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  1. hello, couple days ago i bought the starter pack it is a good game like DD1 (and much better then DDE) ofcourse there are soem hickups wich i will start to report at some point but here is my "i thought" question a while back when i was reading about DD2(can't remember where anymore) it was said you would also get gems if you already got DD1 & DDE ofcourse i can have it wrong here, so "i thought" let ask the forum :) either way i will continue to play it :)
  2. i thank you all for your answers :) it is okay that i might take very long since it is still pre-alpha, i can wait and Mythos im just not gona respond to the 16 bucks laying around <- except for this :p
  3. hello, i saw dd2 is 33% off at the moment but so far i heard dd2 would be free when it is finished so will it still be free ? greetz, wiiguy
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