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  1. DK, the cannonball uber is pretty bad in almost every situation. it ONLY outdps-es a cannonball at max range, and together with the travel speed of the cannonballs that means that it never outdps-es a regular cannonball. Personally the uber needs some work, but that's me
  2. looks good... however I kinda think something like this would be better for the cannonball tbh...... as that thing lacks AoE :(
  3. Throne room is hands down the easiest to run, highest XP map there is. On free-play hard I get around 500k a run with 1 50 in the deck and 2 exp spheres (used to get 1.5m exp for my first char). Just make sure to keep the windows closed for that juicy exp bonus :D
  4. Question 1: Currently our bearicades have a lot of issues, as to not retaining aggro, mobs COMPLETELY ignoring them (even after it hits them) or just walking over them. Unless we completely seal off a route, mobs will just walk past them as if they dont exist. This issue is gamebreakingly bad in the current meta where we need to stop mobs from walking up to the crystal and slapping it a new one. Because hard CC has been nerfed into oblivion we have resorted to the bearicades. So here's the actual question: Are you guys working on fixing the aggro issues with the bearicades, the mobs clipping
  5. I can understand that, but the main issue is that it's just a group of mobs IGNORING the barricade. There was no one hitting it, so there couldn't have been any 'pushing them past' issue happening. I hope Trendy will take measures against this as this is really forcing people to almost waste precious DU on barricades, when this shouldn't be needed.
  6. I've had this issue as well on throne room. A blockade smack dead in the centre of a lane. What do piggies do? Just walk RIGHT past them. There weren't even ANY mobs smacking that wall. This is making me want to build DD1 style: COMPLETELY BLOCK OFF THE ROAD. Leave no gap or a mob will ignore the defenses and just truck happily along smacking a tower if it looks wrongly at that mob and then proceed to destroy a sub objective/crystal. Female orcs.... dont get me started on those. When I see them spawn, I go to that lane and make sure that I am their primary focus (on my squire ofc as any other
  7. I do not know if this started happening AFTER loot&survive or not, but lately it seems that mobs just BLATANTLY ignore a barricade. Is this intended? Because if so, I'll just start building the old DD1 way and completely block off a walkway, because I do NOT want to deal with mobs ignoring all the defenses, walking past them to only THEN notice: "Hey there is a defense here, let's go destroy it". So... is this a known issue or not? Because if I recall correctly, barricades had a built in aggro system.
  8. Blucid, let me add onto this that special bosses dont spawn. Ogres dont spawn from time to time (on free play hard) AND buffs aren't properly shown. On top of that for me a certain spawn would be resistant to physical, while it is NOT for my buddy
  9. This could be pretty cool and at least give us another combo for those who like to use the apprentice's flame towers. Also keep in mind that I would make the frostbite tower single-targeting again and always be able to freeze its target, depending on upgrade level: Tier 1 only slows enemiesTier 2 can freeze goblins, slows everything elseTier 3 can freeze medium enemies, like spears and warboarsTier 4 can freeze large enemies, like drakin and orcsTier 5 can freeze all enemies much fasterDefense power would determine how fast the enemy would freeze, and attack rate would determine how long betw
  10. Replace the lava with oil and call it a day. That way we wouldn't need to worry about it constantly competing with the lightning aura in terms of viability. Instead of Blaze Balloon, oil Balloon. Holy jesus the possibility of combo-ing it with the flame towers from the apprentice. YES PLEASE! But in all seriousness, this would actually make the trap viable, as oil doesn't just get ignited, it also makes the mob a hell of a lot slower. And slower mobs means we have more time to deal with them. This might help later on with onslaught-type maps. because in survival mobs dont just scale up and
  11. the problem I see with the keys is that they are too expensive for what you get in return. It takes three days (depending on how many coins you started with but meh) to get a single key. Personally 9 coins per key is too much. I would rather see a pricetag of around 2 coins and maybe MAYBE I would buy them then. Then again, why use the wyvern coins on keys when you dont have ubers Also: For the love of god please reduce the droprate of them. Getting between 5 and 10 per map isn't gonna make me want to unlock them with gems... ever.
  12. As people have said before me, we want to see a way where we can earn more wyvern tokens then we currently do. Only 4 per day is really nothing. This makes it hard for us to actually test your uber spheres to see if they actually work as intended. Not to mention that this will make the game feel like a chore you need to do every day, which is counter intuitive. Allowing people to repeat the daily for a reduced reward seems like a good system. That way you reward the people who can play in bursts, yet also reward the players who can play each day, but only for a limited amount of time.
  13. About the large spheres on the huntress: GARBAGE. I lost a LOT of damage because of this change. At 20 or so, I had like a 35% chance to proc a charged shot and idk how much % long range dmg increase (believe it was around 100 or so) Could we see a buff to both of these spheres? Actually all the large spheres seem to give little bang for the buck. We spend 25k on them and see minor damage increases at best. Compared to the small spheres they give practically nothing. I do know that lategame 25k gold is nothing, but still. their cost/value ratio is skewed in a bad way, where as the cost/value
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