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  1. yeah, i had 800x600 everything off. but for the bigger maps i need 640x480 lol, i hate my life. at least i could clear the xmas map without everything lagging. 800x600 is acceptable picture, it sucks i have to now use lower but meh
  2. laptop is a pile of poo. it just happened to run the game fine before 1.66 @ 2.5ghz 2gb ram 498mb of shared vram not that it matters, just i could play the game all the way through, only final 2 maps were a bit hnnngh but now all the new maps are hnnnnnghhhh and it makes me so saaaaad
  3. In the beginning i could run the game JUST fine. but now every new update/challenge/expansion seems to be massive levels with huge amounts of bad guys, my laptop can't handle it and therefore i am sad. am i the only one?
  4. im thinking of upgrading my setup, i currently run dundef on a laptop that suckssss. i have a graphics card and monitor lying around. can anybody recommend a motherboard that is super cheap that would run this card http://www.amd.com/us/products/desktop/graphics/ati-radeon-hd-4000/hd-4870/Pages/ati-radeon-hd-4870-system-requirements.aspx and a dual core 2.6 processor? i wanna assemble a cheap desktop because i'll be leaving the country within a year
  5. hey guys so i'm playing ramparts defenders after i completed its prequel deeper wells defenders and my mana making has gone from 400k a run to 200k a run on ramparts hard. my character is level 70 huntress and i'm upgrading the vw but now it takes twice as long to do, is it a patch or because i'm pew pew'ing with the vw.
  6. atm i'm farming ramparts hard, 400k in 7 minutes, to upgrade my vw which is at level 23 or something. anyway to make 1mill in one run on a level. i tried ramparts insane but lose on the last or 2nd to last wave
  7. i bought a legendary vw with 33upgrades for 1.5million mana, compared to playin spook a million times i think i got a deal. my excuse is my laptop can't handle spook :p
  8. i think i've noticed that the game seems to be running along mainly on one core, everything else and some menial game tasks are running on the other, with the more ram i am able to run games without stutters or hnnnrghh moments from my computer. i can now Alt tab smoothly instead of having to wait ages and also steam works much better, such as the ingame thing, i can chat away whilst sc2 runs in the background. i'm just installing oblivion as that game before ran quite playably before except stutters really got on my nerves, if the ram helps with that then yahoo.
  9. New characters look awesome, even if its just from the outlines, i cannot wait! probably won't be released for a while though :(
  10. that sounds like a no brainer but meh, i mean i imagine the tools are a seperate program, but its been attached to dlc, oh well... wish i hadn't clicked it now :( already got a slew of stuff to download and i share this connection with housemates. no more dundef for me this weekend :(
  11. wait i dont want a 2.5gig toolkit that i will probably never use, so now what do? delete dundef and reinstall? looks like i'm gonna play freelancer/sc2/oblivion/tf2 instead.... ...but must upgrade vw.....
  12. heyheyheyheyhey, so can i cancel it, and just play my game?
  13. ok so i wanted to play dundef, i had to redownload the game for the last patch, then i picked install on the mod and ctf dlc and then suddenly the game is redownloading itself AGAIN. i cannot be bothered to download 2.5 gigs everytime there is a patch, has anybody got a fix? before i play a bunch of other games and leave dundef on update paused. tried verifying cache but it gets to 100% and steam locks up and makes ping noises until i forcequit it.
  14. i just upgraded my ram from 1gb to 2gb and noticed a significant boost in starcraft 2,fm2011, and team fortress 2, where i was able to bump up the graphics with no stuttering. unfortunatly the tiniest boost has occured in dundef, back to tavern and no longer any hnnnrghhh tavern loading, start of levels is now smooth. would have been nice if the strain being relieved could have helped elsewhere.
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