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  1. Thanks for the reply Nuzo Allready did those things, even reinstalled the game. Going to test it abit and see if it happens again :)! Hopefully it wont.. :D! Also [[52650,users]] going to try the link you sent aswell, preciate the reply ^^!
  2. Me and my m8 where playing Onslaught on map 3/3 wave 4/5 :'D Guess what happend! My game crashed.. The error message i got is this : Program Name Incorrect: DunDefGame.exe, Version:, Time Specification: 0x5ab5c3f8 Module Name Incorrect: XAudio2_7.dll, Version: 9.29.1962.0, Time Specification: 0x4c0641e5 Exception code: 0xc0000005 Error offset: 0x0003da72 Incorrect Process ID: 0x363c Error program start time: 0x01d3cc4d2a2af1dc Wrong program path: C: \ SteamLibrary \ steamapps \ common \ Dungeon Defenders 2 \ DunDef2 \ Binaries \ Win32 \ DunDefGame.exe Error module path: C: \ WINDOWS \ System32 \ XAudio2_7.dll Report ID: 65d066fd-c403-4bbc-a657-615073dd89fe Full name of error pack: Relative program ID for error pack: First i tought it was a 1 time thing.. but not it have happend a couple of times wich is quiet frustrating when you spend a pretty high amount of time progressing Onslaught... Any ideas ?
  3. There is only one thing i find kinda sad, the fact that the more players you have in your game the better chance is there for better loot. RIght ? So why is there no option after making a private game & inviting your friends to the game. Let's say you are a person with few friends in this game like me, i have 1-2, We dont get the option to get better loot because we dont que up in public. So why is there no option to actaully search for members AFTER you have created a private game ?? :( I mean.. those who makes private games.. they get punished because they dont que alone in public ? that's weird... But i guess no one then me really cares about it, but i hope that some feedback on this would be great, as i doubt im the only one being annoyed by this. IF NOT to que alone in public, atleast give the option to que with MORE in public OR let us have a "Looking for more" in private sessions so people can have full groups for the benefits and for the lonley with no friends hihi :D
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