whether there being cyborcs or not. => Tenacity Servo has drastically reduced the amount of strategy / decision making in this game created by cyborcs and completely negates them. Piercing Servo:In high onslaught floors there are three possibilities for a controlled burn lane. The first one is a controlled burn lane with cyborcs or frost-orcs, thus preventing close range defenses.The second one is a controlled burn lane with geodes, thus preventing projectiles.The last one is a regular controlled burn lane with neither cyborcs, frost-orcs nor geodes.Before the update you had to use different defenses and strategies depending on the enemies to apply a debuff for the controlled burn. (Slime Pits, Geyser Traps, Oil Geyser, PDTs) With the piercing servo (no matter how strong it is) you'll always be using PDTs in every controlled burn lane no matter the enemies. Furthermore the piercing servo is now mandatory for all projectile defenses and completely negates the strategy and decision making created by geodes. => Piercing Servo has drastically reduced the amount of strategy / decision making in this game created by geodes and completely negates them. 'Boom'-Servos:To explain why this servo is problematic we have to go a little further into defense selection and placement. I'll use an imaginary onslaught lane here as an example: Womp-Zerkers with 100x Goblins, 10x Orcs and 2x Berzerkers Obviously if you have unlimited DefenseUnits you may build the lane however you want, but how do we build this lane as efficiently as possible? The answer would be to use one AOE defense in the front and 2-3 SingleTarget defenses in the back. Most enemies with small HP bars come in high numbers while most enemies with bigger HP bars appear in low numbers. The same applies here, while one AOE defense takes a small chunk of HP from the 10 orcs and 2 berzerkers, it will completely wipe out all 100 goblins by its own. Thus by having the AOE defense far in the front it acts as kind of a filter, sorting out all the small enemies early on so the SingleTarget defenses in the back spends 100% of their time attacking only the orcs and berzerkers who are surviving the AOE defense. If you were only using AOE defenses, you'd have to waste hundreds of DefenseUnits until the remaining 10 orcs + 2 berzerkers would eventually die.If you were only using SingleTarget defenses, you'd get overrun by the goblins as every SingleTarget defense has some kind of mechanic that makes them struggle with an AOE zerg. (LightningStrikeAuras have a huge burst but a long break in between attacks, Hornets need a break after each enemy to fly to the next target, etc., which results in the SingleTarget defense nuking - most likely over-killing - 20% of the goblins, while the remaining 80% just run past)Now back to the problem at hand, the 'Boom'-Servos - most notably the 'Gobu'-Boom servo - adds AOE damage to SingleTarget defenses, drastically reducing the usefulness of AOE defenses and eventually making builds possible where you can completely go without AOE defenses. => 'Boom'-Servos have a negative impact on the strategy / decision making and may lead to AOE defenses becoming optional.
  12. I really love the idea of maps where you have to utilise each build phase, for example adding a new random lane like in TLT. Most maps in this game are built during Build Phase 1 and then unchanged for the rest of the game.
  13. I've got the feeling that many players are getting tired of farming specific chaos tiers for shards and take the shortest way of blowing the dust from their credit cards to buy shard packs for gems. Thus adding more options to receive shards (either via trading or buying them for gold) might have a negative impact on Trendy's income, which in return is used to further develop this game. Fun fact: In your example you'd be better of buying 5 shards one by one (5 * 50K = 250K) than paying 500K for a 5-Shard-Pack.
  14. My perspective is the end game, pushing onslaught floors as high as possible. If you have 12-14 lanes in TLT every floor, the HP scaling from the extra players is too punishing. I believe the opposite is true here with people complaining that solo/duo players have a much easier time. Just imagine a group of 4 players doing floor 250, if we're comparing that to solo onslaught that means we're dealing with enemies as tough as floor 400. Maybe the scaling isn't the problem here but actually the fact that we're using the same onslaught leaderboard for both solo and 4 player teams.
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