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  1. Add me :] http://steamcommunity.com/id/nogaems
  2. Any hamster will do. Add me - http://steamcommunity.com/id/nogaems
  3. Looking to pay about 1mil each. Do not give a single crap about the stats. Add me - http://steamcommunity.com/id/nogaems
  4. Oh ****, the AOE GUN ISN'T GOOD FOR SINGLE TARGET? But it's not an AOE gun? The spread is really small and the Huntress's actual AOE skill, Piercing shot, is terrible with Van Wolfenstein.
  5. This is a pretty ridiculous nerf. My 27-upgrades blasticus does almost as much single-target damage as my 31-upgrades Wolfenstein does. That's single-target. The Blasticus' piercing shot is almost twice as much, plus the regular shots have no element to deal with. Blasticuses can be farmed in 2 minutes and cost 1/3rd as much to upgrade. Getting a good Godly Von Wolfenstein can take over 6 hours. Von Wolfensteins should get their lightning element removed and/or Trendy should find a nice middle ground between 7.07's damage and 7.08's damage.
  6. Oh cool, just spent like 6 hours farming and 3-4 mil mana upgrading it just a few days ago. ;_;
  7. So Magic Blockade, Healing Aura, Ensnare Aura and Strength Drain Aura can be used, right? What about Enrage Aura? It doesn't do direct damage but causes monsters to attack each other for damage.
  8. Is that what you wanted to see? Can you post the stats of your Bow & Animus? I'm just over half that and I thought I was doing really good.
  9. Asking for 4mil. Yours for 1mil. Maybe some Trap Huntress will want it. Add me: http://steamcommunity.com/id/nogaems
  10. So clearly Lugus only plays the apprentice and doesnt know the dmaage relation between all the classes, but thats ok. Its not like i have all the classes leveled up (short 20 levels on my apprentice but even at 50 he out DPS's my squire stuff). Hey, look at that - I have more classes leveled up than you, albeit by about 13 levels. I also have an Apprentice in nearly end-game gear, which is the class that we're discussing right now, that I've been playing since release. Your level 50 Apprentice does not out-DPS your Squire, at least not unless you literally have 0 points in your Squire
  11. 1. I don't assume. I know. 2. You said you're higher level than the other squires? do you seriously think your level matter? I mean did you even check what build was the squire has? 3. Like i said, you intrude other game so you'll HAVE to obey their rules or end up getting kick and you refused so you end up getting kicked by not following the host rule. Thats life little man (App so cute!) not to make you look bad or anything but I'm just trying to help you resolved your problems and that's by hosting your own game. You could solve a lot of your past problems. You literally know nothing.
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