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  1. Or Trendy could add a filter to only pick up gear in X bag with X quality with X quality and above of mod. :-) I think you mean "Improve the existing filter that currently allows to pick up gear in X bag with X quality to also allow filtering for X of mod"? :P
  2. People driving Lambos aren't hipsters driving it just because nobody else is. If that was all that it took, I'm sure more people would be driving motorized shopping carts you can put together from junk. (Which, admittedly sounds like a fun idea) But no, they're driving it because it's a good, luxurious car. Well, I got my cleanser, but I wouldn't mind it dropping more often.
  3. There is a lobby, "Heroes Marketplace", if you don't want to play alone, you need to find some people to play with from there.
  4. The armored cleanser nerf was pointless. As part of bringing the old heroes inline with the AL, the bow needs a serious BUFF. And what others have said about the droprate vs the droprate of that sword... yeah, that too.
  5. Well, I never had a problem with the launcher myself, but my whole game used to freeze for about 1-2 seconds occasionally *during gameplay*, this was extremely annoying. Haven't happened for me for the past couple of months, I'd say the stability has definitely improved.
  6. I can connect to the Virginia server all the way from Europe without noticing any lag (bit over 7,000km away). Occasionally, I even completely forget that I've changed it to Virginia (to play with my US friends / accommodate my night owlishness), and only notice when some of my EU friends try to join my game. That's how little lag there is. Are you sure it's the server and not you?
  7. While I'm not quite sure how you managed to miss that "X / 12,000", I also think the cap is bit of a downer. I guess it's to encourage people to spend gems rather than medals for the heroes, and I did buy my abyss lord with gems, but I still don't think 12k cap is okey. Some sort of cap might make sense to encourage spending, but there should be some room between the cap and the cost of the most expensive item in game.
  8. Eh, I kinda like the idea of playerguilds. Tho DD2 has steam integration, so wouldn't that kinda be in the game already? But that could be taken further imo.
  9. Ehhh, what kinda bugs do you guys experience? I don't think I've noticed any
  10. I rather like it. It's always worked for me, the notifications are intuitive, forums is divided in sections that make sense, everything is easy to find (Well, I had trouble locating one post about the carnival update with the list of new content, once.) Just wanted to say that, the webdev can pat himself on the back.
  11. Eh, I figure, some of the suggestions here could be added as DD1 style difficulty options, y'know, higher risk, higher rewards. For DD2, this could be accomplished by moving the lower iPWR limit for a map up for each option (instead of moving the upper / both) So instead of giving over the max iPWR gear, a map would give more of the near max gear. So for example, a 660-700 ipwr range map, with a couple of difficulty options enabled, could become 680-700 ipwr map.
  12. I was just running the map myself, nm4 inc ofc. The build I used was 4 archers on each ledge, 2 on both of the inner ledges between the 3 ledges, 1 SA on left and right sides (Mine are big enough, so they reached half the mid lane from both sides. As in, using just 2 SA I was able to cover the map.) and skeletal orcs in the middle. I did succeed, so I guess there is room for some variations in the build ^_^
  13. I don't know about difficult, but I was just running the new map, and I literally had no time to do anything but click the unholy swords of cleansing all the time / wait for their color changing cooldowns. I don't think that was the level of fun intended for the map.
  14. Okey, so I booted up the game today and noticed the update, nice. I did a round of the new map, Unholy Catacombs, on nm4 incursion, the layout definitely brings up memories, although seems like the lava has been drained. I start the game, the first spectral knight comes, I tried damaging it, no effect, I'll go check the swords of cleansing, hit everything once and get a purple sword icon on my HUD. The spectral knight was green and took no damage, but the round ended before it could destroy my core. I pondered for a few seconds, noticed you can make the swords different colors and figured I n
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