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  1. like many wrote, it's not only the lack of maps at incursion. at some point (8x lvl 25, proper gear, some uber and pets), the game got no more rewards to play for. what keeps me at dd1 are the "long time goals/rewards". like playing all maps at all difficults, playing perfect, strategist etc. . it was really challenging to win all maps only with tower dmg or without core or player dmg at all difficults. many parts for this feature are already in the game. just open all maps at incursion and add nightmare difficult. also add such challenges to the current challenges and add rewards like titels, costumes, pets and legs (like dd1).
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    you mean 5 yes, but when i hit join rnd game i only play the 3
  3. Cdr.Keen


    i'm bored because there are only 3 level at incursion
  4. any monster dropped legendary for me. most time the bosses, but also the small.
  5. Go to the forge, open the first bag that has inventory space, and look for the uber. When you find it, double click it and you should be able to equip it. Don't worry, I had a very similar heart attack when I bought my first uber. but he said he got robbed by trendy
  6. It's not for free: Dungeon Defenders II will eventually be free-to-play https://www.dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/120144/i-am-upset-that-trendy-launched-costumes-before-content iamisom quote: Thanks for the feedback, dmvanmeveren. First of all, rest assured that making more gameplay content and polishing existing gameplay features is our highest priority. It's important to keep in mind that our Early Access is about gathering feedback on a variety of systems, including our monetization systems. Dungeon Defenders II will eventually be free-to-play and will rely on ethical, non-gameplay-advantage-granting monetization for support. We wanted to get these systems in early so that we could get as much community feedback and data as possible. It's vital to figure out what works and what needs work. Thanks again for the feedback. :)
  7. I took the names of my diablo 3 characters. always simple and powerfull and a breeze of superhero charm - like Flashripper for the monk, Moschpit for the squire, Laserbeam for the mage and Hoops for the huntress.
  8. the only map i've seen that requires team work is the first map hardmode without playing as huntress, but then again it's only because the difficulty is so high it's almost impossible to solo (without huntress) everything is possible to solo without huntress. just use monk and squire =)
  9. but he's right - costumes won't add any gametime. there are actually only 3 (5) incursion maps to play. 3 maps for the whole endgame. and also there is no more content to play with, nobody will come back to look up the costumes.
  10. on the other side, there we're enought ppl at incursion who build eg. a 198 dmg - 1.24 spd lightning auras, 25% boosts all around, hit G and give a ***. And if you notice that this is maybe a way to weak to win incursion, you're the bad guy because you like to win and not giving a *** (and most time they leave when they see the wipe).
  11. yes, sometimes it's hard to find the boost flag or not possilbe to look up the tower stats without picking something up.
  12. if you're to strong, just play hard or switch to incursion when you're 25. with lvl ~145 equipment, 20+ and 25++ are easy indeed.
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