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  1. I just submitted a bug report as requested!
  2. unless I misunderstood, the item power level is supposed to indicate how powerful an item is. An item with stats equal or superior to another item should not have lower item power than the other, regardless of their rarity. Higher rarity items can have superior stats to those of lower rarity, but the rarity itself does not make an item superior or inferior just because it has a different rarity; therefore it should not directly affect the item power. That's my perspective, at least.
  3. The item to the right has exactly the same set of stats as the one on the left. All of them have equal or higher values, yet the item's power level is lower than the item on the left After enhancing the item on the right, I realized that the reason seems to be that the item on the left is upgraded and the item on the right is not. Upgrading items increasing their power level is fair enough, however, it should not cause items with inferior stats to have higher item power level than items with superior stats.
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