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  1. Wouldn't it be funny if trendy released 1 more fix that made all dupes vanish? How many public players would be left with no armor, weapons, or pets? All my stuff is legit so I would love to see this.
  2. 23 or 24 is before its equipped with a set, after a set its 29 or 30. Armor resistance is nerfed the same way pet damage is by 25-30% therefore if you have 3 pieces with 30% what you end up with is 70-75% resistance you need the fourth piece to max out between 87 and 90 resistance As a side point the difference between 400 hero damage and 800 hero damage is pretty insignificant (due to diminishing returns kicking in real strong at about 300) so why not max resistance and have 400 hero damage rather than have 800 hero damage and die on the boss or when you get surprised by a ninja on insan
  3. I'd explain how RES works, but things are better to understand when you do it yourself and come to a conclusion yourself. Grab 4 pieces of crappy armour and max out one of the same resistances on 3 of the pieces and look at your RES. Then max out the 4th piece and look at it again and there's your answer. I will do this when I get home. No summary though? What Resist would I get from 4 armors having 23 resist each vs 30 resist each?
  4. Well on insane+ do you want to kill something 1 sec faster, or stay alive to do it. This was an ignorant response. 90 Res is 90 Res, you don't stay alive any different. It is my understanding that the Max resist allowed is 90. If I have 3 pieces of armor with 30 Res each, 3 x30 = 90. At that point, why do people put 30 more points in Res if 120 points of Res is the same as 90? Is there something I do not have correct?
  5. As a follow up question...is there any benefit to having Res Max on 4 pieces of armor? I see lots that do but it almost seems a waste in points.
  6. I will be on in 30 min...hopefully not too many people take you up on your offer so we can do 2 afks like we've been.
  7. u gna trade it? Not right now. Haven't actually traded anything so far...so much talk of duped items out there.
  8. 118^ nice pull Misty Pure Strat Easy, just pulled a 151^ giraffe. Just need a couple more levels to use it, and then 2 hours to sit and upgrade the darn thing.
  9. Was it easier with your Huntress afk with a soul focuser? Yeah...only had to repair every 8 minutes without watching the game. Just traps and 4 magic blockades
  10. Labs Insane+ gave me three 20^ and one 5^ laser robot, about an hour no skipping. Been watching tavern for a while but no lasers Robots. If anyone has/finds one and feels generous send me a message on PSN :) as long as it is not a lvl90. I have one that does 2800 base and 3600 base. Got them from Labs last month.
  11. I have always ran Survival for non-dlc pets. Insane+ is the way to go. I like to afk my Huntress with a Soul Focuser and a penny in the R2 button. Then run around repairing and killing with the Mage. 118^ nice pull I appreciate the feedback, I'll give it a go.
  12. Laser Robots for your tower guys. You can test your luck with a Survival run at the Labs. At least you can get 4 every run. Good luck. I got the couple I have now from Pure Strat at the Labs Insane+, but it was a bit challenging the last couple waves to repair traps in time....with 2 people it's not bad, but alone build phase is awfully quick for me by waves 13 and 14. Two questions, should I do: 1) Pure Strat or just Survival on Labs? 2) Insane+ still, or is Insane enough for a good robot? (ie: I got a 118^ giraffe off Easy in Misty)
  13. Someone mentioned pet damage scaled with hero damage, but it may have just been about certain pets. I noticed with my Laser Robot, damage is the same no matter what hero it is on. Could someone clarify for me? Also, what would be the best pet for damage by a tower character that just stands by a crystal to level? I do not trade for duped items, so skittles aren't an option...I'm looking for things I can get myself. I heard laser robots may be one of the better ones for this scenario since they shoot through walls and pierce enemies.
  14. I am stoked too...just got my first 200^ last night, 202 oculus with all good stats.
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