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  1. I haven't got proof for my fellow players that said they got loot, i'm just taking their word on it but i'd imagine someone would be butthurt if they didn't get loot and everyone else said they did. Here is my loot though. I got an apprentice staff. The flavor text is a bit wonky on part of it as you can tell though.
  2. I got a legendary staff from betsy and the 3 others in my party got legendary loot as well for monk/huntress/apprentice
  3. I finally received an e-mail around midnight, 6+ hours after I filed my ticket, and thought I might get to play today before the patch but it wasn't actually fixed. Any idea on when the patch is supposed to hit? Edit: Got tired of waiting for a response so i'm leveling extra heroes when a notice pops up in-game if anyone else is wondering the same thing I was. The maintenance is scheduled for 11:30 EDT.
  4. I wouldn't expect it to be quick, I submitted mine about two hours ago and there was a huge backlog before mine :/ To add to this, I submitted mine about 3-4 hours ago and am still waiting on an e-mail saying it's been resolved. Haven't logged in because I don't know want to get on and then have them go to try and fix it but can't because I logged in randomly to check.
  5. Anyone who has had their pet hatched, did they send you a follow-up e-mail when they hatched it so that you know it is ok the play again
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