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  1. Some fun gamemode , you might wanna check out https://www.dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/119229/see-comment?scrollTo=1129325&page=3[[4243,hashtags]]
  2. Banned for thinking cats are better than dogs whielst it isn't like that
  3. Banned because i can't make out what your avatar is.
  4. Banned beacuse after the first 3 words i didn't follow the sentence anymore because it was to complicated.
  5. Banned for judging moving Avatars
  6. Most likely i suggest just being teleported back with a teleport in the room were you went in the wrong way , it would prevent people from grinding and would not annoy them of defeating the rooms again , the only thing is in the death end room there probably shouldn't be a mana chest at the end.
  7. I like this tower idea. Gives a lot of flexibility for more air-type enemies (ogre-copter returns??). Maybe even defending against some crazy boss that keeps pushing your party further up until you're at the top with no options but to stand and fight. The only problem i see with this , is the option of your choosing your own path is kinda gone.
  8. I like the ideas of Batophobia and Isukun a lot , i added in beneath the topic a list of community ideas that i really liked , be sure to read them! In my opinion they are better than the ideas i had for it. and for what the backtracking goes , the backtracking rooms should be cleared but you could also fill them again really upto the devs or you could even make it so they teleport back to the room that they made the wrong decision in in the first place.
  9. Your understanding the gmaemode clearly wrong , might want to read over it all again. This is a dungeon not just a map
  10. Dungeon Defenders 2 Is a tower defense game and as i was stating you use towers to keep yourself the objective that you need to protect in every room safe the only thing i limit is how much mana you can use for every room still making it a tower defense styled gamemode. Just because your not defending its not towerdefense anymore? That seems kinda odd to me Tower defense is a subgenre of real-time strategy video games, where the goal is to stop the enemies from reaching a specific point on the map by building a variety of different towers which shoot at them as they pass. As i said there is still a objective to protect in every single room that you need to protect with towers or you will be overrun the rooms just change meaning you can't upgrade everything to tier 5 because you lose mana everytime you sell something to take it to the next room to make a completely diffrent setup this just forces the playerbase not to sit on their asses whilest the third or fourth wave comes as there is always only 1 wave in a complete diffrent room , maybe right now.
  11. Quab is used and weak Let him die in action , He atleast gets a honourable death in that way. R.I.P Quab - Died in action.
  12. Dogs


    Its a Pre-Alpha >_< not an already finished and released game. Do u cry again when the game come out f2p and u bought ist ? I think you forget in wich state of the game you play. Just calm down there will be more and more bug come until it comes to "alpha" > "beta" > "realease". And when a nearly the same bug comes after release you can be sure that they will do a rollback. but in a pre-alpha it makes no sense! i am totally calm and not crying at any point , i think you should grow up before posting okay? I am making a suggestion to reset the game in a whole at a certain point in time i am not saying i am gonna be mad if they don't do it right now. It would be appriciated if you refrain from posting on this topic again as you clearly have no idea how to neither read my posts what i am saying or reacting in a normal manner without being a troll towards other players. Regards Dogs
  13. i meant monsters not bosses just mistyped a word.
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