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  1. its unfair the mission of katahikir jungle.... 3500 enemys on last wave this map on medium TAKES many time to complete...its almost impossible get people to play... how is possible beat that if noone can survive the boring of all the times play of wave 6 to14 to finish that ??? why dont add survival with start on wave 11 or something like that ??? im tired of noobs playing....3 times on wave 13 i lose because people dont guard one dammed cristal.....3 times on wave 6 to 13 for noobs ruining all... if anyone wants complete this map...plz lets try organize one game for peoples really wa
  2. well....on friday at night we can try beat this map... but trendy needs do something about the lag....
  3. i try beat jungle map on medium....but noone can play jungle map because lag.... trendy need do a secondary way to unlock female barbarian skin.... jungle map is almost impossible to run without problems .... many lag....
  4. one question if i have a backup of my ios save on pc...can i transfer to steam game and keep my weapons and pets ? ( tf2 and etc)
  5. my brother liked of the game and create a char on my motorola xoom and we cant play together ( xoom & ipad2) so i tried put the game on my iphone 3gs , and cant play together Ipad 2 x iphone 3gs both systems using gamespy, i with my account and my brother with his account i cant figure whats happening this game are cross plataform , right ? why i have problems using TWO iDevices with the same version of Dundef and fully updated by itunes...?
  6. is better your current weapon go to forge then it will be dropped and grabbed for someone... for me the best solution is turn ON/OFF "wear now" button
  7. the game is unplayable on iphone 3gs , i have one ipad2 / iphone 3gs and motorola xoom second wave runs smooth on ipad2 and motorola xoom , but is impossible to play on iphone 3gs ( i tried lower the quality for the poor possible) and continue with lags on deeper well , wave 2 on easy dificulty solution : delete the second wave from my iphone 3gs.... :(
  8. tomorrow.... in the facebook post is clear "on thursday second wave will be released for ios .... with chase cam option...."
  9. the icon change on gamecenter says "second wave submited to apple".... but already pass one week and nothing....
  10. someone answered on last page but(before new updates and etc)... then i will ask again... theres some way to transfer my save of iOS for Android NOW ? with the launch of PC/360/PS3 version of Dundef have one app for convert iOS/Android Save to PC .... any chance to exist now methods for transfer my save of my iOS to my Android too ? i have good chars on my Android but my primary tablet is my ipad lol...
  11. the new camera system can stay on second wave but PLEASE add one button for toggle ON/OFF the old and good CHASE CAMERA :) the best of all worlds....the new camera for who likes, and chase camera for old users :)
  12. just second wave or second wave plus patch of problems with network games on ios5 ?
  13. i have the same problems.... on my Motorola xoom ( android honeycomb 3.1) i have many dificulties to play due attack and sec. attack button stay far of edges of my xooms display other big problem is pause button under touchpad.... i always put my game on pause during the game by mistake, have any options for drag the buttons for another place ?? or change the local of pause button ( that button will be good on top of screen i have two prints for show the problems the new layout is very good..... the ONLY things need adjust are Pause button ( put on top or keep distant of touchpad) and
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