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  1. these were posted 4 years ago? o.O
  2. hyooman


    how about the icon choosing gets debugged first. i bought 2 bags and i thought i was able to choose the icon, BUT i had to choose the icon over the pet inventory. so i chose an icon and after leaving the inventory window and going back to it, it just chose a random colour bag icon for me for the new bag and the pet inventory bag was back at the green pet inventory icon. please fix this or make it changeable after changing it the first time. i didnt want another red bag and purple bag :( i wanted one with squire icon and one with monk icon....
  3. hyooman

    pet food

    they would lose money making petfood stackable - less premium bags bought for real money. i think otherwise they would have made it stackable from the beginning.
  4. it won't, because if they stack petfood (all the items which SHOULD BE stackable - in games like WOW these crap items are all stackable up to 200) etc. they will lose potential money. but as i said - they won't do it, because that's one part they are making money from - people buying premium bags. i don't like it. but sadly, that's how it is and it won't change. everyone who owns a cash cow trys every way to keep melking it and he won't stop until it doesn't give milk anymore. that's how humans are - even the best devs in the world become like this, as soon as it means money.
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