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  1. Hmm its still not in the game after all this time, right? ^^
  2. not exactly a great way to approach development. Having some idea of the iPWR requirement would be good if the iPWR scale wasn't really skewed at the moment. I do however think the dailies should be more appropriate for your level more and not give you incursion dailies right after you have finished the campaign or anything like that. yes they know that allready and it will be balanced in the future, they talked about it in a dev stream.
  3. be happy you can reroll and get dailys, i wasnt able to do that once, lol :P
  4. Why dont you make shellium shards just a counter like the wyvern tokens? If egg rotts -> shellium shards +1 :P I honestly dont want any more items in my inventory because its a pain to sort things and its a pain with all the inventory bugs im experiencing :/
  5. Odai


    Thx :) sadly the picture here is a bit small, here is the full picture: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/63000354/Event-O-Meter.png
  6. Odai


    This Bar should be there to counter the bad RNG luck (+ to make it a more rewarding "EVENT"): Edit: for a better view:
  7. you mean a system like this? *shameless self promotion :D* https://www.dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/119312/more-horizontal-tower-progression
  8. or huntress traps that gone off like firecracker's, i found it really fun that towers were able to get high speed and high range in DD1. That fun is still missing for me in DD2 only pushing damage like everyone else does is not really fun. Also they really need to start doing more heroes, they just cant let it stay this way untill release.
  9. Mmm i dont think i have seen that System on other TD's so far, only straight upgrades mostly as far as i can remember. ^^ But i saw it on some RPG's where you get multiple chooise's. ^^
  10. I wanted to say that inventory improvements will be made in the future :P And that they are working on it, im also pretty sure i heared, that they said something about stackable items in a dev stream. ^^
  11. just saying: (fullscreen: dropbox link)
  12. im not 100% sure, but i think it allready does that. At least when i open a chest for mana all mana in the lanes vanishes. I dont know if it just disappears or if you get it with the chest. ^^
  13. this trees are thought for each tower individually and you choose 1 of 3 traits for each 5 level. Or i didnt understand what you mean. (thats why i like to make pictures :D)
  14. just delete the other and edit this ones title and post ^^
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