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  1. In many Tower Defense games you can command towers to target a specific target such as closest, last, strongest, weakest. I think this would be a cool idea.
  2. So this is my third thread since nobody has given me an answer yet. The Experience Bonus II sphere is incorrectly stating the experience bonus you should be receiving. It currently says +0.2%, when it should be 20%. I know this because the Experience Bonus I sphere gives a +10% bonus. I just want to know if it is actually giving the full 20% bonus or if I should just settle with tier 1 for now.
  3. Lol I took a pretty hilarious screenshot of this. I just need to figure out how to upload it now.
  4. You can get up to 600k dps. You are aware of the boots bug right?
  5. The sphere is stating a +0.2% bonus opposed to a 20% bonus. Just wondering if it is just a typo or if it is actually functioning improperly too.
  6. This is a tower defense game. You can solo a lane with the support of a few towers. On the other hand you can hold a lane with more towers. Heroes are pretty much there to support your defenses. I wouldn't expect 4 hero builds to solo a map without the help of towers in a tower defense game. The game could just as easily be a birds eye point of view with zero heroes. They're just a way for you to feel like you're a part of the action.
  7. It's all preference, every hero brings something different to the table. Try out all the heroes and see which one you want to level first.
  8. I book it straight to the recruiter and start up a private session every time. You never can know when the social tavern is going to be laggy or not.
  9. The item effect that boosts the damage of the tower you are standing on is bugged. If the hero is standing on a tower near a monk's buff aura, all of the defenses currently being buffed by that aura will gain a huge damage increase. I.e. A cannon ball tower could have up to 600,000 damage per second.
  10. Plain and simple, it is going to take forever for people to find a pet wit the stats they want. Then they'll either have to find out for themselves or search online to see what each pet evolves into.
  11. If the spheres had multiple different stats on each, that would be cool. Right now with only 3 small slots there are not many unique combinations to be had in terms of stat bonuses. The larger slots (medium included) are ok in my opinion because I can see more unique ones that can be created for the future.
  12. I doubt they have implemented social score in yet, or we would have been made aware of it. I wouldn't worry about it, think of it as 'are you sure you want to leave the game?'
  13. My beef is that more lock boxes are dropping than actual items. I think some people prefer to collect gear for their characters as opposed to making them look cool.
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