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  1. I took a long hiatus from DD2 and am back. Being that I took a long break, I figured I'd start over because there is a lot of stuff that wasn't complete that is now complete and new mechanics that I'm not familiar with. That being said, I would love the ability to play with other players that are my level or close to it. In DD1 you had the option to level restrict your room in public games. Why isn't this an option in DD2? I want to play this game with other people. I do NOT want to be carried and powerleveled by some random level 50 joining my game and one-shotting everything that spawns. If
  2. Trendy is never going to do this. It gets brought up every week on the devstream and every week they shoot it down. They're trying to stay away from the P2W model.
  3. Maybe not legendaries in particular, but I went from getting 1-2 frostfire staff drops on average every few runs yesterday to not having seen 1 at all today. I've been at it for an unmentionable amount of time already today. RNJesus hates me today.
  4. I know this is off topic but this makes my brain hurt. That's a minimum of 96 hours a week assuming you only worked 6 days a week. If we assumed that had you not been on salary, you'd be getting overtime for 56 of those hours, i'm not sure what overtime used to be, which equates to roughly 84 regular time hours for a grand total of 124 regular time hours paid every week. At $425 a week, you were making roughly $3.43/hour if you weren't salaried. How old are you exactly because you don't seem to act the age you imply you are by earning this sort of income at some point in your life? Moving
  5. You get an additional 35% experience boost for every level 50 that you have in your hero deck plus the 20% for each medium exp sphere that you have equipped. You can get up to 145% exp bonus.
  6. You should have a campaign quest line. Once you finish betsy campaign it unlocks freeplay and of course onslaught and maybe incursion, but I don't recall. Anyways, at this point, you are bound to these playset and can't go into any end-game related content or "boards" as you called them until you have achieved level 50 on at least one hero. You're unfortunately stuck leveling in the freeplay maps which of course limits you on gear, however you do get a lot more experience than you would if you tried to level playing end-game content.
  7. Yes, but the point is that because there're so many stats than can be found on a frostfire staff, the odds of me actually finding one with defense power is pretty low. Fair enough. I'm having a hard time of it finding one with defense power as well.
  8. It's still possible to cap the reset time on towers/traps/auras without a maxed % staff, especially if you have a high enough defense power. At least this is my understanding of it because all the towers cap at a certain recharge/fire rate I believe. That being said, if you get a staff with defense power on it but a lower %, it might look like you're losing/downgrading but in actuality you are likely improving because the nm4 incursion staffs have around 550+ defense power. Of course you just have to do a little simple math to figure out whether or not you're losing or gaining depending on
  9. It's ok to be jealous. I'll be dancing around the map like Kevin Bacon doing hero dps while my super sturdy barricades shoot freeze rays that'll buff everything it touches. Disclaimer: No I'm not serious except for the part about Kevin Bacon maybe. Probably not.
  10. I could be wrong but I don't think there will be wipes after "open alpha" is what they're calling it. I believe that is what I heard on the devstream yesterday. Of course, who knows when open alpha will be but Alpha starts in September unless they push it back for some reason. That aside, I'm totally playing under the assumption that there will be at least one more wipe. If it's a partial wipe or complete wipe of all player data, who knows.
  11. So I just reported this over in the bugs thread and thought maybe someone else would get a chuckle or two out of this. I just got done with a round of nm4 liferoot incursion and decided to go back to the private tavern to do a couple things. When I was finished and went back over to the war table, this is what my map looked like. Here is a link to the bug thread I made for it if anyone wants to chime in on it there or has experience anything similar.
  12. So I just got finished playing nm4 liferoot incursion and went back to the private tavern for a moment to do a few things. When I had finished up everything, this happened. The difficulty bar was gone from every play mode and every map was "A VERY BIG MAP NAME". I had a little chuckle before I thought i'd mossy on over here and report this. Oh, also. When I tried to return to the social tavern, it put me into the black loading screen of death by boredom. Probably related to the server memory leak I suppose. Cheers! 
  13. Explain to me how waiting 3 days (only starting to post about 48 hours after it happened..) and attempting all supposed 'fixes', is not being patient? At this point we'll wait another 2 days because they historically dont do anything on the weekends. Again, explain to me what level of patience would be required to actually log in to the game? I've left the black swirly screen running for hours at a time, so please, again, explain to me this 5 minutes thing? Maybe you'll take a second to realize the problem isn't impacting everyone in the same way. So you (and others) take the fluke success
  14. It certainly is, just as it is yours to tell people that the only reason they aren't playing is because they aren't patient. You got me there. What works for me might not work for someone else. Patience worked for me. I was able to finally get into the game though, after about ~15 minutes, while having this problem again today after trying a few a times with period of waiting between each attempt. Good luck to you.
  15. If restarting the game 5, 10, 20 times was working for us, we would be playing right now. Patience is not the issue. Like I said. I've had this happen to me the past couple days and this solution has worked for me. I've spent more than 10 minutes waiting to finally get into a server somehow. Making generalizations that it doesn't work for us is wrong and should be steered clear of. It clearly works for some. That being said, another solution to the problem is if you have friends or anyone on your friend's list playing DD2, join their game directly from the menu before even pressing the play
  16. I've had this happen to me the past couple days and closing out DD2 and trying again every couple minutes usually works. It's a bit annoying having to spending 5 minutes or more trying to get onto a stable server, however Trendy is aware of the issue and working on it so I have hopes that it will be fixed soon. If you really want to play DD2 then you can, you just have to have patience which seems in short supply for many people.
  17. Assuming you mean these forums as a place to find other players to play with, I'd rather not have to post a thread, hope an active and currently available player is looking at the threads at this time, replies to my thread, have myself repeatedly check the thread for such possible responses, then reply to them, then wait for them to check for my reply, and then finally get confirmation. Instead, with a steam group, I can immediately message anyone online and see if they have room for one more, or ask if they want to join my game. With the chat format the response is immediate and I can ev
  18. I found this nice little legendary relic for my apprentice in nm2 less than an hour ago. It was a huge upgrade in almost every regard except for the pyromania. I increased by about .3% overall which is still of course an increase.
  19. Shameless bump. I've actually gotten a couple invites from this and maybe others have as well
  20. I envy you. I've chosen nothing but pet eggs when doing onslaught and haven't found one yet.
  21. [[76549,users]] I can't recall, however I believe that it was mentioned in the devstream that targeting might be worked on so that so much overkill doesn't happen. I do believe that Trendy will of course in due time get it all sorted out. It's just a matter of the community giving feedback and them knocking things out in whatever order they deem appropriate, even if sometimes the community thinks other things should come first.
  22. This is true but I thinking giving it an AoE would completely make the apprentice useless unless you need a frost tower. As is, my Apprentice has 500 more tower power than a buddies Squires, his still does more dps than mine by about 1k and almost 1.5k more damage per shot fired. The AoE in my opinion isn't even that big and deals about 50% of the damage, I think. I've gotten different numbers when looking at it in the tavern.
  23. So I see people asking in the forums for groups all the time because they've hit a wall and the threads get buried eventually and then another one will pop up. I figured maybe if we could all post to the same thread and get groups going or if you group needs another player or two, you can post here as well or see what everyone has to offer. Maybe if this works out, a mod can sticky this so it never gets buried under the countless threads started and everyone can come back and update their post every now and then. Status: Seeking a group for nightmare content Steam ID: btwHendo (
  24. press the play button on the bottom left of that "news" window
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