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  1. It's only happened to me joining public games, but was able to run 30+ game streak with a private party with no issues.
  2. Any of these Bastille, closest thing to monster fest we have...
  3. Solo play* I build close to the doors on all maps, and tend to build my pdts further back aiming to where they fly, so it hasn't been an issue yet. Most of the time Bombers have been dumb and just crash into the ground near other towers. Pdt's also have their max range. There was another post, that they are looking into the AA's range/dmg/rate.
  4. I've switched over to PDT's for air now on most maps. AA rarely shoots at anything for me. They seem to be super buggy, anything within range it "might" fire a shot or two.. not worth the hassle for me personally.
  5. Never found them either while on abyss.. but if i collected half a page of shards and switched to original 4 hero i got some.
  6. Has anyone on the team expressed interest in bringing back the old Dungeon Defenders Challenges from the original. Incursions were nice as the closest thing resembling them, but is there any plan to add new maps / changes to current maps to more reflect challenges? Boss Rush / Monsterfest's / Assault / Oger Crush / Raining Goblins ect.. pst... Can you please bring them back? ---- Any plan to introduce newer pets to the lineup? Different / unique skill packs?
  7. This needs to be fixed ASAP. It's pretty game/progression breaking right now. Half the public games I've been joining have been people just abusing this exploit. Throw down 4-6 clouds and pop eruption. guy with c2/c3 gear having near 1 mill dps coulds... come on trendy.
  8. I took the plunge already, dumped 100 points in. It's capped at 2.
  9. Depending on your level, yes... 400+ it really wouldn't matter too much. Depends on how much you want to max your damage with/without shards + range.
  10. Destruction / Range / Rate on a DP/DS relic will push the AA damage really high... if you have a c4+ relic with speed to... it'll drop to .44 to .67 attack speed.
  11. [[150185,users]] I complete agree to a point, playing with a full group on *some* maps is just a bit crazy with how the spawns work out, and same for the increased health pools. Majority of players are not like the few of us.. near max gear with 250+ ascension. Solo, we can stray from meta very easily. Adding players decreases our effectiveness in some lanes. While asking players to perform a certain job/task of DPS an area. Many instances, I've seen people just run around or try to afk. With fliers, it becomes an afterthought for many... oh and AA with 500k+ dps? it'll be fine.. then here comes 3-4 kobolds or a swarm of 10 random winged beasts. Good bye AA. Do I have an idea on how to remedy this? Kind of. Adjust the spawns, and not increase health pools too much. Allow for a more steady stream of fliers.. not just 10 at once.. Now that steady stream *might* be easily killed by a single AA for some.. but think that if 1 flier comes out, then 2 seconds later another follows then another... they will ever so slightly get closer, still requiring some DPS, but not full attention like some air lanes do now at times..
  12. Hey good idea. It will save quite some space for now. LOCK YOUR RELICS****** I may or may not have lost a few.... -sadface-
  13. I've been having trouble with it proc'ing on any tower type.. frosty is for sure hitting and slowing, flames / traps / auras all going off, but not seeing any damage fluctuations. I wonder if it has something to do with frosty channeling to different enemies as things die.
  14. Incursions were the only thing close to DD1's Challenge maps + special weapons. We need challenge maps again! With that aside.. incursions =/= trials... only way to get the best possible gear. If they brought back incursions to be more single item based or rewards (gold.. what have you) and not all around gear, I'd have no problem with it. I loved the weapons they brought with the incursions, it was unique but left many of us grinding just those maps for all gear required to advance more and more. Once you got said gear, you could then start messing around with different builds for maps. The hidden secrets in the Halloween maps were pretty fun.
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