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  1. I was told it would be out for the US launch via personal correspondence with a trendy employee, so here we are, where is it o.o
  2. how do you install this i got it installed but it broke my game : ( launcher wont show up anymore when i start the game
  3. they said the ps vita version will not be the same as android or ios, it will be the the version thats on the pc, and it will look just like it too ^^
  4. dungeon defenders was promised, where are it at o.o..., i saw it announced. was hoping for a japan launch but sadly no ! it is nawt here yet please let the community know when we can get our paws on it
  5. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Dell-Alienware-M15x-price-drop-black-friday-discount-First-bidder-wins-o-o-/160688072743?pt=Laptops_Nov05&hash=item2569c16827
  6. I have noticed that lately there is a complete lack of players on open net lately, any idea why? this all started with the release of Halloween to open net, suddenly no one is on anymore...? I had an open game going for nearly 3 hours yesterday, in that time not a single person joined O.O when I checked to see how many games were up I saw only 3
  7. nevermind didnt notice this was ranked
  8. I will trade you an 15 million manas and a nice dragon pet o.o
  9. I want to copy my non steam local character to my steam version to play in steams open mode o.o update - found it, had to enable hidden files to find it :P
  10. actually that poison damage is not that high, before I lost my characters I had a fire based weapon with damage over 5 k
  11. I just got en email but you guys sent the wrong stuff - I had the special named weapon you get from killing the big ancient dragon on insane as a Squire you sent me some generic one with 7 lvls of upgrade, I also said I had an earth shaper, another named weapon, you didn't send it either and you sent me a squire guardian instead of an animus, I sent another email, please read it carefully and fully both my Dragon weapon and my Squire animus had about 32 - 36 upgrade lvls respectively and the shield had almost 250 damage before i even started upgrading it please please get it right xD
  12. i already emailed you O.o search your inbox for a message from "Terrariacow@yahoo.com" sent it last night
  13. Maybe the anti-exploit is kicking in?i wasnt exploiting... I imported my character from android
  14. this was really quite unprofessional
  15. I and a group of friends had killed the big black dragon, I got a flaming spinny blade shield thing that did incredible fire damage, like 19.8 k a hit!! , then we did the bonus map and I got an earth shaper, I exited the game and restarted to make sure the progress was saved, and the game started patching to 7.3, when it finished I went back in to find my lvl 70 squire completely gone!! his Animus was gone as well, my mana is gone and my character has been mysteriously replaced by a lvl 0 apprentice that I never even made!! Please fix this! i want my 12 + mil mana back and all my stuff back. i play on steam open mode, please help me...
  16. Have my .dun file and The bat file , When I hit enter after selecting the path it just starts the game and then the game crashes.. umm, what do I do?
  17. Feel free to join any game titled grapesoda or Milly, I never kick, unless the person is not helping
  18. I can control pitch just fine on my ps3 and my PC version O.o
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