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  1. Hey, add me please :) @MasterPlays quote:
  2. Thanks for answering and for the info! I don't expect any of this to make it into the game I just wanted to get my ideas out, good to know they weren't such great ideas I thought they were . aqua turtles are being added next patch Whatttt????? I don't know anything about that, can you tell me about it? I only watched Caimen's CDT update on youtube but I guess thats outdated by now.
  3. To start off I know this isn't easy to add new things to this game if even possible, so I don't expect to see everything in the next update or ever but I would just want to share some of my thoughts. 1) A personal thing - I would like to make Weapons dropping on survival not useless as *** for builders, I mean right now the only choice for weapons would be from end map rewards like akatiti obsidian weapons, buc bay, embermount and thats it, the only exception currently is ult++ weapons with 999 tower damage. I want this to change because I want more variety on weapons used for builders and dps'ers because there are a lot of cool weapon designs I would love to use but its impossible realy. 2) Add an Accessory set bonus - the only reason right now to have accessory sets are the visual bonus, while looking cool they provide no stat benefit. This can tie in with the new accessory revamp in CDT 3 making maps have better stats on accessory drops thus making players more interested in farming certain maps for their visual set bonus (I realy like the antler set from plantir so I plan on farming it). 3) Perhaps new Accessory slots - Backpack or Wings, Belt, maybe even Chest guard. Can look realy cool and make customization much better, might not even have stats for all I care as long as I can make my alts look cool. If they do have stats that can also tie with the accessory sets I proposed in 3. 4) Remove Skin bonus's - I know, I know, This would change some things alot, but I think the skin system is realy broken, because of the obvious reason, THEY ARE SKINS, not anything else, they shouldn't provide any benefit especially because some skins can only be acquired through dlc'. Some skins provide such an HP and DMG boost that its practically a must for a DPS hero and most even make the character slower which for me at least makes the game less fun. And now some of the more extreme ideas and things that probably will never happen. 5) Make armor appear on characters and a Transmog like system (from WoW) - what I mean by this is first, armor on characters can obviously make them look cooler, but it will also help with not feeling like you wear this invisible armor that magically help you. Something that would fit very well into this would be a Transmog system to make you have the appearance of one items while retaining the stats of another. This can add a whole new reason to play the game and you can farm for those epic weapon skins (making random weapon drops on survival helpful once again). And lastly the most important Issue I have with the current game and some ideas to fix it.The grind. The grind in this game is awful. Before you write how this game is about grinding listen to what I have to say. The grind itself is not the issue but the reward for it, especially in Endgame, the grind is just not worth the effort. About Armor: When I have 6k tower dmg and 2k-3k sides, why would I spend countless hours to farm one ult+ or ult++ piece that is usable just to gain at most 200-400 stats on ONE builder that with the incredibly bad scaling of high stats would not make a big difference in game play. Early game the grind is fun, you move up in the rank of maps you do to get higher stat and better gear and while is still hard, rewards you alot as a player and in terms of progression. At late game though, what do you have? MoonBase and Lab Assault. That's it. It becomes so repetitive just to get 1 or 2 item upgrades that in the end don't benefit you a lot other then bragging rights that you have 7k stats. About Weapons and Pets: Oh god the weapons, They share the same problem with the tower pets. Like I stated before, weapon drops are crap and 99% of em aren't worth looking at, but end map weapon rewards? they can easily drop with 400-600 stats (especially obsidian weapons), with all 4 tower stats and incredible stats even without farming a ton. This depends on luck mainly, yes. But getting good stats on the end map reward weapons isn't as rare as a good random drop weapon. I don't think this problem is as bad as DPS weapons, since bloodshots and bonestaffs still can have really good DPS, but really the only other worthwhile DPS weapons I know off are from end map rewards (please tell me if I'm missing something). What about tower pets? Pretty much the same. While random pets can spawn with decent stats like 400-500 in all tower stats, the tower pets just slaughter them in ease of farming and stats of spawning. Tower pets are the "something" on a treadmill, fish in a bowl, and diamonds. These are superior in every way to any tower pets you can farm. Fish and ToTs (Treadmill on a Treadmill for those who don't know) are just ridiculously easy to farm and will spawn with 500+ all tower stats every run or 2, and the ToT's can spawn with even greater stats and on top of all that give a great speed boost (I believe 40%+ correct me if I'm wrong). Kobolds and Turtles are pretty much outdated as Kobolds don't provide a speed boost and take long to farm (usually spawns with *** stats) and they don't even provide a speed boost, while turtles are easier to farm and do provide a good speed boost will spawn with not good stats (300-400 I think). Diamonds are the only exception here because they cost a lot, aren't easy to farm, and if you try to spawn one its a huge gamble, But they look the best, provide a good speed boost (38% I believe) and can have really great stats (700-800). About XP farming and Levels : I don't think the XP is hard, its rather easy really with tavern defense giving 50m xp per run if you do it right, making leveling a new alt from lv 0 - 100 take about 10-15 hours. The issue here is for new players. The scaling is crap, it takes about 550m to reach level 93 and to reach 100 you need again 550m or so (I'm using rough numbers here but its not too far off from the real stats). Why do I bring it up? because new players can't do tavern defense and they will be stuck doing other missions to grind to get to 74 on all characters. But I think this is not an issue and this doesn't need fixing as this is a grind game at core and grinding for xp is one of the aspects even if it drains your mind out of boredom. Now, how do I think all this can be improved? well, I'm not a game designer, not a programmer, and not a design artist. I'm your average gamer with a passion for this game and some rough ideas. For the weapons problem I would say, is nerf the spawn stats on end map rewards and increase by a ton the survival rewards to at least be somewhat available for builders. For the Pets problem well this one is more complicated. For Diamonds remain as is, they are extremely hard to get and farm so they should stay as is. For Fish the only thing is to nerf them. a lot. They are really easy to get and if you are doing moonbase campaign you will get them as a bonus any ways for getting the extra mana chests. They are over powered and need fixing. A proper nerf would place them the same stat wise as the turtles from akatiti. Same for ToT's, it is not possible that they are as easy to farm as fish (granted you know to hit 42 on machine) and can spawn with stats close to diamonds and with their insane speed boost. they need to be stat wise as the current fish bowls with a max 25% speed boost. For For the kobolds, well buff them. they take a lot of time to farm, aren't exactly easy to get on NMHC and maybe even add a 10-20% speed boost to make them usable again. Turtles should stay as is, they are just a nerfed fish bowl. The only option I can see fit for the Armor stat problem is to completely reset all the game stats. Oh god here it is, the last thing I have to say and the one that is not an easy thing to discuss. I have about 1300 hours on this game, I am really proud in my achievements and knowledge of this game. But I can only see us benefiting from this because the way I see it currently, the game is in its dying breath. I appreciate everything the CDT is doing to add updates and the incredible community of this game (this is honestly the best community I have ever been part of in a game), BUT I think this is necessary to breath some new hope into the game and make new players not as intimidated when coming into the game. obviously this will never happen but I'm sure anyone pondered about the idea of such a thing and how it would play out. I am done now, thanks a lot if you read this whole thing through.please tell me what do you feel about somethings I wrote and how do you feel will help improve this game. I would love if you can give some insight as to some of the points I made. My steam account: https://steamcommunity.com/id/UrielCohen/ That's it.
  4. I have 2 and looking to sell one for a friend, was given one by you and one by kiltedklingon
  5. 1 cv and 3 coals on 3# 370^
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