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  1. Barricades have always been buggy through out the history of dd2. mobs being pushed over them, mobs attacking them from the side then get pushed towards core, mobs walking right past them on the side. I feel like after this patch it has gotten worse had a ogre step to the left a little bit and clip through the small crack of a barricade. I do like everything they added, But this problem has been around a long time and i thought it was going to be fixed by now. I'm just wondering if trendy is aware of this because after awhile i'm getting tired of barricades not being able to do their job because of these bugs/glitches. Also I wonder if the community has experience the same and/or feels the same way I do about this. Some questions I would like to ask is, If you have been experiencing this. how long have you seen this happen for? Have you lost any games because of this? ( I have) If this is a bug/glitch, how soon would you want this fixed? A little side note I do not know if this happens with the Abyss Lord's barricades, If you have test this or experienced the same thing with them please share in the comments.
  2. Loot on wave 1 intended or is this a bug? If it is a bug please fix this every one is just going to camp wave 1. https://gyazo.com/207ab500e770f13da7cece63d368d2ac
  3. i saw all the stats on the bottom but i am missing stats at the top just a black box.
  4. for anyone interested i have the monk wep but the black box where the base stats are is just blank.....idk how this happen or why but my wep has no base stats.....(link for the screen shot) https://gyazo.com/d46162c11ad396f6346cef16627ce04c
  5. is this normal? picked it up in onslaught NM4 (if image dosent work here is a screen shot) https://gyazo.com/d46162c11ad396f6346cef16627ce04c
  6. that only happens cause your poons are to close or your letting mobs lay into your baracades Go ahead and go solo nightmare without any mobs getting to your barricades. I did not claim that my barricades don't take damage, they do by only like 7 mobs cause i tank in front of my barricades also i did not claim to solo. "mobs lay into your barricades" to me is letting your barricades take all the damage from mobs without a sq tank help. hope that clears things up.
  7. that only happens cause your poons are to close or your letting mobs lay into your baracades
  8. I like the fact that Splody does damage to your barricades. I think if trendy does this with SOME towers not all the game could get interesting. Your tower might damage enemies but at the same time give them a small speed buff then you would have to place a frost tower to counter act that or something along those lines. This is just a thought and if this was a thing it would be interesting to see how people build we might have a more diverse builds who knows. this is just a thought and I personally think this is a cool way to add more mechanics.
  9. i like what they added to bellistas....its fun. what do you think?
  10. im tank sq 781 ipower steam name is same.
  11. im down for NM4 tank sq ipow781 steam name same as this one
  12. I think that is just the point people realize that public matches are nothing but leaches so they turn to private only. But on topic, my least favorite is probably site d mainly because of onslaught and the complete bs air lane that dumps enemies with way too much hp out right on top of the core so you have to be ridiculously overgeared to handle it. i have heard from multiple people that they have skipped endgame easy-hard i have no problem with people making private rooms they do what they do. I'm just saying end game is a dry spot atm i tried to join 10 hard endgames today only found 1 group. this is why i hate/dislike end game hard mode
  13. i Hate end game hard because apparently every one skips it.
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