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  1. Well that is super lame and I am very disappointed. the 3 looks for all of the lavamancer stale and boring. Was really looking forward to more variety. Any chance he will get more?
  2. Were you refering to the new legendary weapon you can buy with gems? I am very sad that of the first 20 or so lavamancer weapon drops ive had so far they are all still the same 3 looks from before. There are no other looks are there?
  3. I am pretty low on the skill zone in this game, (currently on floor 13) but I just attached Power transfer and Crit damage shards onto my towers and have been putting points into crit chance for my towers with my ascension points. Anyway I have not been struggling with Onslaught so far before I figured this out. But now with this my tower does a base of 45K dmg per tik AOE (Lavamancer Fissure of Embermount) and crits for 744K with currently 25% critchance, and when I am all said and done will have 45% crit chance. Oil geyser does 250K per shot but crits for 5.6 million with what will be 45
  4. Well since there's a lot of stuff that's coming and obviously there's more unannounced. I don't think I would blame Trendy. I am not blaming them per say. I just wish they didnt tell us a big update was coming so far out. I hate waiting, and I feel like I lose my hype for it if it is too far away.
  5. The reply I got on Facebook was "let's just say less than 2 months" which probably means more than 1 month at least. A little longer than Id like.
  6. So I recently came back to this game, I have a few questions about onslaught: 1. If you beat a floor but hit "to tavern" instead of "next floor" does it not count as a cleared floor? Pretty sure I beat floor 8 but still cant do floor 9. top corner said 2/2 and I just completed the map I was playing. 2. What is the deal with the reset and going back to floor 1 (I read an article that mentioned it)? I dont quite understand when this happens or why we would want that to happen, seems like a feel bad moment. 3. What are the ancient powers and how does one start using them?
  7. title, just wondering if that is something we could look forward to in the future. I'm a little sad my fav hero has only 3 weapon looks. Seems a bit silly since everyone else has so many options.
  8. In my opinion I dont think you should mess around with the difficulty as much as you should nerf the new heros. Im a really big fan of the monk, but I struggle to try and justify using him when you could just play the series EV and just use her "3" to clear anything hard without trouble. Or my ap lavamancer does 400k every six seconds, compared to the apprentice mana bomb which has a longer channel and eats 100 mana which is harder to refund that lavamancer heat. Idk I just feel like the new champs outshine the old by a bit, and since the end game is already too easy, Id suggest nerfing the ne
  9. Playing through it as one of the original 4 heros feels really nice and balanced well. I couldnt help but notice once I started over as a lavamancer the hard campaign still felt like I was way above it in ipwr even though I was not.
  10. It is really fun, too bad it does like no damage. Trendy buff burn damage please! it feels so rewarding to light up a wave of enemies, I just want it to actually be rewarding as well.
  11. I have heard a lot about how the frostbite towers are bugged, I personally have not noticed anything. Can someone explain to me what the bug is?
  12. I love how fast out are coming out with heros, but honestly id rather see some new pet eggs at this point. Any chance of Griffins coming soon or some other pet? Will you be changing or buffing the pet abilities that are just a waste of space right now? Fire pillar for example is a total disappointment.
  13. Her ability on the #3 seems WAY too strong compared to what the other heros can do. It basically kills all bosses plus everything else. And it isnt even on that much of a cool down. Im still newer so maybe I am missing something. Can someone give me their thoughts?
  14. Are you guys planning on changing the Ipwr levels (progression) on the maps when the strategy rework comes? (you only need to read the original question for the devstream, the next part just frames the problem I am having with your game which has SO much potential.) I feel as if the ipwr progression is amiss. I see very little reason to spend time playing through all the maps on nm1 after insane... ect. The loot hardly gets better between Gates of Dragonfall and the Throne Room. In addition there is a big gap of ipwr level between levels of difficulty. As it stands the best way to get gear
  15. the problem is not how much the new heros cost, but that the new currency dropped at the same time. We all started with 0 in the bank which means we have a lot of grinding to do. However under the same system, when the next few heros drop we won't have nearly as much trouble getting them because we will already have some DF saved up. Trendys mistake was not giving us a higher starting amount (something like 5k to start), or should have just converted what wyvern tokens we had into DF (roughly off the top of my head 50-100 DF for each token). Also if they really want $$$$$ they should start p
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